The Rise and Fall of Megyn Kelly

By Joe Ragonese

Megyn Kelly is no longer employed in mass media.  She may find employment somewhere in the future, but that future is far from assured.  Her story of ascendancy and demise reads like a novel, the likes of Harold Robbins’ The Carpetbaggers or F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.  It is a story filled with the high life, great wealth, acceptance, deception, cunning and finally, self-destruction.

Some may remember her as a rising star at Fox News.  There she quickly worked her way up to be co-anchor of the morning show, where for several years she used her good looks to attract viewers, while pretending to be an intellectual, and knowing, and understanding, world events, with a conservative bent.  That perception even led to her own show, which became the highest rated on the network, until her deception became evident to the audience through her arrogance.

It was all a false front, behind which lurked a conniving two-faced fraud, who had little or no intellect.  This writer watched her climb, but really never paid much attention to her.  She only had her looks going for her, and in any discussion on actual matters, she was never able to show knowledge, or a passion for any event that she was reading about.  It was like she didn’t care, or understand what she was saying.  Her partner, Bill Hemmer, provided factual knowledge and legitimacy to the show.

For several years Kelly pretended to side with conservatives on most issues, when it turns out that she really had distain for us.  She admitted that her only asset was her appearance by admitting that she was shepherded upward by Roger Ailes, whom she turned on when he was down.  No loyalty there. While other female employees under Ailes accused him of inappropriate behavior with facts to back up their claims, she only insinuated that his actions were inappropriate, consisting of vague statements and suggestive remarks, which upset her; something that does not rise to the level of sexual harassment.  Of course the ‘sexual harassment’ never seemed to bother her as she used him as a human ladder, while climbing and clawing her way to success. She didn’t start to make accusations until after she received her own show from him.

It demonstrated her true colors, and the reason that no one is likely to hire her again.  She is not trustworthy, which is why her followers stopped following her and why she lost her job.  Television personalities, who masquerade as journalists, offer only one thing to their audience, trust.  When that trust is gone, their good looks or whatever other appeal they had to get that position is gone.  Without that trust, they are worthless.

Ask Brian Williams; remember he boasted that he came under enemy fire on a combat assignment.  When the crew of the helicopter came forward and discredited him, the anchor at NBC News lost his job.  He has been resurrected recently, now pretending to be knowledgeable and trustworthy on the least trustworthy cable station, MSNBC, aka MSDNC.  The left protects their own.

Dan Rather also comes to mind.  He used up his trust card when he helped produce and aired a false hit piece on President Bush’s Air National Guard service.  The piece was fabricated, and when the truth came out, he was fired.  The left; however, sticks with their own, and some Hollywood type produced a movie, as false as Rather’s report on Bush, trying to resurrect his destroyed reputation.  It didn’t work either, as the movie flopped.

Which brings us back to Kelly.  She destroyed her reputation, first with vicious attacks on candidate, and later, President Trump, then further cut all ties with her base with the Ailes revelation.  All pretenses were gone on election night when the total votes fell to President Trump, as opposed to her choice, Clinton.  Watching the final announcement that Trump had won, the look on her face showed her true colors, she all but broke down in tears.

Her departure from Fox News happened soon afterwards, even though she was offered a salary larger than any personality at Fox, she turned it down to accept a position with the liberal MSM.  She wanted to become a part of the opposition to Trump.  Kelly lives in the same fantasyland as does the left.  She thought she could betray her audience and keep them, while picking up an equally large following among the left.

With visions of a united front of Democrats standing alongside Bill Clinton immediately after he survived his impeachment trial, she thought they would coalesce behind her because she had the temerity to attack Trump and was a Clinton supporter.

Therein lies the saga of Kelly and her lack of intellectual capacity, she thought she could have it both ways, never understanding the mind of progressives.  They are an unforgiving lot, and hate anyone who opposes them, and will never forgive those who do.  They felt that Kelly, by working at Fox News and mouthing words, which she had no real feeling for, and which,  opposed their distorted belief system, made her an enemy of the left; then, now and always.

The Rise and Fall of Megyn Kelly is a story as old as the Bible. It is a tale which is a clear reminder of the human vices of greed, dishonesty and betrayal. Also, it clearly shows that you can never, EVER trust the MSM, as they are always lying to us, and as we all know, progressives are much worse than you think.


8 comments on “The Rise and Fall of Megyn Kelly
  1. Dear Joe–
    I just love your pieces! You are so spot on!
    I do not have television. The first time I ever saw Megyn Kelly was the first debate. I had heard about her, of course.
    My assessment from that night of Megyn was : GLITTERING EVIL. I’ve seen no reason to revise that opinion.

  2. Future employment shouldn’t be too difficult. There are poles throughout the country that are lacking dancers.

    • Spoken like a true progressive, use slander rather than facts; and her positives are irrelevant, as proven by NBC firing her for having a show less watched than cartoon reruns.
      I am sure that you and Kelly are at the same intellectual level.

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