The Democrats’ Perilous Path – Suppressing the Truth has Consequences

By Joe Ragonese

The news is bad, all bad, and it is that way every day; at least since the Democrat party lost power.  News organizations bombard us with stories trying to bolster the alt-left’s point of view, while Democrat operatives seek to suppress the truth in other nefarious ways.  From Antifa hoodlums, dark Democrat operatives, to fake news reports, it is a conspiracy larger than any novelist could have invented, yet it is happening before our very eyes.

There is a price to be paid for this behavior, and the left is about to find its cost.  This behavior includes: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Judge Jeffery Minehart suing two filmmakers in an attempt to delay the distribution of a movie, based on the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, the abortion doctor who killed hundreds of babies after late term abortions, by cutting their spines with scissors, if they survived the procedure.  Minehart was the presiding judge in that trial and is, according to FOX News, portrayed as a “hack” judge.

Democracy Partners, the Midwest Democratic National Committee’s organizing arm, is suing Project Veritas Director, James O’Keefe, for publishing video of two of their operatives, Scott Foval and Robert Creamer, in different boasts about paying demonstrators to disrupt a Trump rally in Chicago, as well as paying illegal immigrants to cross state lines to illegally vote for Democrats.

Sandra Merritt and David Daleiden were charged in California, with 15 felonies, eight months after similar charges were dropped in Texas, for producing videos of Planned Parenthood illegally selling baby parts after conducting abortions.  These charges are pending, and were filed after California authorities raided Daleiden’s house and seized video, computers, and personal information.

Ann Coulter is denied permission to speak at UC Berkeley because her message does not conform to that of the university.  Berkeley Chancellor, Nicholas Dirks, stated that they feared for her safety if she spoke.  This came in the wake of a violent protest, which included masked thugs attacking conservatives and destroying property, when gay conservative, Milo Yiannopoulos tried to speak on campus.

The Supreme Court agreed to hear the case of a Colorado baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple’s wedding.  Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, has received death threats against him, his family, and his employees over the case.  This case has risen to the Supreme Court after every level of court in Democrat-controlled Colorado found against Phillips.  He was not even allowed to state his religious principals in his defense.  In Colorado, Oregon, Washington and other states, gays have rights that Christians and Jews do not.

There are more examples, but the goal of the left is clear, to silence conservatives at every level.  Progressives do not obey the Constitution; in fact, they despise it because it is in opposition to their belief system.  The First Amendment is under attack, aided by a main stream media (MSM) that is in lock step with the alt-left.

The First Amendment deals with those rights that we Americans possess by being born in this nation.  The right to freely speak our thoughts, the right to peacefully gather, the right to a free press, and the right to freely exercise our religion, are all parts of that amendment; and all are under attack.  If these rights can be usurped, then America will no longer exist.  That is the goal of progressives.

In order to accomplish that goal, a total black out on conservative ideas is being attempted, and aided by the MSM.  That the media, in general, does not stand up for the First Amendment, speaks volumes about the state of America today.   That state is chaos, exactly where the left wants it.

Our founding fathers knew how important the right to publish our thoughts was. After all, words started the revolution for our independence, and words can just as easily shut down progressives.  The alt-left knows that, but wants it both ways; they want to spew their venom, while silencing conservatives.  They understand the value of words; in fact they try to weaponize them.

That is why Democrat, John Chisholm, who was Milwaukee County, Wisconsin District Attorney raided houses of Republicans who supported Governor Scott Walker.  In a concocted scheme to usurp the will of the voters, he began a reign of terror against any prominent Republican in Milwaukee.  This occurred in 2015, well before Trump became a viable Presidential candidate.  The attempt to silence conservatives started when the left began losing elections.

It is also why President Obama, and all of his administration, including the FBI, CIA, NSA, and all other agencies under his control, illegally surveilled candidate Trump and anyone associated with him.  It is why they spread lies and disinformation about him at a level never before seen, even by Democrats.

It is the knowledge that truth can kill progressive ideology, that makes the left try, by any means possible, legal, illegal, immoral or outrageous, to stop the free flow of information.  Information is a powerful tool.  The proof is that even with all the disinformation decimated by a large majority of the MSM, the Democrat Party, through social media, and by all other sources combined, they were unable to elect Hillary Clinton President.

Thanks to a small and dedicated group of journalists in the alternate media, all of that disinformation to the American people was countered by the truth.  The alternate press, such as websites like US Defense Watch, Breitbart, Sean Hannity on Fox News and radio shows like Rush Limbaugh and others, were the counter to the vast majority of the MSM during the last Presidential campaign.  Without them President Trump would not have prevailed.  The truth can only be powerful if it is heard; that is why the campaign to silence conservatives is being waged with such ferocity.

All of the suits, false charges and all the other tactics used by progressives to silence the truth is proof of its effectiveness.  Every attempt to silence conservative thought has had an opposite effect on most of us.  Yet, they still try to usurp the constitution.  Our founding fathers knew that a time would come when this would happen; it is why the Bill of Rights was written.

The Constitution; however, can only work if we do our part to protect it.  Not by force of arms, rather by going to the ballot box and electing representatives that share our common goals, as we did when electing President Trump.  But our job is sadly not complete yet.  It is a never ending process.

We are living in perilous times, because we were too tolerant and too complacent, for far too long.  During the election of President Trump, we thought that we had gone through the toughest time in our history as a nation, except for the Civil War.  That proved not to be the case.

On November 7th we woke up to the intolerant left rioting in the streets.  Since then, everything has gone downhill, because of the left’s tactics of intimidation, harassment and obfuscation of the truth.  They decry fake news, attributing it to conservative outlets, when in fact they are the ones who spew out the fake news, like the recent false CNN story of supposed links between Trump ally Anthony Scaramucci and a Russian investment fund; followed several days later when Jake Tapper broadcast an Esquire cover showing an article about Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi, one that was never published.

The Associated Press, one of the oldest news services, followed next, with a completely false story of an invented meeting between EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt and Dow Chemical CEO, Andrew Liveris, culminating with an impropriety of some type.  None of which happened.  This is followed by story after story citing anonymous sources.  All of them, appear to be false.

The left has taken a perilous path in its attempt to suppress the truth; the consequences of which have already hurt them.  At the rate of failure the left has sustained, the path they have chosen will lead to a total collapse of the Democrat party, and the reorganization of the MSM.  They cannot see it coming, but it is already happening, through loss of trust in the MSM, and loss of elected seats for Democrats.

The left’s demise is truly a wonder to watch.

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  1. Very well written. It’s important to note that gen years ago MSM was owned by 150 different companies, now by only six. This is how the fake news is spewed in concert.

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