Marxists at ESPN Can Asian-American Sportscaster Named Robert Lee


Dear lord, I hope this isn’t true. I sincerely hope, with all my heart, that this is a total scam that gets debunked by tomorrow morning.

Sports blog Outkick the Coverage is reporting ESPN has pulled a sports announcer named Robert Lee from announcing a Charlottesville-based University of Virginia football game this weekend to avoid offending viewers.

Oh, and Robert Lee? Yeah, he’s an Asian guy. Not a 210-year-old dead Confederate general. An Asian guy. In fact, he’s this Asian guy:

Robert Lee? He’s the guy in the front. Not the white dude in the back – who, by the by, is also not a 210-year-old dead Confederate general.

If Outkick’s reports are true, then the left has officially reached peak idiocy. No, strike that – they reached it, decided it wasn’t quite idiotic enough, and built a tower out of their own unused brain cells on which they could climb to even loftier heights of idiocy. That’s where we’re at.

Outkick the Coverage’s Clay Travis reports Lee – again, not a 210-year-old dead Confederate general – has been moved to Youngstown State at Pittsburgh game, where he won’t run the risk of hurting anyone’s feelings with the snowflake-melting power of his name. A guy named Dave Weekley, who has the great fortune of not sharing the same first and last name as a dead Confederate general, will now call the William and Mary at University of Virginia game.

Let’s just get one thing straight here: if you’re honestly so offended by the mere whisper of anything that could possibly remind you of something that so much as sounds “confederate” in nature that you get your panties in a twist because the dude announcing your Saturday afternoon sports entertainment happens to be named Robert Lee, please go jump off a cliff.

Seriously. Just get a good running start, and aim for the moon. Because you’re taking oxygen from the rest of us.

Similarly, if you happen to be the asinine waste of space over at ESPN who decided the good people in Charlottesville might not be able to handle an Asian guy named Robert Lee announcing their football game without melting down into puddles of horrified grief, please resign right now.

And also go jump off a cliff.

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