Mandalay Bay Owner: ‘What’s being expressed (by police) may not be accurate’

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‘We cannot be certain about the most recent timeline that has been communicated publicly…’

The owners of the Mandalay Bay resort and casino are questioning Las Vegas police’s version of events, after law enforcement accounts of how a deadly mass shooting played out changed dramatically Monday.

An MGM Resorts International spokeswoman divulged on Tuesday the company isn’t confident in the story being conveyed to the public, stating “what is currently being expressed may not be accurate.”

“We cannot be certain about the most recent timeline that has been communicated publicly, and we believe what is currently being expressed may not be accurate,” the statement from MGM spokeswoman Debra DeShong said in full.

A source close to the investigation disputed the hotel’s contention, telling CNN, “Our timeline is pretty accurate with all the facts known.”

The hotel’s brief statement comes as Las Vegas police altered their timeline of how the shooting last weekend happened, now claiming a security guard who distracted gunman Stephen Paddock was shot six minutes before he began unloading into a crowd at a country music festival.

“Investigators previously said that the security guard was shot after Paddock had already spent 10 minutes firing into the crowd of concertgoers gathered below the hotel,” reports the Los Angeles Times.

Indeed, police had hailed hotel security guard Jesus Campos as a hero for helping locate and distract the gunman, with initial reports claiming Paddock unloaded 200 rounds on Campos through a door amid the massacre after spotting him through a spy camera, prompting the guard to radio casino dispatch.

Campos “had notified his dispatch, which was absolutely critical to us, knowing the location, as well as advising the responding officers as they arrived,” the Clark County undersheriff claimed last week.

Now police are saying Campos reached Paddock’s room a full six minutes before the shooting spree began.

“Mr. Campos was encountered by the suspect prior to his shooting to the outside world,” Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo conveyed at a press conference Monday.

The inconsistency is so significant that even CNN wonders why police weren’t able to reach the gunman sooner:

What exactly happened in the six minutes between Campos’ getting shot and the mass shooting on concertgoers? Who did the security guard alert, and what was their response? Why did it take officers 18 minutes from that point to reach the gunman’s floor?

And why did Paddock stop firing?

Police had also previously made an alteration to a major part of the timeline concerning when Paddock had checked into the hotel, initially claiming he checked in on September 28, but now claiming he checked in on September 25.

Law enforcement sources now tell ABC News Paddock also had access to a service elevator as part of a perk for being a high roller.

With details of the narrative constantly changing, many are calling on local law enforcement and the FBI to come clean with the public.


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