An Open Letter to President Trump

By Joe Ragonese

Dear Mr. President,

I am one of the millions of those who supported you throughout your campaign for President, who fully believe in the Make America Great Again agenda and I’m a patriotic American.  I do not presume to speak for all of those who agree with MAGA; however, I do speak as most feel.  You were elected for one reason and one reason only, to Make America Great Again.  You promised, and we fully believe that you will keep those promises, to return America to her former greatness, yet we would like to see some progress.

Draining the Swamp was among your biggest promise, along with rebuilding the military, building a wall against illegal immigration, and reversing eight years of Obama.  We are idealists, but we know that to implement everything, especially those that need congressional legislation, will take some time.  We do not expect miracles.

Congress is holding up much of the MAGA agenda, like repealing Obamacare, and lowering taxes.  RINOs in the Republican Party are a big part of the problem.  We understand that, and have your back.  In 2018 we will remove RINOs and replace them with MAGA congressmen/women.  This midterm, we will not forget those who did not keep their word to us.

We stand with you, 100%, but we need something in return; a demonstration of your commitment.  One of your promises was to rebuild our military.  To do so does not require congressional approval; as Obama clearly showed.  In one swipe of his pen, Obama fully incorporated gays into the military as well as directed his Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, to include women into the combat arms and transgenders to be allowed to openly dress in clothing opposite their natural born sex.

The depth of his malevolence against the military goes deeper than most of us ever imagined, as was clearly demonstrated when a West Point graduate and currently serving 2nd Lieutenant, Spenser Rapone, tweeted his hatred for America and his communist idealism.  As of this writing, nothing has happened to the wayward lieutenant for his bad behavior.  Had he displayed a white power t-shirt under his uniform, he would have been immediately relieved from his duties.

Rapone’s traitorous action is only the tip of the iceberg, and digging farther into the incident, we learned that a mentor and teacher at West Point, who teaches Middle East history at the Academy, Rasheed Hosein, actively cultivated him, as well as other cadets, into radical, anti-Americanism.   Hosein was hired due to Army Generals, like former Chief of Staff, George Casey, who infamously said, in the wake of terrorist Major Nidal Hasan’s murder of 13 active duty and injury of 30 other soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, “The great tragedy would be loss of diversity.”

And there you have it, diversity trumped military order and discipline, let alone winning battles.  The infection of diversity spread like a malignant tumor in a cancer patient during Obama’s disastrous eight years in office.  To move ahead in Obama’s military, one needed to swallow the Kool-Aid of diversity.  That led to today’s Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy, where Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford, recently opposed your directive against transgenders serving, during testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, and yet he has since doing so, been reappointed Chairman.

We need to see a positive movement in MAGA, starting with your promise to rebuild the military.  Start with the Secretary of Defense, General James “lap dog” Mattis, who stated only a few years ago, that women in combat was opposite to the needs of warfighting.  Yet, nine months into his leadership, we still have women trying to become infantry officers, special operators and tankers.  Not a peep about removing women from combat, which he previously stated was opposite his warfighting dictum.

It has been nine months since you took the oath of office, during which time you have been under constant attack; yet we have supported you the entire time, just waiting for some positive swamp draining.  None has occurred.

Instead, we have seen the greatest supporters of MAGA removed from the White House, people like Steve Bannon, and replaced by swamp types, like Chief of Staff, General John Kelly, who rose to prominence under Obama, where the only way to advance under that man was to swallow the Kool-Aid.  Why not start where you do not need congressional approval, and strike at the heart of the anti-American left in one blow; revamp our military.

By executive order, remove women from the combat arms, enforce your no transgenders in service order and replace swamp rat generals with men of honor; those who did not kowtow to Obama and his minions.  Yes, most of them are now gone, drummed out of the service by Obama’s insistence on generals bowing to his depraved idea of America, but most departed men of honor would willingly return to serve under you.

The time has come to drain the military swamp, and start the process of Making America Great Again.


Joseph Ragonese, patriot


Oh, and while you’re at it, fire special prosecutor Mueller, who is investigating something that never happened, and his appointment was caused by another Kool-Aid drinker, disgraced former FBI Director, James Comey.   The lies told by that shameful being led to the special prosecutor’s appointment.  He is a senseless diversion to MAGA, and he needs to be fired….immediately!

And, it would send the left and RINOs off the deep end….we do need some fun!


5 comments to “An Open Letter to President Trump”
  1. All Flag Officers fired or forced to leave by Barry Soetoro should be reinstated with no lapse in service. Half the Pentagon needs to be cleared out.

  2. This really needed to be said. Being a Marine I am so disappointed in Mattis and Dunford. I know I’ve been retired 35 years, but these guys don’t come close to the Marine General Officers I served under fo 20 + years. I think Women Maines have their place and usefulness, but combat arms is not any on them.

    Semper fi,

  3. I agree 100% with the letter above. Our Military has been left high and dry by the asshole Obama. It is time to do the right thing and build up our Military the way it should be and to give them all raises which have been denied for over 3 years now.

    Get rid of the idiots in congress and the senate that keep fighting against you Mr President. Where were those idiots when asshole Obama was president.?

  4. I agree with evey thing in the letter except the part of building up the military. It is so big now it eats up the biggest chunk of the budget. We do not need to police the world infact the hatred building towards the US. around the world is the size of our military and there interference in other country’s. cut there budget by 25% we would still be safe and that amount could fund our medical for everyone.

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