When Democrats Act Badly

By Joe Ragonese

The Republican was elected President of the United States, over the vehement objections of Democrats.  In fact, they objected so much that several states seceded from the union.  The President was Abraham Lincoln, and the year was 1860; not to be mistaken for 2016 when President Trump was elected and California wants to secede.

Democrats refused to acknowledge President Lincoln’s legitimacy as the elected president because he did not receive a majority of the popular vote.  (Not my President.)  Most southern states refused to vote for him, voting instead for their local candidates; and some did not place his name on the ballot.

President Lincoln was so hated by Democrats that they started a rebellion over it.  The press, that portion of it who sided with the Democrats, attacked President Lincoln’s ability to lead, even his sanity.  Every bill and every attempt he made to resolve the secession problem was met with vitriolic hatred and contempt.  Sound familiar?

Newspapers published lithographs of him being hung as a traitor, (not to be mistaken for Kathy Griffin holding up President Trump’s severed head) some were so vile that the President ordered them shut down as treasonous in their support for the South.  In fact, President Lincoln was attacked so much by Democrats, even northern congressmen from states that did not secede, that he had one arrested and deported to the South.

In defense of his actions, President Lincoln said that he would not allow the constitution to be used to destroy it, after it was pointed out that he could not shut down newspapers and deport loud mouth Democrats to the South.

When Democrats act badly, they go overboard.  The attacks against President Lincoln continued throughout his presidency, in fact the remainder of his life.  In the same vein, President Trump will continue to face an ongoing barrage of attacks for the remainder of his term(s) in office.

This bad behavior by Democrats is not going away until action is taken to stop them.  President Lincoln, today praised as one of the best Presidents in our history, learned that lesson the hard way.  He tried to be reasonable and fair, in the end it cost him his life.  Democrat and actor, John Wilkes Booth, killed him because he was in a funk over losing the Civil War.

Much like the funk that today’s Democrats and actors are in.  After President Lincoln was assassinated, Democrats’ bad behavior only changed from overt rebellion, to covert rebellion.  When the Civil War ended, southern Democrats went on a rampage of killing blacks, now free and not under their old master’s control, and sedition against the federal government.

When a southern white man killed a black man, the local authorities ignored it.  Democrats always think that they are above the law.  And, until they are held to the same standards as Republicans, they will continue to act out in the same horrible ways.  It is as true today as it was in 1865.

Democrats controlled the South after the Civil War ended, and made laws that forbad freed slaves from voting, and enacted the first gun control laws ever in America, forbidding blacks from owning firearms.  That period in our history that we call Reconstruction, is actually a period when the South conducted guerrilla warfare against the United States.

Their guerrilla armies were the Ku Klux Klan, led by ex-Confederate General, Bedford Forrest, the man who massacred black U.S. soldiers at Fort Pillow, and armed insurgents who were nothing but criminals, like the James gang.  Throughout Reconstruction, American soldiers continued to die, alongside southern blacks.  That warfare continued, at some level, until federal law enforcement was able to shut them down.  Local Democratic authorities had no intention of stopping the chaos against Republican rule.

To quell the anarchy, the U.S. Army went into southern towns and forced Democrats to behave as civilized citizens, holding them accountable for their bad behavior.  Just as today we see Democrats attacking Trump supporters and Republicans, even their own who believe in free speech, while Democrat mayors and college administrators prohibit law enforcement from taking action; we once again need federal intervention.

Remarkably, the remnants of that guerrilla warfare lasted until laws were passed, over the objections of Democrats, in 1964 and 1965, a hundred years after the Civil War ended; the Civil Right Acts.  “Jim Crow” laws, the last of which were shut down by Republican legislators in the early 1960s, were the final acts of rebellion by Democrats, until confronted with President Trump.

Democrats do not like what’s happening today referred to as a civil war; however, it is.  It is no different than the underground civil war fought by the Ku Klux Klan and common outlaws like Jesse James during the Reconstruction era.  Today’s Ku Klux Klan is Black Lives Matter, and today’s common outlaws are those who disrupt free speech across the nation, and belong to Democrat organizations like Americans United for Change and Democracy Partners; whose funding comes from George Soros.

