Snowflakes From Hell

By Joe Ragonese

What is worse, the KKK, or Antifa?  The answer is that they are equal.  The KKK was the armed resistance of the Democrat Party after the Civil War, and up until 1968; while the Antifa is the armed resistance of today’s Democrat Party.  Every evil committed by the KKK between 1866 and 1968, was done in the name of the Democratic Party.  Northern Democrats may wish to disavowal association with the KKK, but they cannot because the KKK was a part of the infrastructure of the Democratic Party of the time, just as the Antifa is a part of today’s.

As a reminder, the KKK used domestic terror tactics to keep those who opposed them in line.  The KKK murdered white union soldiers, African-Americans, brown or olive skinned residents, Asian-Americans, Catholics and Jews equally; anyone who didn’t match their exact requirements or think the exact thoughts they represented was subject to punishment.  Like today’s Antifa, the KKK demanded that everyone be just what they say they must be.  Freedom of speech or thought was rejected and punished, for olden day KKK, as well as today’s Antifa.

The KKK went unchecked throughout the south because the Democratic Party controlled all governmental agencies, and just as in today’s large one party cities, there was then, and is today, no end to the atrocities committed by them.  Murder, castration, tar and feathering, midnight rides to rural houses replete with burning crosses, nothing was out of bounds; because Democrat politicians would not prosecute them for their misdeeds.  Just as in today’s large cities, there was no end to the mayhem committed, the fear they invoked, or the evilness of their purpose.

That purpose was the disruption of the United States; after all, they were still rebels who refused to accept surrender, and they wanted continued total political control to enforce their aberrant behavior.  It is the same purpose of today’s Antifa.  To achieve these ends, members of the Democrat Party were elected who supported the KKK, and in today’s Democrat Party, one cannot be elected unless they fully support the terrorist acts of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Al Gore Senior, Tennessee Senator and father of Vice President Al Gore Jr., was a member of the KKK, he voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and thought slavery was a reasonable institution.  There was Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, one of the longest sitting Democrat members of Congress, a senior officer of the KKK, and one of Hillary Clinton’s mentors; along with Saul Alinsky, the communist provocateur.

Hillary mentioned Byrd several times during her two failed attempts to be elected President.  She also referenced Alinsky during her second attempt against President Trump.  Speaking of Clinton mentors being members of the KKK, her husband Bill, you might remember him as actually being the President for eight disastrous years, his chief mentor was KKK member J. William Fulbright (D-Ark.). Even President Jimmy Carter had KKK members in his immediate family.

The Democrat Party is full of these hypocrites who now side with Antifa thugs that are tearing down Confederate statues and trying to demolish the history of this nation in the process.  Democrats support Antifa as completely as they once did the KKK.  There is no evil too terrible for a Democrat to support.

Today Antifa and Black Lives Matter are the armed enforcement agencies of the Democrat Party, replacing the Black Panthers and communist revolutionary Weather Underground and Students for a Democratic Society, of the 1970s, who replaced the KKK in the aftermath of the Democratic Party takeover in 1968.

Antifa demands total compliance to their words and thoughts.  Political Correctness was only the beginning of their attempt to prohibit free speech.  The left plays by the communist rule book of Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, Ernesto “Che” Guevara and other mass murderers, in the name of their religion; communism.

That is what the Democrat Party has become today, a radical left wing communist party masquerading as an American political party.   This is not an overnight success story.  It has been 50 years in the making.  In 1968, at the Democratic Convention in Chicago, the pro-communist block of the party inflicted a bloodless coup; obtaining power over the old guard, those who were guided by the principals of big government at the cost of the people and protected by the KKK.  Communism was the old guard’s ally, not their guiding light, as is now the case.

The usurpers used the Vietnam War as cover to evict the old guard of the party, and led them into a full blown communist party.  Little by little they took over agencies; one must remember that the Democrat Party had full control of the House of Representatives and Senate for almost 62 years, from 1933 to 1995.  During those years they stacked government agencies with like minded people.  Today President Trump’s supporters call them the ‘swamp.’

Those like minded people made rules and regulations that favored Democratic Party policies, which after 1968 were communist.  One of their priorities was to revise history.  When Jimmy Carter created the Department of Education, it was quickly filled with pro-communist bureaucrats who immediately edited out any derogatory mention of communism.

The reason that snowflakes today do not know that communism is evil, is because they have never learned of its evils.  While they know of Nazi evils (but confuse them with Fascism) they have never heard of the mass murders committed in the name of communism.  In fact, if you confront any of them with the horrible number of murders committed by communists, they will argue with you and say that it never happened.  Ignorance is the left’s best tool in controlling Americans.

In a snowflake’s mind, it never did happen, because the education they received omitted any reference to bad things in communist countries.  They omitted not only the murderous past, but also its massive failure economically.  It is why some millennials and college professors think Bernie Sanders and his communist (socialism is communism using a different name) economic plan was a workable solution to the financial situation that Obama left us in.

Note to millennials and college professors, name one communist economic powerhouse.  Communism / socialism is a disastrous failure that hurts the citizens of any nation subjected to it.  Venezuela comes to mind as an example of what you are asking for.  I know someone will say look at China; well, it is a communist country, which earns its wealth from capitalist businesses, fully supported by the government.

That same public education system revised American history to revile our founders; after all, they were white men and everyone knows that white men are bad.  If they ever owned a slave, they are to be hated.  The revision of history has bred the contempt for our institutions that we see being destroyed by Antifa thugs.  Yet, it is that exact contempt for America that has sparked the Constitutional crisis that we find ourselves in today.

The vast majority of Americans, of both parties, do not believe that what Antifa, Black Lives Matter and today’s Democrat Party are trying to force upon us, by intimidation, terrorism, and brute force, is the right path.  Many who identify themselves as liberals, are not leftists; because a true liberal believes in freedom of speech above everything else.  Old time Democrats, while they believe in big government, do not believe in communism, and wish to freely express their thoughts.  Socialists, many of today’s millennials, still believe they have a right to state their views without intimidation or punishment by anyone.

In other words, they disagree with the Democratic Party of today.  According to a Rasmussen Poll, taken Wednesday, August 23, an overwhelming 85 percent of Americans say that freedom of speech is “more important than making sure no one is offended by what others say.”

That is a huge finding.  It means that all those hoodie wearing, masked, armed thugs who are toppling statues, demanding that we agree with exactly what they say, or face the consequences, are such a small minority, that if it weren’t for a main stream media in complete lockstep with them, they would fade away into Dante’s 9th Circle of Hell where they belong.

Instead, wearing the black, red and yellow colors of Satan’s three faces, and straight out of Cocytus, the ninth level of the Inferno, those who set fires, destroy cars, businesses, loot, hit women and children with cudgels laden with nails, topple statues of American heroes, assassinate police and conservative politicians, are snowflakes from hell, and 85% of America knows it.


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