Common Sense Reborn

By Joe Ragonese

Common sense left America when it reelected a man President whose only qualifications for office were that he openly defied the laws of this country, and had the audacity to write not one, but two books bragging about his illegal activities.  He openly mocked Bill Clinton by saying, “Of course I inhaled (illegal drugs), that was the whole point.”

America was on the verge of losing all vestiges of common sense when they put him into office the first time.  He was open about his communist idealism, his best friends, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn were terrorists who bombed and killed Americans in the name of communism, and his mentor was a pastor who called out for God to damn America, and was grateful that we were attacked on September 11, 2001.  The death of so many Americans was, in the pastor’s words, “The birds coming home to roost.”

The first black President of the United States spent eight years apologizing for America’s greatness and many accomplishments, while attacking our friends in the world, and embracing our enemies.  He set back race relations 100 years and created a division of citizens the likes of which has not been seen in this country since just prior to the Civil War.

Barack Hussein Obama’s only accomplishment as President was driving common sense out of America’s reasoning process.  That he did with the help of the communist press in America, the MSM.  By the end of his second term, Barry O had placed America at the precipice of demise; exactly where he wanted it to be.

The scary part of it was that large portions of Americans did not see what was happening.  If we are to believe the numbers from last year’s election are correct (this writer does not believe them; voter fraud was massive on the part of Democrats) then over half of all voting Americans wanted to continue with the self-destruction of this nation, proving that common sense was gone.

The proof of his one and only accomplishment is that if objective decision making in America were the product of common sense, President Trump would be the most popular President since Ronald Reagan.  His accomplishments are astounding; having, in less than seven months, reversed a stagnant economy, stimulated more jobs than in eight years of Obama, begun the daunting task of rebuilding our military, approved pipelines in Dakota and with Canada, opened up lands to development of natural resources and coal production; all making us more energy independent and safer.

He has done so much more, yet his performance ratings are less than spectacular (again, if you believe the pollsters; which I do not, these were the same people who said Trump didn’t stand a chance at being elected).  There is only one explanation for the low numbers, common sense has fled America.  Barry O didn’t do it all on his own, it was a long time coming.  It all began with the mandatory use of seat belts.

Seat belts in cars were an option in the middle 1960s, in those days car salesmen tried to convince us to purchase them when buying a new car.  Through persuasive no nonsense logic, salesmen, both in the showrooms and through television ads, convinced hundreds of thousands of us to purchase and use the belts that would save millions of lives.  It worked like it always worked in America, free will prevailed and we made our own choices on safety.

It was our choice, until big brother government decided, in all of their wisdom, that we are but children, incapable of making the right choices for ourselves, and mandated that car manufactures install the safety device on all new cars; whether we wanted them or not.  For the first time in our unique history, government intervention caused an artificial product price increase through regulation.

People, now equipped with the mandatory seat belts, continued to die needlessly because they chose not to buckle up.  While the numbers of those who were saved using the belts was astounding, the needless deaths continued.  So government, in all its wisdom, decided that it would be against the law not to use the belts.  Laws were passed, and the number of needless deaths declined.  It seems like a win-win for everyone; except it was not.

The legislation passed mandating use of seat belts ultimately led to a lack of self-accountability.  That led to forgoing any sense of self-worth; after all, anyone with half a brain knows that we are accountable for our own actions.  Without common sense, it led to the point that we find ourselves today; where one of the most successful Presidents in history, is demonized as an enemy of the people.

There were, of course, many steps between seat belt regulation and the reelection of Barry O, some huge and some small.  Yet each step brought us closer to a lack of reason.  Lawyers expedited the process in their efforts to extort money from anyone who had any.  Corporations, Doctors, Police Departments, or anywhere where big money existed, they sued until finding a jury with no common sense, who would award huge punitive judgments against those who produce or accumulate wealth.

They were so good at it, that they slowed business, banking, medicine, industry, manufacturing, and any productive enterprise in the nation.  Little by little they wore down people’s belief in themselves.  Soon, no one was responsible for their actions, because it was always someone else’s fault no matter what heinous crime or degeneration they committed.

The Democratic Party saw what was happening and jumped on the band wagon.  If no one was responsible for their own actions, then big government would take care of you like a good father should.  With the example of seat belts as a guide, they legislated everything from toilets to light bulbs.  Every aspect of your life was regulated by big government.  The rush of tyrannical legislatures was infectious, and both Democrats and Republicans fell into its seductive spell.

