Obama’s Military Legacy – PC, SJW’s, the LGBT Mafia and Comrade Lieutenant Rapone

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  1. Mixing male and female military personnel is INSANITY. WTH are ‘gender-fluid’ troops? If women wish to fight on the battlefield, they should serve in segregated female units. No amount of President Trump’s budgeted money can fix the U.S. military’s degradation. We are cultivating a bunch of wussies, feminazis and lesbians, not soldiers.

    The Pentagon bureaucracy needs to be cut in half, all the Flag Officers removed by Obama need to be reinstated, all muslim immams (chaplains) and Officers need to be relieved of duty, as well as all non-U.S. citizen troops. Really, we have women are giving birth on U.S. Battleships? …God help us all.

    SHAME on every Officer that has allowed this b.s. to fester – from West Point to the battlefield and all points in between. You shame every honorable man who’s fought for The Republic. And whoever approved that ISIS look-alike patch “inherent” whatever..should be court martialled. I spit in your faces.

    • it is my understanding that a gender fluid person is someone who may feel male today, but could feel female tomorrow. something along those lines. or maybe here, it is meaning trans.

  2. This is how that jack-ass obama did and everyone thought he was so damn great. Great at what people. All of you helped him do this to our country. YOu let him bring in the legals who voted for him the second time and we got shafted real good for your not paying attention to what he was doing. He is the son of Satan –that is what he was. I knew he was evil before he even began to run for Pres. Just because he spoke well and that he was black was the reason . He should be hung just like Benedict Arnold. He was and still is a criminal.!!!

    • Barbara you are 110% Correct…But, there’s one more SERIOUSLY DEMONIC plan he’s fulfilling these days, (with his Iranian witch & QUESTIONABLE “wife”)….THAT one more plan has to do with “Anti-Fa”, BLM, BAMN, “The New Black Panthers”, La Raza, AND, {VERY POSSIBLY} the “youth corp” he announced he intended to establish as our (“HOME GUARD”: As well trained, equipped, Fed and Taught as our FIELD TROOPS)…

      These groups he inspired, encouraged, and funded, [with YOURS & MY Tax $$$], to be capable of being the “ENEMY WITHIN the GATES”! And, we are just now (as of Nov. 4th), about to see them hit the streets.

      Anti-Fa & several other EXTREMELY LEFT,[Communist/Socialist/Marxist], groups are simply distractions from the actions and dangerous subversive activities that that CORP has been instigating & operating…(VERY POSSIBLY the answers to “Why the Paddock massacre? and Why the EXTREME weather/fires?) We’ve TRULY just begun to experience B.O.’s STINK throughout this Nation…

      I PRAY that the President can arrest the Commie Traitor & give him the Punishment that he SORELY deserves! HANGING TILL PRONOUNCED DEAD!

      Well, good for you Barbara!

  3. It seems to me that the defense of our Republic is now going to belong to the combat Vets that have defended other countries. Now it is time to defend our own country.

  4. When Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands years ago, there were reports that troops were shivering with cold in their trenches, and were inadequately fed, while the officers stayed indoors and led comfortable lives. I knew then that, regardless of weapons and numbers, the Argies would quickly lose the battle.
    God help our troops today, waging eternal, undeclared wars with no clear strategic goal and no will to go all out to win, hampered by insane rules of engagement and led by people as unprincipled as those Argentine officers.

    • Fortunately william, The President has removed the idiotic “ROEs”, and asked “Chaos” to establish WINNERS “ROEs”…Trump has our troops back! Pray for him doing a good job, all the 8 years!

  5. THIS VIET VET SAW THE CHANGES IN THE MILITARY AND FELT THE DISTURBING VIBE IN THE EARLY 70’S. YOUTUBE OR READ SAUL ALINSKY,,,,,,FAST FORWARD TO THOMAS P.M. BARNET’S LECTURES ON YOUTUBE, AS A WAR COLLEGE PROF….he’s really telling and frightening,,,he makes alexander the great look like an under achiever. IKE WAS RIGHT IN HIS FAREWELL ADDRESS AND JFK WOULD NOT HAVE SUNK US INTO A QUAGMIRE. the end of america came in dallas, 22nov63, connect the dots and it’s obvious that we had a bloody overthrow of a democracy BY A COMMUNIST and it has gone down hill ever since.

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