A Tear for America

By Joe Ragonese

Today my heart broke.  My wife, PJ, and I were discussing recent events, and the brouhaha about Confederate statues, when, as she explained her feelings on the matter, her voice cracked and a single tear rolled down her cheek.  That tear spoke volumes about the state of our nation, and is a harbinger of bad things to come; very bad things.

To understand just how bad the state of our nation is in, you need to know a little about PJ.  She is a patriot who was raised to love this country.  Her father fought and was wounded in World War II, in the Pacific, a paratrooper with the 11th Airborne Division.  Her mother was a nurse, who met her father as he healed from those wounds.  PJ is also a lifelong Democrat who calls herself a liberal.

She protested the Vietnam War, not from a position of pro-communism, rather as a patriot who truly believed that the war was being fought badly and the troops were mere cannon fodder sent not to win, but only to fight.  It is a position that I, as a Vietnam veteran, fully agree with; although I did not agree with the protest movement, which was usurped by communists to destabilize America.  The war in Vietnam was badly begun, handled and fought, with no intention of winning.

Her Democrat roots go back to her youth, not only were her parents solid Democrats, her father was a Business Agent for one of the largest unions in Detroit, Michigan.  She vividly remembers anti-union thugs targeting their house attempting to intimidate her father.  It solidified her beliefs in the Democratic Party.

Although from Michigan, her roots are solidly in the South.  Her mother’s side of the family was from Georgia, where they visited often, and her father’s side was from the Ozark’s of Missouri.  That southern heritage was replete with family who fought on the Confederate side during the Civil War.  There is within her a pride in that heritage that has nothing to do with the institution of slavery.  None of her family, although farmers, and ranchers, owned slaves and she was appalled by the thought of slavery.

As a liberal, she fully believes that everyone is equal, no race or religion better than any other, and whoever one chooses as their partner in their bedroom that is their choice; typical liberal philosophy, with no hesitation as to individual rights.  PJ has never voted Republican; until Donald Trump.

She has owned her own businesses, and today she and I own two together.  She has great business sense and ability.  PJ understands that what is good for business is good for America; which is the reason she could not vote for Hillary.  Although she is not completely happy with President Trump, she knows he is better for this country than anyone in the Democratic Party today.

Her entire belief system has been badly torn apart by the antics of the far left over the past few months.  As hard as she tried, there was no way to accept their bad behavior.  And then came the riots in Charlottesville, Virginia, and its aftermath.  There was no reason to confront the white supremacists in her opinion.  As a liberal, she fully supports free speech, even if it is appalling to her.  Those rights granted in the U.S. Constitution are not suggestions, but hard facts that separate this country from any other in the world.

It is what makes this country special and greater than all the rest.  A part of that greatness is our nation’s history.  Those Confederate statues represent a part of our unique history.  While she sees the mistakes made along the way, America is a nation where greatness is rewarded and sloth forgiven.

PJ now understands that the destruction of Confederate statues is only the beginning, and it is as obvious to her as is the wickedness of the act.   Yesterday in Chicago someone destroyed a statue of Abraham Lincoln.  He was the great emancipator, savior of our union, and the best hope for this nation’s future; yet, some out of control leftist destroyed his likeness.  There is no end to the destruction of our glorious history in sight, only more purging of America.

The desecration of that statue was the straw that broke the camel’s back for her.  It showed that there is nothing worthy of the cause that these vandals are taking.  It isn’t about Confederates, rather about America.  They want nothing good to come from their acts of domestic terrorism; they only want to see this country destroyed.  That realization struck her as we discussed the events.  Frustration led to that tear rolling down her cheek.

That tear, torn from her heart, represents a giant step.  It is the realization that nothing good is happening, and that only bad things are going to come from these events.  She; however, is not the only one to finally realize that what is happening is bad and irreversible.

All across America good men and women, who try as hard as they can to accept the left’s point of view, are coming to the realization that the heart and soul of America is at risk.  PJ did not articulate what she feels the future holds, but I will be so bold as to suggest that her tear represents the fact that America is now in a full blown Constitutional crisis.

How that crisis will end is yet to be known, but the violence from the left was answered in Charlottesville last Saturday, and I do not think it will be the last blood spilled before this Constitutional crisis is resolved.

There has been unanswered violence from the left for well over a year; at Trump rallies, political events, on college campuses, even at a baseball practice in Washington D.C.  Up until Charlottesville, all the blood spilled has been by the left.  That is about to change, the mood of this nation at the breaking point.

Are we now in a second Civil War?  Yes we are, there are two sides firmly aligned against each other; one, the left is very violent, and the other, real Americans, are at the cusp of self-defense.  Neither side is ready to capitulate to the other.  How it will be resolved is yet to be known, but nothing good will come from it.

Today PJ shed a tear for America, soon, I fear, many more will fall.


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2 comments to “A Tear for America”
  1. “All the blood spilled has been by the left.” This is an absurd sentence. You forget Jason Eugene “Gunny” Bush, Albert Robert Gaxiola, Scott Roeder, James von Brunn, David “Joey” Pedersen and his girlfriend, Isaac Aguigui, Jake England and Alvin Watts, and the dozens of others arrested in the last 10 years for murder and mayhem for right-wing causes. These people’s ideology reached a murderous frenzy, several citing inspiration from Alex Jones. I won’t defend left-wing agitators, but comparing them to these right-wing murderers is false equivalency. Bats and teargas are a far cry from stockpiling guns and bombs and actually using them. And ignoring the existence of home grown right-wing terrorism is a mistake, especially for a site titled “US Defense Watch.”


    I respect many of your articles, but you lost a lot of credibility posting a statement like that.

  2. Jude,
    You go back over 10 years with your false equivalence, the article specifies “over the past year or more,” but ok, we will look at history, the last half of the 20th Century.

    98% of all mayhem, with bombs, guns and fire has been committed by the left. People like Bill Ayers, Beradine Dohrn, Lynnette Fromme, Lee Harvey Oswald…and the list goes on. The left tries, in vain, to point to the few whacked out right incidents as being worse than the left’s own much larger history of violence and mayhem.

    Learn the truth before criticizing the next time. Your statement is way off the mark. The truth is a conservative ‘s best defense and the left’s worst nightmare.

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