The Trump Era has Begun

By Joe Ragonese


There is a difference in America today, that wasn’t this way on January 19.  The left knows and is fighting it with everything they have.  The right knows, but is still in disbelief.  The media knows and is doing everything in its considerable power to reverse it.  And, lastly, Middle America knows, and can’t believe that it is true.  The era of Trump has arrived, and with it a change in the values of this great nation.  Not big changes, but small ones that are reversing some of the most outrageous far left incursions into our culture.

In only seven months changes have been made to the culture in this country, mostly on a small scale, but none the less, enough of a difference that his enemies, both Republican and Democrat, are fighting him to the bitter end.  Yet, President Trump is winning, one sacred cow at a time.   Only a few weeks ago, through a tweet, he announced the end of transgenders serving in the military.  The left tried, in vein, to make a big deal out of that decision, hoping that it would harm his presidency.

It did no harm to his standing among those of us who voted for him, or among many who did not.  While he has yet to direct his generals to remove transgenders, the groundwork has been laid and with only a whimper from the left.  The latest leftist political correctness to fall is that they get a pass for every evil deed that they do; for too many years leftist have broken the laws of this nation capriciously, with little regard for them.  The same laws that if conservatives violate them, they go to prison.  Hillary Clinton comes to mind as a perfect example.  You don’t believe it, just look at the events of the past week.

On Saturday, August 12, the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia were full of masked men, armed with baseball bats, some with nails hammered into them to create more bodily harm, others held pipes or other weapons of choice, with copious amounts of pepper spray to confuse and confound both law enforcement and their opposition.  They wore helmets, to defend against their enemy, just in case they might have weapons of their own, and goggles against pepper spray directed at them.

They were organized and trained.  They came for a fight, and they didn’t care with whom.  These were far leftists, some Antifa thugs, some were rent-a-mobs, sent by George Soros, others were communist thugs, also sent by Soros, while others were far left wing kooks from various organizations and groups, all opposed to President Trump and anyone who voted for him.  They were used to committing mayhem and suffering no consequences.

Opposing them were a collation of white groups, mostly white supremacists, who knew that violating the smallest law would land them in jail.  They obtained a permit to preach their hate filled rhetoric, the words that the masked outlaws wanted to stop from being said.  They were, for the most part, unarmed and certainly not prepared to fight.  Having obtained the necessary permits, they thought they would be protected by the police; even though they knew their organizations stood against everything that most police stood for.  They were composed of far right groups, of kooks, white supremacists, KKK, neo-Nazis and other unsavory types.

On the sidelines were the local Charlottesville Police and Virginia State Police, both led by civilians whose political views were far to the left.  Both the local and state police were told to stand-by, only monitoring the events; even though everyone knew that the George Soros led Antifa thugs, communists and other assorted far left wingers were going to cause mayhem against the white supremacists, and then tell everyone that the whites caused the problem, not them.  It is a tried and true practice of the left, one which they have used for 50 years.  The police were supposed to protect businesses and houses after the havoc against the far right was finished.

It didn’t happen the way everyone thought it would play out.  It began as most thought, with the far-left kooks and Antifa thugs attacking the unprotected white supremacist, hitting them with baseball bats, and spraying pepper spray into the eyes of anyone who might be a conservative, let alone a white supremacist, and throwing urine and human feces at them.

Journalists recorded it all, but the Antifa mobs did not want their faces seen.  Like all criminals they didn’t want anyone recording the fact they’re outlaws.  One female reporter from The Hill, Taylor Lorenz, was told to stop recording by a shirtless, tattooed Antifa thug, Jacob L. Smith, 21, and when she didn’t, Smith punched her in the face and disabled her recorder.

It looked like the left would have it all their way on this day; however, they did not.  Among the white supremacists was one, more troubled than the most, with a history of mental illness, who acted in defense of his ilk.  He sped his car into a crowd of far left kooks and Antifa thugs, killing one and injuring several more.  It was then, in defense of the leftists, that the police moved in and made a quick arrest, and then broke up the crowd.  Overriding a court order, they stopped the “Unite the Right” rally on orders of the leftist mayor.

