Whose Streets? – Our Streets

Tamir Kalifa /Austin American-Statesman via AP)

By Joe Ragonese

It was all so benign when it began; in February, 2012.  President Obama was doing his best to behave himself, as he said to Russian President Medvedev, caught on an open mic, “Tell Vladimir that I’ll have more freedom on the missiles in Europe after I’m reelected.”   On the 26th of February, that same year, Trayvon Martin, a black teenage thug, from Miami Glades, Florida, was walking through a gated neighborhood in Sanford, Florida, with his hood up, to conceal his identity, not on the sidewalks, but rather next to the houses, peering inside.

Due to criminal activity in the area, a neighborhood watch had been established by residents of the community to prevent crimes.  One of its members was George Zimmerman, who was a concealed carry permit holder, and who was armed.  Seeing Martin acting suspiciously, he confronted the man, and called police.  Martin, being the thug that he was, took offense to Zimmerman questioning him, and began pummeling the neighborhood watchman.

Martin quickly overpowered Zimmerman, knocked him to the ground, got on top of him and began smashing his head on the pavement.  Zimmerman, fearing for his life, pulled out his pistol, and shot Martin.  Trayvon Martin died of that wound.  Police arrived, investigated the shooting, and released Zimmerman, as this was a clear cut case of self defense.

Zimmerman was accused, by the press, of killing an unarmed black teenager, and they had a field day with him.  They changed the narrative, from Martin’s bad behavior, to Zimmerman’s supposed racism.  Every reference made by the MSM about Martin was of an innocent youth just simply strolling through the neighborhood, and the photo used of the rough looking, tall, muscular gangster wannabe, was from the eighth grade, when he was last a skinny kid, not the hooded thug that confronted Zimmerman.  NBC news even went so far as to alter the telephone call made to police to make it look like Zimmerman was a white racist.

Obama, unable to control his baser desires, waded into the fray with both feet.  He sent his Department of (in)Justice, led by black racist Eric Holder, down to find out why Zimmerman wasn’t In jail, and told the world, that if he had a son, it would have looked like Trayvon.  With the full weight of the federal bureaucracy trying to put Zimmerman in prison for defending his life, a special prosecutor filed charges and the trial was on.

What turned out to be a pattern of Obama’s administration, the Police Chief of Stanford lost his job, and upright white citizens suffered due to the racist, anti-white government of Obama.  Everything the press said, and the government did, proved opposite the truth, but it didn’t stop them from creating the worst racial divide in America since the heyday of the Ku Klux Klan after the Civil War.  The truth no longer mattered, to the Obama administration, all leftist organizations, and the MSM.

This Nazi pattern of governmental bad behavior continued every time a police officer shot and killed a black man.  In Ferguson, Missouri, a robber tried to kill a police officer with his own gun.  This criminal was shot and killed by the officer defending his life.  None of that mattered, the press, just as racist and anti-American as the Obama administration, made up the lie that strong armed robber and attempted police killer, Michael Brown had his hands up and was trying to surrender when shot.  The false flag, “Hands up-Don’t Shoot,” is still shouted today.

One of the worst criminal organizations operating today, Black Lives Matter, had its beginnings in the aftermath of that shooting.  The narrative continued in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where false press, in conjunction with Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the Obama DOJ, caused riots that lasted for several days, where shouts from black people identifying white people, some reports, that sent crowds into a frenzy of beating innocent white people; and the press, or Obama, didn’t care a fig.

This narrative played out in Baltimore, Maryland, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and elsewhere.  The criminal behavior was enabled by leftist Democratic Mayors of the cities and in some cases, state governors.  In each case police were not allowed to do their job, and in each case leftist criminals were not arrested.

Police across the nation backed off, fearing the Obama anti-police DOJ would crucify them if they arrested blacks or leftists.  Murder rates, as well as other felonies, grew out of control in big Democratic controlled cities, like Chicago.  Police officers across the country stood down, afraid of becoming victims of the Obama administration, while at the same time becoming targets of Black Lives Matter gunmen.

