US, India and Japan begin biggest joint naval drills in 25 years

Daily Mail

  • The US, India and Japan took part in the annual naval drills off the coast of India 
  • The exercise, known as Malabar, is said to be a show of strength against China 
  • This year’s drills are the largest since America and India launched them in 1992 
  • All three countries involved are concerned at China’s claims to South China Sea

A US aircraft carrier group has begun a massive naval exercise with India and Japan which is seen to be a show of strength against the rising might of China.

The US navy said the annual drills named Malabar, held off the Indian coast, would help the three countries tackle maritime threats in the Asia-Pacific region.

They are the largest since India and the United States launched the exercise in 1992.

Military officials say the drills involving America’s USS Nimitz, India’s Vikramaditya and Japan’s biggest warship, the helicopter carrier Izumo, are aimed at helping to maintain a balance of power with China.

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