Next targets in the Confederate monument wars are Dolly Parton and Ulysses S. Grant


With Confederate monuments under fire around the country, liberals have set their sights on what comes next.

Sorry, Dolly, they’re coming for you!

At Dolly Parton’s Civil War–themed dinner theater, there’s violence on many sides: 

From Slate:

It’s a lily-white kitsch extravaganza that play-acts the Civil War but never once mentions slavery. Instead, it romanticizes the old South, with generous portions of both corn on the cob and Southern belles festooned in Christmas lights. At its sister staging in Branson, Missouri (the original is up the road from Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee), it’s put on at a venue that can only be described as resembling a plantation mansion. Also, everyone in the audience must pick a side.

It does get stupider, however, as NYC mayoral candidate Melissa Mark Viverito wants the final resting place of Union General Ulysses S. Grant closed because of Grant’s anti-Semitism as president:

Melissa Mark Viverito wants Grant’s Tomb closed. Grant won the Civil War. Melissa Mark Viverito wants parades for terrorists. I hate 2017.

Seymour, who neither de Blasio nor I had heard of before today, was a NY governor whose slogan was “let white men rule.”

Objections to Grant’s tomb are due to his roll in expelling Jews from several states.


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