General Milley Warns Time is Running out with North Korea


Soon after North Korea launched another ICBM into the Sea of Japan, the Union Of Concerned Scientists put out the ‘range chart’ seen below which proves the North Korean dictators recent warnings that nearly all of the United States is now within the reach of his deadly missiles was accurate. Reporting that North Korea could now easily hit the US West coast and a number of major midwest cities including Denver, St. Louis and Chicago, the UCS also confirmed that big East coast cities such as Washington DC, New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore could soon be in range if they aren’t already.

With Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley recently cautioning “time is running out on North Korea” as heard in the 1st video below after the North Korean leader’s most recent threats, which included ‘nuking America tomorrow’ (which he quite obviously never did), some believe that President Trump’s recent hire of General John Kelly to be his White House Chief of Staff is another possible sign that we’re heading towards war and it could come sooner than later, possibly before the end of summer according to some analysts who believe North Korea will be able to launch a reliable nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile by early 2018.

According to this recent story from VOA, General Milley also warns that North Korea’s nuclear technology is advancing much faster than anyone had anticipated. Warning his audience that “North Korea is extremely dangerous, and more dangerous as the weeks go by”, we see why the element of time is so crucial with Kim claiming this test “is meant to send a grave warning to the US” which “demonstrated the North’s ability to launch at any place and time” according to the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

In other words, if Kim wants to commit national suicide, he could launch ‘armageddon’ at any moment  Of course Kim has to know a North Korean attack upon America would bring about the end of his nation and the lives of millions of innocent and poorly treated people. Yet, experts warn, he could cause untold travesty here in America and across the planet while in the process. And whether nukes or the ‘nighmare scenario’ we see outlined in more detail below, that North Korea has teamed with ‘ISIS’ to infiltrate and attack US cities and targets from within, it’s very clear that President Trump understands the dire nature of what he faces ahead of him.


According to US DOD head James ‘Maddog’ Mattis, a US war with North Korea would be one of the most deadly anybody has ever seen in our lifetimes, possibly leaving millions dead and our planet suffering one of its greatest ever tragedies. Warning such a war would be outright ‘catastrophic’, we see why there is such hesitancy against carrying out a military strike against a country that is poised to possibly destroy us. Yet the clock is ticking as North Korea gets more dangerous every day.

And as the Telegraph reported earlier today, the recent North Korean ICBM launch has left the US on the verge of turning to a military response despite the fact that there are very few, if any, ‘good’ military options on the table.

As we reported on ANP back on July 22nd, another one of the signs we’re witnessing that war may be approaching came via the announcement that the US is urging all US citizens to depart North Korea immediately while banning other US citizens and tourists from visiting the country. It’s also been reported that the elite are clearly preparing for a ‘cataclysmic event’ and North Korean nuclear bombs raining down upon US cities would easily qualify as such an event.

With Kim also threatening to ‘take out the entire US all at once’, we’ve long warned on ANP that the only way for North Korea or any other nation to do that would be to take down our electrical grid via EMP or cyber attack. With most Americans completely dependent upon the grid for nearly every facet of their lives while the same majority is completely unprepared for any long-term power outage, it’s very easy to understand why experts such as Dr. Peter Pry warn that such a ‘grid down scenario’ could eventually lead to the deaths of 90% of Americans.

With mass deaths coming through starvation, out of control crime and untreatable diseases brought on by the complete collapse of our society and our ‘just in time’ infrastructure which is dependent upon electricity to keep the very fabric of our society sewn together, experts have warned all it would take would be one successful EMP strike to take down America.

According to this little reported May 5th story over at the Daily Star, N Korea may have teamed up with ISIS to wage war against the US. Warning that a partnership between the two would be beneficial for both, Dr. Patricia Doyle outlines for us why such a teaming could pose a nightmare scenario for the US considering years and years of wide open borders via Barack Obama and the globalists.

A shock theory has claimed the two villains could pull their resources together to create a cocktail of weapons for war against the US. The nightmare scenario could see ISIS terrorists nuke a US city with a “dirty bomb” hidden in a suitcase. 

Dr Patricia Doyle said: “We already know that Iran and North Korea have a longstanding working relationship. I wonder how much of the Iran-NK partnership is due to both countries’ hostilities with the US. “If those two get together, ISIS may be able to help North Korea with infiltrating the US and a friendship between the two could be very valuable for both ISIS and North Korea. 

“North Korea does have a spy network among the Korea community in the US. “The spy network has mostly spied on the Koreans checking for defectors from North Korea and was seeking out any Koreans who might be working with the US. “ISIS training could bring the North Koreans up to date on terrorism such as assembling and placing suitcase nukes in crowded cities in South Korea and the US.” 

While the Daily Star story goes on to report that there has been no indication that North Korea has the expertise to create a small enough nuclear weapon to fit in a suitcase, as we reported on ANP back on April 28th, they wouldn’t need a suitcase nuke to cause total havoc and open ‘pandora’s box’ in America.

As the Daily Mail reported back on December 19th of 2014, according to then recently declassified reports, we have 100% proof that North Korean terror squads set up at least 5 different commando units on US soil back in the 1990’s, prepared to attack US cities and US nuclear plants should war break out between the US and North Korea.

Between warnings of open borders here in America and attempts by the DHS to find terror suspects like finding a ‘needle in the haystack’, it’s easy to understand why ‘enemies of America within’ our country already could cause almost as much havoc and chaos as nuclear bombs coming down from the outside. As Michael Snyder reported at End Of The American Dream back on April 13th, “Where Will You Go When North Korean Sleeper Agents Unleash Biological Weapons In Major US Cities?” North Korea is well known to have one of the most dangerous bioweapons programs in the world.


In the final video below, youtube videographer ‘Amazing Prophecies’ takes a look at the recent North Korean ICBM launch from the standpoint of Biblical prophecy. Warning us that he truly believes we’re now living in ‘end times’ and he feels we’ll be seeing more and more threats from North Korea and Kim Jong Un in the days ahead, he also tells us that it feels to him that the world is poised on the edge of a mega-catastrophe of apocalyptic proportions.

Warning us that it feels like Jong Un is trying to get the US to attack him and North Korea by continually poking us by launching missiles and more insane threats, our videographer tells us he believes we’re moving towards a ‘final showdown’ that fits directly into warnings given to us long, long ago. The 2nd video below is a Fox News report on the recent ICBM launch.

And we pray that in the days ahead, God gives President Trump the strength he’ll need to lead us through this period of time where there are no easy answers while praying that He also pounds some much needed sense into the head of Kim Jong Un. What a tragedy war would be for possibly tens of millions of people in North and South Korea and around the world. From the final video.:

The world is seemingly poised on some mega catastrophe of apocalyptic proportions. Jesus warned there would be wars and rumors of wars that would plague the world in the last days. The ominous chilling signs of the times are all around us!! Everything is leading up to something big: Armageddon! The countdown to the final showdown continues at a more rapid pace.


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