Should the Networks Lose Their Broadcast Licenses?

By Joe Ragonese

President Trump set in motion a firestorm of controversy recently when he tweeted about the revocation of NBC’s license to broadcast.  Technically, networks do not have licenses to broadcast, but the suggestion by President Trump that because of fake news their licenses should be revoked, has stirred up a hornet’s nest among the MSM, as well as it should.

For those of us who hold the Constitution sacred, the first amendment is very clear on the issue; “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for redress of grievances.

While the press is rather hypocritical about the constitution, after all it has no problem when laws are made respecting religion and the free exercise thereof, or of the right to keep and bear arms, or even freedom of the conservative press, they are 100% right that they cannot be shut down for whatever words they say, no matter if it is true or false.

Yet, broadcasting on the limited number of airwaves, which are regulated by the Federal Communication’s Commission (FCC) comes with certain responsibilities.  Among those are a number of moral responsibilities.  In order to broadcast, they must agree to operate in “the public interest, convenience, and necessity.”  Since the FCCs inception in 1934, only four license renewals have been rejected because the licensee failed to meet ‘public interest obligations.’  However, this is where the regulated stations are vulnerable.

They cannot be attacked, nor lose their license, because of what their reporters and commentators say; but they can lose them for opposing the community’s moral standards.  You know, like when they (all the broadcast stations, ABC, CBS, Fox (not to be confused with Fox cable), and NBC, have prime time television shows that project homosexuality as normal and welcomed behavior, opposing the views of the majority of Americans.

Displaying this deviant behavior, and pushing a viewpoint of acceptance, is in opposition to the public interest, convenience and necessity, as 99% of Americans are heterosexual, but you wouldn’t know that by watching the MSM.  What about the treatment of white men?  The broadcast stations represent white men as bumbling idiots that have to be controlled by so much smarter women and people of color.  Or else they are shown as predatory against minorities and women.

Even though statistics show that a family with a man as head of the household is more likely to earn more, have more responsible children, and have less criminality than non male heads of households; you wouldn’t know that by watching entertainment programming on prime time television.

How about when the vast majority of their programming is portraying communism as  positive, while showing capitalism as evil.  The list can go on, but you get the idea, it is not the news programs that are altering our culture, it is the daily blitz of television shows showing casual sex, homosexuality, casual drug usage, and anti-Americanism as the norm; all of which violates the public interest clauses that they sign when renewing their license to broadcast.

President Trump is more than right to say the time has come to enforce regulations on broadcast stations that violate the community trust that they have agreed to uphold in order to keep their FCC license.  Ridding the airwaves of stations that display lifestyles and behaviors that are opposed to the good of the majority of Americans beliefs will not stop those hedonistic views from being represented, people would still have the opportunity to watch the cable stations, which have no standards to meet, as they are not regulated by the FCC.

Cable stations are not using public airwaves, rather digital highways into your television.  If people want to see homosexuals as the norm they can still see them on the leftist stations on cable.  AMC can produce all the anti-American films they choose, and if people turn on their station, they will make money the old fashioned way, through the capitalist system.

It used to work that way, but the deck has been stacked against community standards.  It is why we are overrun with programming that does not reflect the majority of Americans’ views.  Only 20 years ago, think only three presidents ago, Clinton, Bush, and Obama, we had 50 large communications companies that controlled the majority of mass media communications across this land.

It kept competition alive and well, fostering the best in capitalism’s bottom line, and the competition kept a diversity of ideas flowing; not the one-sided anti-American views we see today.  Slowly these corporations were eaten up by larger, wealthier corporations; and eaten up again.  This trend continued until there were only six.

That’s right, only six mega-multimedia corporations control all of the different forms of mass media communications in America.  Most of the mega-multimedia corporations are international, and their boards of directors are international financiers.  Think of George Soros and people just like him; like Harvey Weinstein among their top tier.  Now you know why television and movies are so anti-American and opposite American values.

President Trump is right, as always, with his basic instincts, and something needs to be done, but not only through loss of broadcast licenses, but by action taken from the Department of Justice and the anti-monopoly acts within the federal statutes.  Six mega-multimedia corporations with international hegemony, constitutes a monopoly, no different than AT&T did before being broken up, and need to become 60, for the good of this nation.

It is time that the media, from the public airwaves, Hollywood, the music industry, New York Times, and NBC, find out corporations must provide for the betterment of the public, or pay the price.  Break up these mega-multimedia corporations, and help drain the swamp and make America great again, all at the same time.

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  1. No, not that it has a certain appeal. As of old: the best answer to lies is the Truth; don’t let guvmnt decide “what is Truth”.

  2. I FIND IT CURIOUS THAT WHEN I GOOGLE,,,, LTC RET ROBERT HEFFINGTON, pursuant to his broadside history making letter condemning WEST POINT,,,,,,,,,THAT NONE OF THE USUAL MAINSTREAM MEDIA SUSPECTS ON TV, network or cable HAVE PICKED UP ON THIS STORY. now google up ,,,,,TRUMP AND SEE ALL the usual suspects that are bashing him. In the past ,,,MILITARY SCANDALS OF THE USUAL AND CUSTOMARY TYPES ARE GREAT FODDER FOR THE MSM,,,,,,,but where is the outrage in the MEDIA THIS TIME???……OBVIOUSLY, THIS PRESENT DAY MARTIN LUTHER AND PAUL REVERE DOES NOT FIT THE NARRATIVE OF THE RADICAL LEFT MSM. end of story, the prosecution rests it case.

  3. The Smith Mundt Modernization Act needs to be repealed. (House Bill H.R. 5736). It became an amendment to the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act. This legalizes broadcasting of propaganda by the federal government upon the American people. Also, media monopolies must be dismantled by the DOJ. Foreign ownership and manipulation of the content of broadcast & cable networks, newspapers and ‘backbone’ social media must be strictly limited, both in terms of ownership stake and management of content. All analog terrestrial, cable and satellite TV signals have now been switched to digital. All have reach into American homes and should be regulated. The greatest threats to our security and identity as “one nation under God” are immigration and mass-media’s influence on liberal lunatics and our children. Young people, in particular, are being bombarded from every conceivable angle. The subliminal messaging (flicker rates, etc.) contained within broadcasts and advertisements must be banned. The real rot began to take hold with the broadcast of Ellen Degenerate’s show – brainwashing youngsters to accept deviant behavior as “normal”. Its been downhill ever since. A complete revamp of regulations is needed, because the number of brainwashed, p.c. liberal lunatics is on the increase with each passing day.

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