Dark operatives, encouraged by Democrats at every level, going up as far up as ex-President Obama and ex-Attorney General Lynch, are deeply embedded in the governmental bureaucracy and are giving away state secrets to hurt this President, their crimes are no less heinous than Jesse James’ gang.  In fact, giving secrets to the press is worse than robbing a train or bank, because those state secrets have an effect on all Americans.

Our national security is harmed with each leaked classified document.  Each attack on this president is an attack on all Americans.  It emboldens our enemies, weakens our friends, and endangers our military security.  This bad behavior by Democrats will not go away easily, nor will it go away if left alone.  It will last another hundred years if allowed.

Democrats do not like America.  Not now, not after the Civil War, not during Reconstruction, not during the 1960s when they capriciously bombed cities across the nation while robbing banks, and they never did.  The Democrat Party wants to destroy America and will go to any length to do so.  If you believe that your mother and father’s Democrat party was different, look to their behavior in the past and judge for yourself.

President Franklin Roosevelt, a hero to many Democrats, was the father of the progressive movement and the first to lead us into socialist / communist practices.  Many loved him because he gave us Social Security, while instituting socialist policies that kept us in a constant state of fiscal depression for over 10 years.

While all of Europe pulled themselves out of the Great Depression, America remained in it due to Roosevelt’s socialist policies.  Only the start of World War II pulled America out of the Great Depression.  It is interesting to note that Obama also kept us in fiscal recession his entire eight years in office with his socialist policies; while President Trump has already begun turning around the worst economy since the Great Depression by lifting Obama’s Draconian regulations.  Had either Roosevelt or Obama done nothing the economy would have rebounded on its own.  Their socialist policies only lengthened the suffering of Americans.

Truman gave us the Korean War, the first war ever fought with no path toward victory.  Kennedy gave us Johnson, who led us into Vietnam, a war with victory never desired.  His socialist policies led to Medicare and Medicaid, both socialist policies that only hurt Americans and slowed down the economy, until President Nixon had to take drastic measures to revitalize it.

Carter was a loser who gave us long lines waiting for gas and almost destroyed our economy with his communist ideology. He also let off fellow Democrats who refused to be drafted during the Vietnam war.  Does anyone think that not holding Democrats accountable for their bad behavior is a good thing for America?  Let’s not forget that he gave away the Panama Canal, our national security relies on it, and allowed Iran to change from a true American ally into one of our worst enemies.

Clinton did nothing good for America.  While most only remember Monica Lewinsky and his peccadilloes, he harmed more than anyone until Obama.  His attention riveted on women, he refused to protect America from the rising Islamic terror targeted at us, a path that lead directly to the attacks on 9/11/2001.  If that was his worst sin, it might be forgiven; however, most forget that he sold American technology to China, for cash contributions to his Presidential Library fund, which ended up in his pocket.  That technology led directly to the Chinese military building modern space and warfighting equipment that we now face.

We know about Obama.

That is the legacy of your mother and father’s Democratic Party.  Was any of that helpful for America?  Did Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton, or Obama do anything to enhance America or its world standing?  Did any Democrat since the Civil War do anything to benefit Americans?

The time has come for the Trump administration to foster new laws that prohibit the press from knowingly publishing state secrets, and holding journalists accountable for accepting stolen governmental documents.  Accountability is the key to keeping Democrats in line.  They must be accountable for their bad behavior.

At the same time we need to enforce the laws on the books equally for Democrats and Republicans.  No more allowing cities’ mayors or states governors to encourage illegal immigration or fraudulent voting.  No more allowing those same Democratic politicians to keep the police at bay while rioters, looters and miscreants hold conservatives hostage or openly violate the law.

Insert federal marshals or homeland security officers and enforce the law.  Only by maintaining law and order will this nation rise to greatness once again.  If local Democrats refuse to equally enforce the laws of the land, the federal government must be used, just as was done to insure African-Americans the same rights as the rest of Americans when southern Democrats selectively enforced the law.

We must take back America from the pernicious Democratic Party, before it is too late.  Isn’t that the reason we voted for President Trump in the first place?

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  1. The weapons of Marxists Social Justice warriors are shame and violence. They can’t compete in the market of free ideas. So they try to shut you up first with shame then violence.

  2. Unfortunately Lincoln did everything in his power to insure a war would result when the South left the union. A more perfect tyrant would be difficult to find and Lincoln did everything he could to fill the role.

    I see no similarities between Lincoln and Trump or the situations confronting them.

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