Poland to the EU: Take Your Middle Eastern and African Migrants and Shove It


Poland’s foreign minister has declared that migrants are welcome – as long as they are from Europe, and not Africa or the Middle East.

In an interview with Russian outlet RIA Novosti, Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs Witold Waszczykowski confirmed that Warsaw would continue to accept visa applications from nearby countries such as Ukraine and Belarus, but that his country would not participate in the suicidal ‘resettlement’ of illegal immigrants from incompatible cultures, as many other EU countries are doing.

“Poland is open for migration, and last year, for instance, we issued 1,267,000 visas for Ukrainians,” he said. “Half of these visas were work permits.”

“We do not want to participate in the mandatory process of relocation of migrants coming from the Middle East and Africa,” he continued. “We do not want to implement the decision of the European Union taken in September of 2015.”

Poland had previously agreed to cooperate in the EU scheme while under the leadership of the left-leaning Civic Platform party – founded by current President of the European Council, Donald Tusk – which likely helped fuel their crushing defeat in elections just months later, as the nationalist Law and Order Party (PiS) assumed control of the government and immigration policy.

PiS has established a hard line stance against ‘refugee resettlement,’ drawing the ire of EU bureaucrats and leading to a variety of confrontations and legal battles between Brussels and Warsaw which continue to grow more heated from by the day.

“Migration is the policy of the country,” Waszczykowski asserted. “Process of migration is supposed to be regulated by the policy of the country.”

“It depends on the job market, and depends on the demography if the country needs migrants because of the lack of labor and opens the market for the labor… and the Polish government is regulating the migration policy according to these factors.”

Poland is not alone in their clash with the EU, as nearby Hungary has assumed similarly staunch positions on border control and protection of its citizens – as well as vowing that Hungary would be a place where “Western European Christians will always be able to find security.

An alliance of anti-migrant nations continues to grow in number and momentum, making for a rapid decline in cohesion within the superstate as it faces Brexit – and possibly Polexit in the near future

President Tusk admitted last week that Poland’s withdrawal from the EU could be at hand.

“The current government are doing a lot in their power to find themselves on a collision course with Brussels, starting with environmentalism all the way up to the procedures that defend democracy,” he said. “It is an effect of harking back to nationalistic and sovereign ’nostalgics’ present in parts of Poland’s society, which PiS elevated to power in 2015 and are holding up today at a high level of social support – 35 to 40 per cent.”

As Infowars recently reported, “new figures show that just 1.4% of migrants arriving in Italy are Syrian refugees, confirming the fact that the overwhelming majority of people flooding into Europe are economic migrants from countries not at war.”

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  1. OMG……finally a European country that’s not suicidal and self destructive! While the rest of Europe sinks into a new Dark Ages Poland is standing up for its freedom and its sovereignty!

    The ultimate outcome if not goal of the Muslim world is to invade and conquer and destroy Western Civilization! Forty thousand Somalis have resettled in Minnesota…….WTF! In twenty years through birth rates alone that will skyrocket to a million or more. Most will not want to Americanize and fit into our fabric of life but instead use our democracy and laws against us with superior population numbers and change our way of life to fit theirs i. e. Sharia law!

    Hats off to Poland!

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