Anti-Liberty Leftist Tyrants Tear Down CSA Statue


DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – A crowd of protesters gathered outside the old Durham County courthouse on Main Street Monday evening in opposition to a Confederate monument in front of the government building.

Around 7:10 p.m. a woman using a ladder climbed the statue of a soldier and attached a rope around the statue.

Moments later, the crowd pulled on the rope and the statue fell.  One man quickly ran up and spat on the statue and several others began kicking it.

Durham police later said they monitored the protests to make sure they were “safe” but did not interfere with the statue toppling because it happened on county property.

“Because this incident occurred on county property, where county law enforcement officials were staffed, no arrests were made by DPD officers,” Durham Police spokesman Wil Glenn said in a statement.

Durham County Sheriff’s deputies videotaped the statue being brought down — but didn’t stop it from happening.

After toppling the statue, the protesters started marching. They blocked traffic with authorities trying to stay ahead of them. The protesters made their way down East Main Street to the site of the new Durham Police Department.

In 1924, the Confederate statue was dedicated to Durham.

Engraved on the front of the monument is “The Confederate States of America.”

Above it, was the statue representing a soldier who fought in the civil war.

Later Monday night, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper Tweeted: “The racism and deadly violence in Charlottesville is unacceptable but there is a better way to remove these monuments.”

“It needs to be removed,” Loan Tran, an organizer, said earlier Monday. “These Confederate statues in Durham, in North Carolina, all across the country.”

There are similar monuments in several cities around North Carolina.


Tran doesn’t want to see it anymore.

“When I see a Confederate statue in downtown Durham, or really anywhere, it fills me with a lot of rage and frustration,” she said.

Organizers say tonight’s protest is a reaction to the events in Charlottesville this past weekend.

“People can be mobilized and people are angry and when enough people are angry, we don’t have to look to politicians to sit around in air conditions and do nothing when we can do things ourselves,” said Takiyah Thompson, a protester.

The statue is on county property.

In an email to CBS North Carolina, Durham County spokeswoman Dawn Dudley says:

“Due to a North Carolina state law passed a few years ago, Durham County is prohibited from removing or making substantive alteration to historical monuments and memorials. I share this to say that there is a statute in place making the efforts you mention below difficult to move forward. I would assume that the only thing possible are steps to reverse the law.”

This statue has been the center of controversy before after graffiti was spray painted on it a few years ago.

The group that met Monday say their purpose is to “smash white supremacy.”

7 comments on “Anti-Liberty Leftist Tyrants Tear Down CSA Statue
  1. Is it possible that the riots have a deeper purpose to cause civil unrest in an effort to topple Trump and our government at large? Are paid protestors involved and do they move from one protest to another? This situation is so insane that it has to be an organized effort. But perhaps people are that ignorant and this country is truly on a downhill slide to a constitutional crisis of major proportions.

  2. Marxists, that’s exactly what they do.

    Tax payer dollars. You don’t have the right to destroy government or private property. Another mark of Marxists.

    Marxists always rewriting or erasing history. How do we learn for the past if you destroy history?

    Inside every liberal is a tyrant screaming to get out.

  3. Perhaps this creature would feel better in a country more to her liking, say Vietnam? Deport her and her ilk.

    I am ashamed to be part of a society that has no law or respect. Did not one of these fine officers of the law feel compelled to protect a monument to the fallen?

    How far have we fallen.

  4. Watch out, watch out! When you attack these monuments, it is akin to desecrating the graves of our families. After the PC crazies destroy all vestiges of our Southern heritage they will turn their attention to other “disagreeable objects” of our nations history.
    The Alamo, the monuments to our Revolutionary War Veterans, the Marine Corp Monument, the TOMBS OF THE UNKNOWN SOLDIERS.
    Where will it stop? The politicans will stand by and do nothing, law enforcement is turning a blind eye, most people sit at home wringing their hands afraid to speak out. The crazy Neo-Nazis and the Klan do not speak for the 99% of the Southerners who have and are becoming enraged at what BLM and the Anti-Fa groups are doing.
    A cold, dark cloud is brewing over our country, CIVIL WAR II. These people who have never experienced war have no idea of the horrors that come along with war.
    Be getting ready, it will come like a thunder clap in the night!
    “All it takes for evil to exist is for good men to do nothing”.

    • Where the police in Durham, Hank, when these Marxists tore down the CSA statue tonight? I believe we’re headed to Civil War II.

  5. Would police and politicians behaved the same way if protesters tore down a statue of Dr. Martin Luther King?

    The answer to that question shows the divide in this nation. A crisis is coming, the murder in Virginia may only be the first.

    Americans are beginning to see the choices left to them in reclaiming America.

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