Jihadists Among Gendarmes: French Police, Army Rocked By Scores of Infiltrators

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For years, militant Islamists have been trying to infiltrate France’s military and law enforcement, and have had some success, Claude Tchicaya of the Institut de Prospective et Sécurité en Europe told Sputnik.

The French authorities have identified scores of Islamic extremists who have infiltrated the French army, police and gendarmerie in recent years, according to reports.

There have been about a dozen cases of radicalization in the gendarmerie national, France’s military police, gendarmerie chief of staff Richard Lizurey said in September.

Last year, a report by the French National Assembly’s Committee on National Defense and Armed Forces noted that approximately 50 cases of Islamist extremism had been discovered in the French army and recommended greater vigilance when recruiting soldiers.

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