The Left is Marching the Nation Towards Civil War

By Ray Starmann

I believe it is no longer hyperbole to say the United States may very well be on the road to a Second Civil War. This time it won’t be North vs. South, but Left vs. Right, Marxism vs. American Nationalism, Lunacy vs. Sanity, Tyranny vs. Liberty.

The Left has been on a collision course with reality since 1968, when the party began to abandon its own Dixiecrats, taking a sharp turn against the Vietnam War, against American values; embracing socialism and eventually metamorphosizing into the lunatic Orwellian beast it is today. Name a crazy position and the left supports it. Name an anti-American political platform and the left supports it. Name a position that the left despises and their violence knows no bounds.

The left’s Marxist intolerance and premeditated violence for the last year and a half has been directed towards the supporters of first candidate Trump and now the President. There have been hundreds and hundreds of left-wing assaults against Trump supporters of all races, genders and creeds.

Why were these attacks committed; for the sole reason that the left tolerates no one who disagrees with their Eurocrap Orwellian Great Leap Backward for America.

The violence aimed at Trump supporters at rallies shifted into larger melees across the nation, where thousands of ant-like Antifa (Anti-Fascist) anarchists, supported by Lucifer 6 Actual, aka George Soros and motivated by lies spread on CNN and MSDNC, have vandalized buildings, burned cars, beat up citizens, fought with the police and terrorized anyone who dares to disagree with them.

At Berkeley, the Antifa destroyed property and caused millions of dollars worth of damage because they were unhappy that the right wing blogger Milo Yiannopoulos was going to speak there.

In Berkeley, the police force, ordered to stand down by the mayor, simply watched the violence ensue.

The left claims to be tolerant, and so sensitive to everyone’s feelings and likes to throw around big words like diversity and inclusion, but in actuality, they are tyrants who would have found a home in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.

Anyone the left disagrees with must be silenced and usually by force. Anyone the left feels has aggrieved them, must be silenced and usually by force. Any law the left dislikes must be ignored. Any sentence to the US constitution the left despises must be twisted. Any history the left hates must be erased and disappeared permanently from the minds, museums and books of America.

The left has been at war with the Confederacy for the apparent reason that the South still had the institution of slavery. What really bothers the left is that Southern secession was a libertarian revolt against Big Brother. Small government is Kryptonite to the left.

Therefore, every statue, every monument, every flag that honors the brave men who fought for the greatest army the US has ever fielded, must be eradicated from all history, forever, and made to disappear into the night like a train car of dissidents on the way to Siberia.

Statues of Robert E. Lee, the most beloved general in American history are being pulled down like large stone edifices of the Romanian butcher, Ceausescu.  Stonewall, Jeff Davis, good ole J.E.B. Stuart and Johnny Reb himself must be erased from the nation’s past by the order of America’s modern day Pol Pot re-educators.

In Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday, the left’s army of anti-Fascist Fascists collided head on with the most extreme element of the right, the KKK and a sundry assortment of Neo-Nazis and white supremacists.  James Fields, a 20 year old madman and self-proclaimed white supremacist drove his car into a left wing crowd, killing three people and injuring others.

What happened in Charlottesville is appalling and only a maniac would condone what happened or associate themselves with the KKK and the Neo-Nazis.

But, one must ask what the Antifa was doing there dressed in black with baseball bats? No doubt they were planning on assaulting the peaceful, pro Robert E. Lee protesters who were in the streets of Charlottesville as well.

As in Berkeley, the police in Charlottesville stood down and watched the deaths from the sidelines like cowardly spectators.

Yesterday, the left tore down a CSA monument in Durham, and once again the police stood by and let the vandalism take place. The police in America are becoming no more useful than the police during the last days of the USSR.

Think the left is just going to stop with Lee and Davis, think again…

Today, a group of left wing wackos gathered in front of the National History Museum in New York, demanding that a statue of Teddy Roosevelt be taken down on the grounds that TR was a racist.

Of course he was, he was a white man. All white men are racists, rapists and evil according to the left, even though the white man and European civilization took the world out of the Dark Age and into the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Reformation and the American Revolution, while giving the planet music, art, the sciences and the rights of man in the process. Most importantly, as civilization advanced, those of all colors, creeds and genders eventually enjoyed the wealth and freedom that was a result of European, aka Western Civilization.

The Muslims the left and feminists embrace so fervently have given the world nothing but sand, oil and death.

So, what happens next?

Sadly, there will be more violence, more vandalism and more bloodshed on both sides. There will be more confrontations for one reason and one reason only, the left wants it.

The left wants a Civil War. They very well may get it.

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  1. Many of us have been saying the left is pushing us toward the next civil war or possibly a new revolution if the politicians in DC are as much of a problem as the left. We shall see how this plays out but as unhinged as the left is now, how they can’t get over having another white man as President, I predict a major conflict before the next Presidential election. It might spark this year or next but it will happen because the left wants it that way and frankly the silent majority is sick of their nonsense. Forcing the LGBT lifestyle in our face has hit a raw nerve and picked at a scab best left alone.