In order to control our daily lives they had to do away with common sense.  After all, we were not responsible for our actions; it was someone else’s fault.  So, if a woman orders a cup of hot coffee, and drives off, then spills it on herself, it is not her fault, it is the restaurant’s who sold it to her.  The loss of common sense grew like a cancer metastasizing throughout the body of a stage four cancer patient.

Soon everything that we knew as right became wrong.  God was no longer good for us; He was bad because He expected us to be responsible for our own actions.  Religion brought with it a moral code; if we are no longer responsible for our actions, then we could not be expected to live up to a moral code.  Enter Barry O, he saw the state this nation was in, and was able, with the help of his friends in the MSM and Hollyweed, which was as perverted as he, that the time was ripe to finally wipe out the last vestiges of sanity in America.

For eight grueling years he, the MSM, the Democrat Party, Hollyweed, and every progressive pervert, bought and paid for by George Soros turned evil into good, and good into bad.  The police were bad, military people were killers, conservatives were evil, religion was bad for us, and the list went on; while homosexuals, murders, rapists (think Muslims), and every other assorted ne’er-do-well, was good.

To pull this off, reasonable thought had to be forfeited.  We were told that this was the new normal.  In order to believe that boys in girls’ bathrooms was a good behavior, common sense had to be dispatched to some foreign land.  In order to be a part of this new normal we had to believe that gay marriage was an acceptable behavior, or else the gay police would shut down your business, and then fine you huge amounts of money to punish you for not bowing at the altar of perverted behavior.

On top of all the perversion we had to accept, and some of us did willingly; after all, not all of us believe in God or religion, part of the new normal was that unlimited illegal immigration had to be a part of that belief system, or else something was wrong with us.  The result was that illegal immigrants took our jobs here in America, and those that they didn’t take from us were shipped overseas.

Middle America looked like a wasteland in some Mad Max movie, with unemployment at levels not seen since the Great Depression and families feeling impotent to cope with life.  It was exactly what Barry O and his progressives wanted.  Now, they could fully control our every action.  The proof that common sense left America came with O’s reelection.  And that was when he really put the hammer down on what was left of reason.

Under Barry O’s tutelage, gays were allowed to serve openly in the service, women were authorized to join the combat arms, and transgenders were legally directed to serve in uniform.

During the second Obama administration, we also saw the rise of the Marxist/anarchist group, Black Lives Matter. The litany seemed never ending.   To cap off the demise of common sense in America, Hillary Clinton was anointed to succeed Barry O.  She would follow in his footsteps, cementing the collapse of America.

Then, to the horror of every big government politician, Hollyweed type, MSM personality and progressive, Donald Trump announced that he was running for President.  Listening to him speak the day he threw his hat into the rink, this writer, millions of middle class Americans, and everyone on the left, was dumbfounded.  Donald Trump spoke of a vision that made so much sense, that it scared the left and gave the rest of us hope.  It was filled with so much common sense that it proved that it still existed in America, only not with progressives, the MSM, or big government politicians, of any party.

Donald Trump won the Presidency speaking simple truths that anyone with a modicum of common sense could understand.  His victory proved that common sense never left, it only hid in plain sight.  Speaking common sense made him the target of everyone on the left, and to this day he is targeted with some of the most vile rhetoric ever spewed against a President of this, or any country in the world.

Yet, the heartland of America stands solidly behind him, because good old common sense never left the heartland.  Little by little President Trump is rolling back the nonsensical lack of common sense that had prevailed for the past decade or more.  The left is fighting him every step of the way, yet he is winning.  You wouldn’t know it if you watch any MSM outlet, but he is winning.

Immigration is 60 to 70% lower than under Barry O, jobs are returning to America at an unprecedented rate, even eclipsing Ronald Reagan’s recovery, the economy is jumping ahead, and day in and day out, one more sacred cow of the left falls by the wayside.

Like a white knight out of a mythical kingdom, Donald Trump is bringing back an age of reason to America.  The rebirth of common sense was elected into office by real Americans; you, me, and everyone who cast their vote for Donald Trump in November, 2016.

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  1. The “Common Sense Revolution” is here. It was made clear by the American people during the last election…the people of America have a message for their politicians — government isn’t working anymore. The system is broken. Donald Trump fought a campaign focused on simple, easily communicated messages. The Democrats and Co. did not get it. As of this day, they are still in a political wilderness, trying to find their way out. God help them, for nobody else can!

  2. Bravo! wise great observation and analysis of what we have gone through for the last ten years.
    When the students are ready the teacher appears and here is our saviour, President Trump.
    Now the problem is to safeguard him and save him from those who want to destroy the man and our nation. Protect him so he can do our work.
    He may very well be our last hope, God.

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