It was one of the reasons that Donald Trump was elected President.  That election changed the narrative in Charlottesville, Virginia, when President Trump correctly pointed out leftist criminals, including Antifa and Black Lives Matter, came to fight and cause mayhem.

The press, and leftists of all colors, including RINO Republicans, attacked the President for telling the truth, a truth that hasn’t been heard in over eight years.  Police officers, across the nation; however, heard it loud and clear.  There was a new sheriff in town, and he wore the white hat, embossed with “Make America Great Again,” and gave the police permission to once again enforce the laws of this great nation.

Used to having no consequences for their bad behavior, Antifa and Black Lives Matter were shut down in San Francisco, California, when they rioted.  They were shocked when arrests were made.  This had not happened in almost eight years.  Antifa and Black Lives Matter went to Berkley to shut down free speech, but again, masked hoods were not allowed near the venue, and those who behaved badly, were arrested.

In Saint Louis, Missouri, ex-police officer, Jason Stockley, a white man who was forced to leave his job due to the pressures placed on him under the Obama administration, was cleared of all charges.  He was wrongly charged with murder when he was forced to shoot and kill drug dealer, Anthony Lamar Smith, a black man, in December, 2011.  The false claims made against him included that he planted the weapon found in Smith’s car, which was the reason for shooting him.  Those charges were made, even though camera footage, from three different angles, clearly showed that Stockley did not plant the gun.

The case was heard by a judge, not before a jury, and in that judge’s findings, he stated that the evidence produced by prosecutors clearly demonstrated that Stockley was innocent of all charges.  Of course the truth makes no difference to Black Lives Matter thugs, and they organized protests immediately after the verdict.

Those protests, directed by the St. Louis Democratic Organization, quickly devolved into riots, looting and property destruction.  Although St. Louis’ Mayor, Lyda Krewson, is a liberal Democrat, who wants nothing more than to excuse and placate rioters; however, Missouri Governor, Eric Greitens (R) won his post, partly by slamming inept left-winger, ex-Governor, Jay Nixon, for his handling in the riots following the shooting in Ferguson.  Governor Greitens will not allow the Democratic Mayor to enable the mayhem to continue unabated, directing the police department to enforce all laws, he also called out the National Guard.

Having already gone through six days of riots, Police Chief, Lawrence O’Toole, said, “We’re in control, this is our city and we’re going to protect it.”  Those words gave his officers the incentive they needed to take back the streets from the criminal Black Lives Matter, Antifa and Democratic Party thugs.

With support from the police chief, the governor, the DOJ, and the White House, even though several police officers have been injured from bricks and bottles, over 160 looters, destroyers of property and those who injure officers as have been arrested by police, who are jubilant at finally being allowed to do their job.

So jubilant, in fact, that they have a chant of their own, which Democratic Party protesters, Black Lives Matter and Antifa criminals all hear as they face off with police, “Whose Streets-Our Streets.”  And just that simply, the tide has turned, thanks to our law and order President.

Taking back America from those who wish to undue this great nation is fighting, and winning, one battle at a time.  All real Americans are tired of being bullied by the out of control left, and are overjoyed at this turn of events.  Whose Streets—Our Streets, and that means red, white and blue American’s streets.

This is the fight for America and the freedom that we all took for granted until 2008, the bad news is that we are a long way from winning it back, the good news is that we are winning, one arrest at a time!

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  1. We have a group of people who are dedicated to the destruction of this nation and will use any means to forment racial, class, gender and religious hatreds.

    Blacks have always been most likely to respond to the brayings of this criminal class. Having been given a get out of jail free card for decades they are unlikely to chnage their activities. They are now preaching burning white areas. I believe when this is attempted a seismic shift in race relations will occur followed by a massive retaliation.

    You had better be prepared and armed.

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