America First

By Joe Ragonese

Antifa woke all of us up to their true objective last weekend in Berkeley, California, when they terrorized innocent citizens, while chanting, “No Trump, no wall, no USA at all.”   The communist revolution is real, is here now, and Antifa is only one of the brigades fighting on the front lines of that uprising.   Anyone who does not completely renounce Antifa now, is anti-American, who only wants to see the destruction of this nation…or as was shouted loud and clear on the streets of Berkeley, no USA at all.

There is no longer a question of who Antifa is; they are a communist organization whose goal is to destroy America.  Of course, the Democratic Party supports them, along with the full blessing of the leftist main stream media.  Antifa, the MSM and Democrat Party; however, are not alone in trying to destroy America and turn it into a communist nation; there are many allied groups, operating under names that make them seem anything but communist, in the fight to destroy America.

For many years, ever since the fall of the Soviet Union in December, 1991, the mere mention of communism left one vulnerable to criticism as being some kind of a kook.  Communism is dead, all would say; when in truth, the nefarious evil of American communism was building power through thousands of organizations across this land.  Many were supported by taxpayer dollars; ACORN comes to mind.  The number of communist groups working against America is mind numbing, and the stealth with which they operate is unbelievable.

They hide in plain sight, and defy anyone to call them communist or anti-American.  Yet, they were, and still are, both.  Lying is what communists do, they cannot tell the truth about who they are, because once it is known, their true intent follows.

A short list of American communist organizations is the All African People’s Revolutionary Party, American Indian Movement, Barrio Union, Black Radical Congress, For a Better World, Green Party of the United States, Independent Progressive Politics Network, Industrial Workers of the World, Left Party, New Democracy, New Liberty Party, Progressive ProAction Party, Workers Party, and of course, Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  (For a more complete list go to, and search list of communist organizations operating in U.S.). All of these organizations, and many more, are active in promoting communism in America and destroying our way of life.

They take on deceptive names and use devious tactics to lure Americans into believing that they are anything but communist.  These organizations were well represented in Charlottesville, Virginia, Durham, North Carolina, and Berkley, California, where they beat innocent bystanders and destroyed property.  They are on college campuses across the nation, forcibly denying freedom of speech, and attend every conservative town hall and political meeting.  They were the face of those attacking women, throwing Molotov cocktails in Washington D.C. during the inaugural, and throughout the entire political campaign for president.

Communists have infiltrated American government at the highest levels, with the intent of turning our democratic republic into a communist dictatorship, in their never ending war against freedom.  Barack Obama brought that pestilence into the White House during his eight years as President.  He was a dedicated communist who worked very hard to disrupt America.  The racial and class divide that exists today is by design, and right out of communism’s play book.  Obama knowingly did that to us.

All the turmoil we are seeing, with statues being torn down, cities burning and dead policemen, is the result of Obama’s attempt at the transformation of America from a free nation into a communist dictatorship.  He knew what he was doing.  It was why he did not oppose Occupy Wall Street, another communist organization, or Black Lives Matter.  He was so audacious about it, that right after five police officers were murdered by a Black Lives Matter thug in Dallas, Texas, he invited BLM members to the White House to celebrate.

His lack of regard for America led to the birth of Antifa violence, Black Lives Matter and the overt hatred for anything not communist that we see unfolding on the streets today.  Make no mistake, what is happening is an armed revolution against the American government by dedicated communist.  It happened once before, during the 1960’s when communist armies with names like Students for a Democratic Society and the Weather Underground, set bombs off in government buildings and at universities, while robbing banks and killing innocent civilians, armed guards and police officers.

They justified their violence saying that America is a racist nation and anyone on the right is a Nazi and therefore deserves to die.  Communist talking points do not change.  When they were shut down, because no one really cared, they did not disappear, they only hid in open view.  Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn, both dedicated communist revolutionaries, and friends and neighbors of Barack Obama, became college professors, teaching their hatred of America since the 1970’s to unsuspecting young minds.  They were not alone; hundreds of thousands of dedicated communists became college professors, and then it trickled down to high school and finally grammar school.

They taught all of today’s journalists to hate America, and that it is ok to lie and deceive to accomplish their goal of destroying this nation.  Their mantra, that we are a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic nation that deserves to be destroyed, is also a lie, but is spilled out of the mouths of leftist propagandists daily.  They operate under the idea that if a lie is told often enough, it becomes the truth.

Clinton used those exact words when she called real Americans deplorables.  CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Washington Post, New York Times, and all the other leftist news organizations say the same thing on a daily basis; but being wordsmiths, they obscure the narrative using other examples, often lies, to promote their false hypothesis.  Shockingly, they feign surprise when President Trump calls them out on their ‘fake news.’

Antifa’s behavior was the inevitable outcome of eight years of a President who did his best to lay the groundwork for our final demise.  Clinton would have completed the transformation. To the shock and horror of the left, real Americans woke up in the nick of time and overwhelmingly elected Trump.

That victory for freedom, sparked Antifa to become more violent.  The more violent they became, the more violent other communist organizations have become.  All are violent because leftist mayors and governors, as well as weak kneed RINO’s, refuse to call them out, while not allowing police to arrest, or even stop the attacks on America.  Look at the treatment the leftist press has given to President Trump after Charlottesville, where he told the truth, both sides came to fight.  Yet, RINO’s and every leftist attacked him viscously.

The violence had been escalating since Fergurson, Missouri, erupted into riots, not driven by townspeople, rather communist organizations, like Antifa, New Black Panther Party, and others, who came from everywhere else but locally.  Black Lives Matter was born, formed by three dedicated communists, and the intimidation went into full gear.

Remember the Presidential campaign?  Most real Americans feared putting Trump, or Rubio, or Cruz signs on their lawn, or bumper stickers on their car.  Why, because if they did, their property was damaged and they were savaged on social media by a cadre of dedicated communists who spend their life attacking those who are not like them.

The intimidation by the left worked very well, and the lack of political signage was telling just how well it did work.  What it didn’t do, was stop people from voting their conscience.  When Trump was elected President, the left thought it was because they weren’t violent enough.

They based that theory on how communism was born in the first place.  The use of violence to intimidate populations into acquiescing to their demands has its roots in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.  Both used violence to intimidate both politicians and citizens into accepting a dictatorship that was murderous.

Creating havoc is only the beginning of the plan, when the left frightens enough people, to the point that everyone is afraid to speak up for America, they will have won.  This is the tactic that Antifa is taking, with the tacit support of the Democrat Party, the MSM, RINO’s, and leftist.

To everyone’s surprise, the violence is backfiring on the left, it is hardening the resolve of Americans across the nation, to the point that even Nancy Pelosi has spoken up against it.  It is interesting to note that a dedicated leftist like Nancy spoke against Antifa before Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, which brings us to the conundrum we find ourselves in today.  Members of the Republican Party, at least RINO’s who are big government types, are aligned closer to the Democratic Party then to real Americans.

There needs to be a major change in the direction this nation is taking.  America must come first to all of those that we elect to congress.  America First must be the motto of the Republican Party, or that party will have to be reformed into an America First party.

To defeat the communists fighting in the streets of America today, and to Make America Great Again, our elected officials must work for the people.  If not, the 2018 elections are fast approaching, and will change everything.  It is time to start thinking about replacing the RINO’s who are hindering American greatness, or replacing the Republican Party altogether.

America must come first, because the cost of failure will be the death of the United States of America!

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