An Open Letter to the Antifa

By Ray Starmann

Dear Members of the Antifa,

You’ve had quite a run in the last year, haven’t you? You’ve assaulted hundreds of Trump supporters at rallies, vandalized property in the nation’s capital and gone on an arson rampage because you were upset Milo was going to speak.

In Charlottesville, you arrived on the scene, prepared to commit violence yourselves. Instead, your sick plans were superseded by the monstrous behavior of people as lunatic as you are. The only difference being that the extreme right doesn’t have two cable news networks working as agit-prop wings for them every day, like you do.

Last Sunday, in Berkeley, your operational headquarters and a nest of Marxist vipers if there ever was one, you went on another violent rampage, attacking innocent conservative men and women, who were holding a peaceful rally.

That’s your modus operandi, intimidation of anyone you deem your enemy through organized violence.

If there’s anything you Antifa members hate it’s free speech and the Bill of Rights isn’t it?

Let’s be honest you really just hate America don’t you?

Under the guise of fighting right wing, so-called white nationalists, neo-Nazis, run-of-the-mill Trump supporters and anyone who hasn’t swallowed the Marx-Engels cyanide pill like you; you suppress free speech at every opportunity while assaulting innocent bystanders and destroying public property.

Like the Nazi members of the Reichstag in 1933, you come not for debate, but to end debate.

You so called Anti-Fascists are really nothing more than communists yourselves, aren’t you? I’m sure it’s no coincidence that your banner resembles the German Communist Party flag from the 1920’s.

No doubt you believe that you’re on a roll and that through continued Soros financing, further assault and intimidation you’ll be able to change the political climate and remake America into Moscow on the Mississippi.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Here’s what’s going to happen:

Your group is going to be destroyed; either by law enforcement, or by average Americans, or by both.

At the end of the day, ‘the Antifa’ will be piled on the ash heap of history, with a myriad of other thug, authoritarian movements and tyrants from the past: the Redcoats, the Nazis, the Soviet Evil Empire: George III, Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Honecker and Castro.

You’ve had a field day picking on college millennials, unarmed reporters, cold cocking Trump supporters with rocks and dry-gulching conservative women with pepper spray, as local police forces look on like helpless fools, under orders from liberal mayors who support ‘the resistance.’

Newsflash for you…

You haven’t actually met the real resistance yet, but with your determination for violence and bloodshed you probably will.

The real resistance consists of millions of veterans, patriots and hard-working Americans who are sick and tired of Antifa violence and suppression of free speech. The real resistance consists of millions of Americans who would rather die than let the Bill of Rights be trampled on and incinerated by domestic terrorists like you. The real resistance is heavily armed and if the circumstances call for it, will exercise their Second Amendment rights to restore law and order and to protect our Constitution.

Of course you could just stop being violent, stop suppressing free speech, go home and we could all live peacefully as free men and women in the greatest country on earth.

But, history has taught us that you’re not going to stop are you. Therefore, you might want to heed the words of the Bible, and Matthew, ‘Those who live by the sword, die by the sword.”

You might want to put down your copy of Rules for Radicals, take off your bug eyed goggles and your masks and let that one sink into your craniums.

Ray Starmann

Editor in Chief, US Defense Watch



11 comments to “An Open Letter to the Antifa”
  1. The worm is turning on these people, when Pelosi is calling they out before Ryan it really makes you wonder. Antifa is scum they should cut their losses, but they will not, and should not be able to quit they have crossed a line. What I have seen them do over the last two years shows them to be terrorists and they should be treated as such, any black bloc should be found and charged with felonies. If law enforcement and dem mayors aid and abet them they should be charged under rico. I hope it’s peaceful but if not these people need to be stopped by legal self defense measures.

  2. GOD BLESS YOU RAY STARMANN! us Trump supporters are tired of living in fear every time we want to exercise our free speech! and God Bless all you Vets and soldiers too!

    • Does exercising your free speech rights including marching through Charlottesville beating up black people, intimidating worshipers at a synagogue, or screaming “Heil Hitler”?

      • Antifa and the KKK are actually twins, only with different colored hoods; both are cowards. Antifa’s claim is to be anti-fascist when, in fact, these progressive fascists are exactly what they claim they are not.

        • They are not twins. Antifa is not beating up people because of the color of their skin, they aren’t defending fascist ideologies and symbols (perhaps you remember why the US fought WW II), they aren’t demonizing Jews. They are fighting back against the Nazis and KKK. Why are you so against them? And against BLM, which is also dedicated to fighting racism and protecting the innocent? Perhaps you side with the Nazis and the KKK.

    • I am one of many veterans Ray Starmann refers to in his Open Letter to Antifa and he is absolutely correct! I am sick and tired of the violence of Antifa and alt-left encouraging ‘resistance’ while never stating ‘peaceful’ before it. Identity politics is going to backfire on those who promote it. Identity politics assumes the American people are dumb-which we are NOT. My message to Antifa: The wheat from the chaff is going to get separated very soon.

  3. They met the real resistance – the news networks just weren’t interested in covering the Pikeville, KY rally. Pretty sure all those guys on the roofs in town weren’t there to support the KKK rally, but they also weren’t gonna let antifa/blm burn their town. Funny how everyone list interest and decided to leave town after about an hour…..

  4. When I enlisted in the USAF (1966) I took an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. When I received my honorable discharge there was nothing there indicating that I have rescinded my oath . . . . I stand prepared to again defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC!

  5. One hundred percent behind you sir. They are nothing but cowards and bully’s who prey on the weak. I am neither and will stand ready for the day they come to my home town.

    • I don’t have the impression that the Nazis and other white supremacists marching in Charlottesville fall into the category of “the weak.” (Also, learn how to spell the plural of bully.)

  6. Kudos, Sir, for speaking truth, which is exactly what Antifa wants to suppress or oppress by any means necessary, but In the end, they will learn the hard way that the truth will always stand and the truth will always be revealed.

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