Shortly afterward, President Trump spoke about the events, telling the world that a tragedy had occurred, and that there was blame to be shared on all sides.  He was referring to Democrat politicians, leftist troublemakers and right wing troublemakers alike.  It was a solid assessment of the situation at the time, and in retrospect, a correct response.

The next day, in Richmond, Virginia, as Antifa leftists brought their mayhem to that city, in protest of President Trump’s failure to acknowledge that the problem was all on the white supremacists and had nothing to do with them, another journalist, who worked for CBS6 News, a local station, was ordered to stop filming by leftists, but he refused, telling them that he was within his rights.  That was when one of the leftist cowards hit the journalist from behind, on the head with a bat or pipe, causing him to receive several stitches in his head.

The truth wasn’t good enough for the leftist press, who rallied against President Trump’s first words on the events, for not signaling out the far right white supremacist by name; which under pressure, on Sunday, he eventually named.  That was his only mistake, caving into the demands of the left.  Any victory by them only begets more harassment to obtain more and bigger victories.  At an impromptu presser on Monday he reiterated that the blame was on all sides.

Singling out the white supremacists did nothing to vilify the left, and later the next day, Monday, August 14, members of the Workers World Party, a communist organization, sponsored in part by organizations fully controlled by George Soros, went to Durham, North Carolina, and destroyed a statue honoring a confederate soldier.

Again, Durham Police stood by, watching, on orders of a far left Democrat mayor, who stated that the property was under the county jurisdiction and ordered the city’s police to stand down.  The Sheriff of Durham County also allowed the destruction of the statue, saying that he did not wish to cause additional problems and ordered his deputies to stand down.

The following day; however, events took a turn that the left never expected.  The Durham County Sheriff arrested the woman who raised a ladder and tied a rope around the neck of the statue.  On Tuesday, three more were arrested for destroying the statue, covered by a North Carolina law protecting statues that dates back to 1924.  All four were charged with felonies in the destruction of the statue.

Three people were charged in Charlottesville, Virginia, Jacob Smith for misdemeanor battery for hitting Lorenz, and another, Robert K. Litzenberger, 47, charged with assault and battery for spitting on rally organizer, Jason Kessler of the far right protest, as well as James A. Fields, Jr., 20, who killed with his car.  As this is written, prosecutors are looking into charging someone for hitting the CBS journalist.  Richmond Police investigating found that the fool posted the incident on his Facebook page, saying he hit the man on the back of the head because he was afraid of him because the journalist was white.  The man who hit the journalist was also white; you don’t have to make sense to be a leftist, just regurgitate the words told to you.

This is the Trump effect.  It is allowing law enforcement the opportunity to hold leftists accountable as conservatives are.   Compare that to recent events where far left Antifa, communists and kooks openly attacked Trump supporters at his political rallies, conservative speakers at college campuses, and rioters in Maryland, Wisconsin, or the Black Lives Matter rally in Minnesota, where 21 police officers were hurt, one severely with spinal cord injuries, where no arrest were made on orders from far left politicians.  Never heard of that one, the MSM didn’t report it because it didn’t fit their agenda.

It is interesting to note that Fascism is defined, by Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized, autocratic government, headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.”  That is exactly what the Antifa (which stands for anti fascist) crowd stands for.

A poll by NPR/PBS found that 62% of Americans believe President Trump is right, and that confederate statues should remain in place, another 11% were unsure and only a fringe of 27% thought that they should be removed.  Surprisingly, among the African-Americans polled, 44% thought the statues should remain and only 40% believed they should be removed.  America is solidly behind President Trump, no matter what the MSM tells us.  Even FOX News, whose CEO donated 1 million to the left wing Anti-Defamation League because he did not like what President Trump said about the Charlottesville riots.  No MSM outlet can be trusted.

With only minimal support from the President, law enforcement will do their job.  They cannot when Democrats rule because they are not allowed to do their jobs.  The aftermath of this weeks events is a wake up call to the left, and a welcome relief to conservatives.  It was why we elected President Trump in the first place; because he said that he would do exactly what he is doing.  With our support, he will continue to win and take down the tyrants on the left.  The cultural war has not been lost; it is being fought and won by conservatives every day President Trump is in office.

This is how to Make America Great Again!


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