“We’re Coming For You”: AP Accuses NRA Of “Inciting Violence” Against Journalists

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In a series of videos released earlier this month, the National Rifle Association declared war on mainstream media and their “globalists masters”, a sign of the group’s transformation into an advocate for conservative causes beyond protecting the second amendment.

Predictably, the Associated Press is not happy. In a story about the new campaign – which debuted on the NRA’s NRATV, a web-video platform run by the association – the AP accused the NRA of employing dangerous rhetoric that risked inciting violence against journalists.

“The election of President Donald Trump and Republican control of Congress meant the National Rifle Association could probably rest easy that gun laws wouldn’t change for at least four years. But the NRA has begun a campaign not against pending legislation but what it sees as liberal forces bent on undoing the progress it’s made — and the political powerhouse is resorting to language that some believe could incite violence.

Using the hashtags #counterresistance and #clenchedfistoftruth, the NRA has put out a series of videos that announce a “shot across the bow,” and say the gun-rights group is “coming for you” and that “elites … threaten our very survival,” terms that suggest opponents are enemy combatants.”

In a video published earlier this month, NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch warned the New York Times that the NRA would be “coming for you,” adding that the NRA “had re-dedicated itself to exposing the lies of the mainstream press” while shining an uncomfortable spotlight on the relationship between the MSM and “globalist, corporate elites” who oppose the agenda of President Donald Trump… at least until Steve Bannon’s departure, which has since been taken over by former Goldman bankers.

One comment to ““We’re Coming For You”: AP Accuses NRA Of “Inciting Violence” Against Journalists”
  1. How can one disagree with the NRA once one watches the reporting of the mainlame media regarding any of the Leftist violence we see daily?

    Compare its performance regarding the many scandals of the Clintons and the Left’s deity Obama vs. Trump. No owonder the media ranks lower than AIDS in the opinion of Americans, though I think this is an insult to the deferrence given to AIDS to compare the MSM to it.

    The MSM is simply in a league of its own. They are so bad that many Americans give them the same respect reserved for politicians, judges, lawyers, pedophiles, and dog robbers.

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