To Make America Great Again

By Joe Ragonese

America’s greatness is due to one thing, and one thing only; we the people.  The people of the United States created this nation in the first place, through our dedication to freedom and a willingness to take up arms to win that freedom.  It is we the people who turned it into the greatest nation on earth, through our love of freedom and willingness to keep watch over it.  And it is we the people who will determine if it remains so, or becomes something less.  Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.

We the people thought that we had secured our freedom by voting for President Trump, in the face of the most hate filled, violent and vicious political campaign in the history of this nation; however, it was not the case.  Beating all the odds, much like we did when we decided it would be a good idea to take on the largest, most powerful army in the world, the British Army, we overcame a world dedicated to seeing America become a pawn of international bankers, and elected Donald J. Trump our 45th President.

The British didn’t take their loss lightly, and that led to a second war in 1812, after they seized our ships and sailors on the open seas, causing us to fight a second time against overwhelming odds.  It is the same odds we face with the one world order people who want to take out our President, the man we the people elected to do our bidding, Donald Trump.

The question is what more can we do to see the legislation enacted that we feel is important?  We have already spoken loud and clear, over the past ten years, what we want, but most won’t listen to us; especially those we have elected to fulfill our wishes.  In fact, our needs have expanded with each election cycle, and our fulfillment has been zero.

First Obama was elected and gave us the worst health care in the world, Obamacare.  Frightened at what could happen if it was allowed to become law, as well as other reckless spending by Obama and his completely Democratic controlled congress, patriotic citizens formed into a lose coalition, generally known as the Tea Party.  We confronted our elected officials and were simply ignored.  Worse, we were ridiculed and treated as pariahs.

In 2010 we went to the polls to show that we were not kidding, and elected a Republican controlled House of Representatives, with one mandate, stop Obamacare.  The Republican controlled House said that they could not do it on their own; they needed the Senate to pass the necessary legislation.  In the meantime, Obama enacted, through fiat, open borders and allowed Americans to suffer while illegals got special treatment.  He defied anyone, especially the Republicans we sent to Washington D.C., to stop him.

In 2012 two contradictory things occurred; we elected Republicans and gave them control of both houses of congress, and reelected Obama as the President.  This emboldened Obama, and he became belligerent, ignoring the Constitution and he enacted laws by executive order, in violation of our founding document.  Those Republicans who we elected to stop Obama, shook in their boots and hi-heels at the thought of confronting O, and did exactly nothing.

2014 came, and we gave even larger majorities to our hapless congress, and still they did nothing.  When 2016 arrived, fed up, we elected a complete outsider, a man who fought back at all who attacked him, and someone who was fearless to take on the world establishment.  And, we gave him even more Republicans in congress, as well as back up on the state, county and city level with the highest number of Republicans ever in local, county, state and federal governments in over 100 years.

Yet, Republicans, especially those in the federal government, act as if they are helpless to govern.  President Trump tries to pass legislation, the type we elected him to pass, like repealing Obamacare, and what happens, the two houses, controlled by Republicans, cannot repeal it.  Building a wall to stop the flood of illegal immigrants coming from the south, again those two houses cannot pass legislation.

It is as if the Democrats still wield the power in Washington.  Republican leaders, like Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, and Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader, refuse or obfuscate all legislation that will revitalize this nation.  Worse, Republicans, like McConnell, Ryan, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, attack the President when he does our bidding.

Just look at the attacks on this President when he spoke the truth about the violence in Charlottesville, or when he stopped Obama’s illegal DACA executive order.  Republicans attacked this Republican President as violently as if they were Democrats.

Even far leftist, Nancy Pelosi spoke against anti-American violence by Antifa mobs in San Francisco, while Ryan and McConnell remain mute.  It is telling how far left our Republican leaders are, that they cannot find words to condemn communist violence against Americans, yet can find the words of condemnation against a Republican President.

We did everything right, electing those who promised us that they would reverse America’s movement left and the destruction of American values.  They have not.  What can we do now?  Are we out of options, should we simply accept our failed efforts?  I think not.

It is time to fight harder than ever before.  Now is the time to start working to elect Representatives and Senators to office who think like us, and will act on those things that we send them to Washington to do; like making America great again.  2018 is just around the corner, and every Representative from the house is up for reelection, as are several RINO (Republican in name only) Senators.

The following is a list of RINO Senators who need to be replaced in 2018; all are hampering President Trump in his efforts to do the people’s bidding:

  • Susan Collins, R-ME (20 years in office)
  • Orrin Hatch, R-UT (40 years)
  • Jeff Flake, R-AZ (5 years)
  • Bob Corker, R-TN (10 years)

In addition, the following Representatives need to be replaced:

  • Paul Ryan, R-WI (18 years)
  • Kevin McCarthy, R-CA (10 years)
  • Peter King, R-NY (24 years)
  • Don Young, R-AK (43 years)
  • Tom Cole, R-OK (14 years)
  • Harold Rogers, R-KY (36 years)
  • Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-FL (37 years)
  • Cathy McMorris Rogers, R-WA (12 years)
  • Mike Simpson, R-ID (18 years)
  • Elise Stefanik, R-NY (3 years)

These 14 Republicans are among the 25 top RINOs listed by the website, Conservative Review, who are up for election in 2018.  If all, or many, lose their job due to their failure to help we the people and our agenda to make America great again, our message will be undeniable.

If that doesn’t straighten out the Republican Party, we have one last step, and that is replacing the Republican Party all together.  A week ago Rush Limbaugh, on his radio show, brought up the possibility that it might be a necessary next step.  This writer is already at the point of wanting to replace the Republican Party with an America First Party; but I tend to be reactionary.  I brought up the possibility last year, when the RINOs were all aligned against the people’s candidate, Trump.

Calmer minds will go to the polls one more time and let this country know exactly where we stand, and together we will Make America Great Again.  Now; however, is the time to become active in replacing those RINOs listed above.  Find a candidate who is an America Firster, and then donate and actively promote that person.  It is the only way to defeat the entrenched RINOs; some having served as long as 40 years, with donators like George Soros and the other one world order types.

To Make America Great Again, we the people must do whatever it takes to restore those freedoms that we took for granted up until 2008.  Freedom isn’t free, and its cost is hard work, toil, thankless hours spent at tasks we would rather not be doing, like politicking for candidates of the people; or else the cost will be in the blood of patriots to take back, by force of arms, like our founders did, what we should have never lost.


2 comments to “To Make America Great Again”
  1. It seems to me the ones who won’t co..operate are probably owned by George Soros..I don’t know any other reason..

  2. Over the last month myself, family and friends have quit the Republican Party after almost 40 years. The Republican’s in Washington DC are nothing more than Country Clubbers who have no common relationship with the American people, their concerns and issues or even a basic understanding of what the American people really think.

    Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Lyndsey Graham and John McCain are leaders of a self defeating organization called the Republican Party. In fact, the Senate now believes that they are Loyalist Lords and the House believes that they are Loyalist Earls of an earthly kingdom created by their own self indulgence.
    Their property and wealth need to be confiscated, they need to be put on trial for high crimes and misdemeanors, and convicted for public fraud.

    They are so stupid that they do not even understand that the only reason they are in power is because we put them there with the person we elected as President to get our agenda passed.

    The only way to move forward is after the Republicans get beat in 2018, and they will, is for President Trump to declare his candidacy for President as a 3rd Party candidate. Then let’s see how the freeloading Republicans “feel” after they loose 30 million plus voters.

    Never will I vote for this Republican Party, Good by!

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