Former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice: Let North Korea have Nukes


Calls for United States to “tolerate” nuclear weapons in North Korea

(INTELLIHUB) — Former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice has taken to the pages of the establishment New York Times to openly call for the United States to allow North Korea to have nuclear weapons.

In a move strikingly similar to the case made against Winston Churchill throughout the 1930s, Rice worries about provoking the rogue nation even as they openly plan to attack the United States, possibly with the very nuclear weapons Rice wants us to allow them to have.

“War is not necessary to achieve prevention, despite what some in the Trump administration seem to have concluded. History shows that we can, if we must, tolerate nuclear weapons in North Korea — the same way we tolerated the far greater threat of thousands of Soviet nuclear weapons during the Cold War,” Rice writes.

 Keep in mind Rice herself is a globalist who has openly supported numerous wars and proxy wars throughout the world but now, when we are actually facing a real threat, she wants the country to simply allow a mad man his nukes.

During her literal appeasement proposal, Rice continually blames Donald Trump for North Korean aggression, even going as far as to call for the White House Chief of Staff to “assert control” over the elected president.

“Second, to avoid blundering into a costly war, the United States needs to immediately halt the reckless rhetoric. John Kelly, Mr. Trump’s chief of staff, must assert control over the White House, including his boss, and curb the Trump surrogates whipping up Cuban missile crisis fears,” Rice continued.

In other words, ignore the documented fact that North Korea’s nuclear program has reached the ability to strike the United States, and instead continue the Obama legacy of allowing the country to live in fear of terror in the hopes that we “look good” on the world stage.

Remember ISIS anyone?!

Amazingly, at this pivotal time in the history of the country, Obama operatives continue to undermine the president, even if it means allowing a transparent psycho to have nuclear weapons.

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2 comments on “Former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice: Let North Korea have Nukes
  1. press organizations that publish trash from trash, should be boycotted into oblivion. there is not one thing this lib bitch has ever said that coincides with reality. the same could be said of “that” entire administration. why quote any of them?

  2. Susan Rice exemplifies the type of individual that has systematically sought to dismantle the constitution of this country through deceit and subversion of the law. She has no legitimate qualifications to hold any public office in our country. Her idea to let NORK have nuclear weapons does not border on insanity, it IS insanity. Her reasoning is as flawed as her character. Her past actions qualify her for prison should she ever be investigated in earnest and certainly no one whose opinion should be listened to.

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