The Shaming of White America

By Joe Ragonese

Every day some leftist or MSM publication publishes an article decrying how white Americans are ruining the American dream, and destroying progress.  They state that no one should listen to white people because of something done by whites in the past.  A recent article in the New York Times, written by a black man, had the audacity to criticize white women because they did not defer to him when walking on the sidewalks of New York.  He tried to shame white women because by not getting out of his way, they were racist.

White people elected President Trump; therefore, you have proof that they are bad for this nation.  Day in and day out, stories run about the shameful behavior of white people in America.  The shaming of white Americans is as never ending as is the ‘Trump is not my President rant.’  Do not feel shamed because of your whiteness, but embrace it, because without white Europeans, civilization would not exist.  The truth is that America would not exist without white people.

The MSM would have us believe that we are the minority in America, or will be soon.  The fact is that 77% percent of the population of America is of white European descent.  According to the MSM, whites in America are the cause of all the problems facing this nation.  To them we are some homogenous group that attack blacks, women (all colors), Muslims, atheists, and gays capriciously.

They even lie about how many of us there are, some saying that only 72 or 73% are white, while some go as far as to say 63% are white.  Those numbers are false; because, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2016 estimate, 76.8% of Americans are white (only).  That number is up from the 2010 Census report (Obama report) that stated 72.4% were white.

In either case, whites are the vast majority of American’s citizenry.  That is the problem that the left is trying overcome, and why they favor open borders so vehemently.  In order to control the population, Democrats try to divide us, so that they can control the smaller groups.  It worked well until technology destroyed their monopoly on distribution of information.  First it was those pesky conservative talk radio types, mostly white and mostly men, who told the truth and destroyed their dirty little lies.

If that wasn’t bad enough, along came the Internet and an information explosion erupted across the world.  No longer could progressives get away with their lies.  They try even now but that pesky thing called truth keeps on haunting them.  Like the lie that whites, especially white men, are the major problem with America.  The world would not be recognizable without white men.

White European men created civilization, communications (the written word), science, health, medicine, art, music, and poetry.  No other civilization has ever matched it.  Do not fall for the fantasy the left spins about societies like China being equal or superior.  China did, at one time innovate a great deal, until they built a wall to separate themselves from the rest of the world; and then they simply stopped progressing in any area for 1000 years, until Western civilization again made them move forward.

After white European men accomplished what no other group could, they began exploring the world, known and unknown; which led them to the Americas.  By the way, the Americas are named for a white European man, Amerigo Vespucci, an early explorer and map maker.

When Europeans colonized the Americas, those who landed in North America improved on the shortcomings of European civilization when developing this new land.  That is not to underestimate the impact of white women, who stood alongside those early founders of this nation.  In fact, the civility of this nation can be directly attributed to those women; all white.  While men fought for our independence, most women raised the next generation, civilizing them and instilling the lessons of God, honor, and mom’s apple pie.  Together they created what was to be known as the American Dream.

This history of white accomplishment is hidden by the left through a false narrative that begins with a revised history of the world.  The MSM is attacking us with a past that never existed; namely that Muslims had an age of reason, comparable to Western Europe’s Renaissance and Age of Enlightenment.  They proudly point out that Muslims were mathematicians who invented the zero.

Yes, they did invent the zero, a vast improvement on Roman numerals, and the Arabic numeral system is still used today, but what did they accomplish with this new numbering system?  Roman engineers, with their archaic numbers built roads, cities, forts, bridges, aqueducts and coliseums, structures that are still standing today.  They invented cement and weapons of war that no one else had ever dreamed possible.  Remind me; what are the great roads, bridges, aqueducts, structures and buildings built by Muslims, utilizing their new numeric system?  What were the innovative inventions they designed?

Then there is the fabrication of Muslim coexistence during their rule of the Iberian Peninsula and Eastern Europe.  The left loves to make statements along the line that when Muslim’s ruled, there was this Kumbaya period where Christians, Jews and Muslims lived harmoniously together, like one big happy family.  It never happened.

When Islamists conquer a territory, they force Jews and Christians to fully submit to their will, calling it their god’s will, and in order to live, and not be executed or sold into slavery, they were forced pay exorbitant taxes.

Non-Christian and non-Jews were killed or sold into slavery, as were those who didn’t constantly pay their taxes.  In order to fund their lifestyles, emirs raided further and further into non-conquered Europe, killing, raping, looting and enslaving captives.  It was not some peaceful time of coexistence; which is why it is called the dark ages.

There is another fabricated history being bandied about by the left; that black sub-Saharan tribesmen contributed to civilization just like white Europeans did.  Again, that never happened, and even the left has a hard time explaining this lie.  History shows that sub-Saharan Africans lived in the Stone Age until white explorers traveled to sub-Saharan destinations and introduced them to the Iron Age.  Their society was so backward that they completely missed the Bronze Age, and few tribes, if any, cultivated the majority of their crops.

If Sub-Saharan Africa is equal to Europe, please point out the Plato, Socrates, Cicero and other great philosophers of ancient times among their numbers.  These are the great thinkers of antiquity who introduced democracy, medicine, ethics, science, government, and reason to the world.

Nothing like that ever happened in Africa, Arabia, or Asia.  While Europe was experimenting with different forms of governance, inventing new medicines, learning about the stars and natural sciences, sub-Saharan Africa was still divided into tribes that killed each other because they were from a different tribe.  Oh yeah, that is still happening there.

Somehow, white people in America are supposed to be ashamed of being white, ashamed of our heritage of progress, ashamed of everything that our ancestors have accomplished, because blacks and progressive racists want to control our destiny.  They want us to submit to their will, just as Muslims wish us to submit to them.

We are supposed to be ashamed of our heritage because they don’t like the idea that we built the world into a civilized and reasoned system of nations.  There were some mistakes made along the way, leading to tyrants controlling the populations; so reasonable people left for a better life, and came to America to do it right.  That is exactly what they did, creating the greatest nation the world has ever known.

Our founding fathers, wise in the works of the great philosophers, formed a republic on democratic principles, where the majority ruled, but did not control.  In their wisdom, small rural areas would have an equal say in their destiny as did large metropolitan cities; where individual rights were paramount, but not to the point of controlling the majority.  It is why we became exceptional, and the greatest nation on earth.

Our founding fathers were of European heritage, and they could see a nation of greatness if we didn’t let it slip away from us.  They were all white and shamelessly proud of this nation.  While other races and nationalities have, and continue to contribute to the greatness of this country, it was white people who founded it, formed it, shaped it, and transformed it into greatness.

We built it, we fought for it, we improved it, and we dignified it.  When others tried to take it away from us, we died to keep it safe.  When some denied freedom to slaves, hundreds of thousands of white people died so they, too, could share in our freedom and liberty, because, all men are created equal.  And yes, white people were the deciding factor in President Trump’s election to office; done when the tyranny of the left all but destroyed us.

White people made all that happen.  Those who try to shame us into forgetting what white people have done throughout our civilization; especially in America, are hate mongers whose only desire is the destruction of America.

Be proud of being white in America, because if it wasn’t for white peoples’ accomplishments, the world today would look very much like Mogadishu, Somalia.  A failed city, in a failed nation, where war lords rule and life is meaningless.

That is what today’s Democratic Party offers the American people. They wish to shame us with their twisted identity politics and their warped goal, the Balkanization of America.

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