    They really should brush up on the old adage; “be careful what you wish for; you just might get it”.

  2. Are they insane ? Simply removing a statue eases their minds for all the misdeeds the white has done to them . My question to the lefties is very simple – why do you hate white men for buying a legal “product” at the time but the african chief that kidnapped the slaves from other villages in order to sell them to MUSLIM slave traders are the good guys ?

  3. The Left has been calling for violence and the elimination of its enemies as well as ethnic cleansing. May their wishes be granted and all they call for come to pass but not necessarily in the manner they foresee nor that the end results are what the advocate.

    They are cowards who have to mask themselves and run when they meet real opposition. So liberty and freedom may endure let us water the plant of liberty with the blood of traitors, tyrants, and Marxists.

    • I don’t think running away has the same meaning to them. They made a stand! They showed up to fight against white power. Of course they ran away, but they’ll be back again tomorrow to fight white power.

      To them, it’s probably a bit like leaving a flaming bag of dog poop on somebody’s porch and ringing the doorbell, or causing a public scene until the cops show up. Running away is already built in, because they’re thinking as a child does. They’re acting out, and will continue to act out, knowing that when adults show up they’ll have to flee.

      Their actions may be a cry for adult supervision as much as anything.

  4. The first civil war was about the Democrats supporting their right to slavery. This is about the Democrats supporting their right to slavery via welfare so they can bring in millions of voters to prop their totalitarian regimes up. Nothing much has changed really.

  5. James Fields killed one person, not three. There was a helicopter crash that killed two, cause still unknown as far as I know. Fevered headlines tried to blame that on the rally, but don’t get taken in.

  6. Et Tu Brute.
    If the left want an all out conflict with the people who make this country what it is then they are in for a shocking surprise when all of a sudden the people who are pushing this nonsense are crushed like Bugs and flushed like yesterdays meal. Notice that they always stay real close to the Urban toilets of major Democrat controlled cites and Never wander out into the America that will feed them into the meatgrinder of reality. Cowards and pansies the lot of them.

  7. James Fields killed one person, which is bad enough, but can hardly be held responsible for the two victims of the helicopter crash. It isn’t know what caused the crash.

  8. Anybody who describes the Confederacy as “Libertarian” is a dolt.

    Slavery advocates are not “libertarians.” They are its very antithesis.

    • Only 9% of the soldiers in CSA had slaves. It’s a left wing talking point and has been for 150 years that it was all about slavery. That’s the way Lincoln justified the deaths of over 600,000 people. Secession was a libertarian revolt. You do know that Grant had a slave. But, that’s all covered up as part of the Establishment whitewash that Lincoln was a savior, when he wanted to send the blacks back to Africa, and the North was a holier than Jesus crusade, while of course they plundering and looting the South.

  9. Excellently put, Mr. Ray Starmann. Interestingly, the racist blacks that hysterically scream in the faces of all whites with puking hatred utterly fail to make any distinction whatsoever between the few descendants of actual slave owners and the many, many descendants of Southerners and Northerners alike who had nothing to do with slavery. Needless to say, further waves of white immigrants after the Civil War also had zilch to do with the violently abolished institution of slavery. It’s almost irrelevant to add that slavery in North America was largely fed by black tribes collaborating with Arab slavers in capturing and selling other Africans to a small population of American slavers.

    Beyond that, the racist blacks who shriek that they are owed “reparations” utterly refuse to give so much as a passing thought to the trillions spent thus far on welfare programs aimed largely at blacks and even beyond that to the enormous host of twenty million and more ghosts of white children and their children in turn unto the twenty-first century who were never born because their potential fathers died fighting in the Civil War. This unspoken genocide of innocent whites passes without a whisper.

    The ingratitude, ineffable greed for the unearned, and mewling hatred on the part of the racist anti-white blacks and their far-left white enablers are beyond comprehension. The madness has grown by now into a beast that knows no cure but rivers of blood. I similarly fear that civil war may be unavoidable at this point. I fervently hope I’m wrong about this dismal expectation. We would all lose in such a conflict. 🙁

  10. Now, take the next step: Democrats and the left – and more than a few RINOs and neo-cons – are using the rhetoric and language of genocide against anyone to the right of Hillary.

    What they are saying – and doing – fits every historical, legal and international definition of genocide.

    research: ‘kulaks’

    Democrats and the left – and more than a few RINOs and neo-cons – are using the rhetoric and language of genocide against anyone to the right of Hillary.

    What they are saying – and doing – fits every historical, legal and international definition of genocide.


    Prevent Genocide International. The legal definition of genocide


    “The Language of Genocide and Human Rights: Naming, Judging, Acting.” (PDF)

    When Victimhood Leads to Genocide – Prof. Jordan Peterson on Dekulakization

    Examples and legal definitions of the language of genocide, with hundreds of examples of violent democrat rhetoric and attacks against the right, archived, here:

    …and that is not a comprehensive or all-inclusive list. There are 1,000’s of examples.

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