The infection spreads: Army officer, West Point grad, supports Kaepernick, Communism


An alleged West Point Academy grad and U.S. Army Infantry officer ignited a firestorm on Twitter this week after posting photos of himself sporting pro-Communism messages and a Che Guevara t-shirt while in uniform.

Twitter user @punkproletarian, who also claims to be a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, posted two photos to his Twitter profile in support of Colin Kaepernick and displaying his apparent love for a political movement that’s responsible for more than 100 million deaths worldwide.

A photo posted to the same account back in August identifies the account as belonging to one Spenser Rapone.

@DSAVeterans issued me this CIB for satisfactory performance under hostile enemy posting online in the twitter firefight of 26JUL 

As of right now, West Point Academy has yet to issue any statement on the photos, which are still making the rounds on social media. The school’s regulations, however, do include a stipulation that cadet uniforms “not be mixed with civilian clothes unless specifically directed or authorized by these regulations.”

While federal law extending to West Point students prohibits them from actively participating in political campaigns, the school has a recent history of allowing students to display overt political messaging. Last May, West Point officials determined that the actions of 16 black female students who posed in uniform with raised fists symbolic of the Black Power movement had been “inappropriate,” but did not violate the school’s rules.

9 comments on “The infection spreads: Army officer, West Point grad, supports Kaepernick, Communism
  1. I hope they drag his a$$ through the mud for this. Unacceptable, especially for a member of our armed forces who fight off the infection of Communism every day. If Communism wins, we all lose. It’s fascinating how there are people who think it’s a good system of government.

  2. This slimeball should be court martialed immediately, for conduct unbecoming an officer and prejudicial to the good conduct of the service.

    The same should have been done to the blacks who used the black power salute.

    Would the army tolerate someone saying Nazism will win? Would they tolerate someone burning a cross?

    If this man isn’t thrown out than the military is hopelessly compromised.

  3. This cadet is in violation of his oath of allegiance to the United States as an Army cadet and should IMMEDIATELY be expelled from the academy!!! Further, how the hell did this ignoramus pass his interview for acceptance to the Academy? HIs superiors should be challenged with dismissal if this cadet is not immediately discharged! This is over the top!!!

  4. The man is displaying paratrooper wings, air assault wings and a CIB. Ok, he can qualify in West Point for air assault and paratrooper, but he needs to see combat to get the CIB, is he a mustang? How did a cadet earn a CIB? Is this stolen valor?

    Just asking…

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