Continuing Chaos in Chicago

By Joe Ragonese

The numbers are in: 102 shot, 15 dead over the Fourth of July weekend.  Not a new high, just an ongoing flow of chaos and turmoil in what was once one of the greatest cities in America.  Chicago’s Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, did not create the chaos, he simply expedited it due to his radical left ideology.

Chicago’s decline is the direct result of the power of the Democrat Party in Illinois.  Illinois, for all intents and purposes, is a one party state.  OK, the Governor is a Republican, but powerless to change anything because the Chicago Democratic Party controls the state House of Representatives and the state Senate.

Governor Bruce Rauner, an honorable businessman, is unable to change the destructive path that the state is taking toward its own demise, because the Chicago Democratic majority will not allow change.  So much so, that they haven’t had a budget in over 700 days.  This year, the Democratic Party raised taxes over 32%, and passed a budget over the governor’s veto, in spite of the fact that revenues will go down due to the high taxes, which makes Illinois the highest taxed state in the union.  The agencies that issue bond ratings are in the process of changing Illinois to junk status.  Bankruptcy looms as residents and businesses flee in droves from the overburdening Democrat policies.

While it has been known for years that Chicago was going down the path of self-destruction, on a scale with Detroit, Michigan, Chicago politicians refused to veer from that path due to partisan politics, massive corruption, and simply because they can.  Being a one party city, no one can stop them.

The big difference between Chicago and Detroit is that once one gets out of the City of Detroit, the state leaned more conservative.  That conservative bent saved the state from being taken down with the City of Detroit. Today, Detroit has a chance of redemption, thanks to Republican law makers who now control the cities purse strings.

Not so in Chicago, because Chicago controls the state.  Chicago, Cook County and the metropolitan counties surrounding Chicago, most of which are Democrat, have enough population to send more representatives to the state’s governing bodies then the rest of the state combined.  They control everything.  That total control is socialist; which the Democratic Party is today.

Besides being socialist, Chicago politics is in a league all its own when it comes to corruption.  For every dollar spent on socialist programs, two dollars goes into the pockets and purses of politicians and their friends.  That is what is meant by the ‘Chicago way.’

The most important thing to note about socialist/communist forms of government is that they gain power through others’ suffering.  The more they can divide the citizens, the more power the government gains over those same divided citizens.  That is why the Democrat Party tries so hard to divide us into black, brown, white, male, female, gay, Hispanic, Asian, Christian, Muslim, and etc.  It is by design, to obtain power over the masses.

Division among people breeds hatred.  Have you ever known a progressive that was happy?  Hatred breeds violence.  It is why Democrats are so violent, because they are filled with hate.  Just look at people who should be the happiest because they possess vast wealth, good looks, and admiring fans; entertainers, like Madonna, Merle Streep, or Ashley Judd.  Since Trump was elected President their vitriolic hatred spewed out in anti-Trump rants that embarrassed them and the nation; but they couldn’t help themselves, they are alt-leftists, who hate those who love America, and everyone else except those just like them.  That’s what the left has become, hateful, spiteful, acrimonious, self-serving anti-American thugs.  It isn’t anything new for Democrats; it goes a long way back in history.

This writer was amused when HBO personality, Bill Maher, tried to convince his audience that conservatives are the violent ones, and that the left are soft, cuddly teddy bears.

Teddy bears like John Wilkes Booth, President Abraham Lincoln’s killer, a southern Democrat, Lee Harvey Oswald, President John F. Kennedy’s assassin, who was a devout communist and Cuba supporter.  There was Sara Jane Moore, who shot President Gerald Ford because in her drug induced logic, the White House had declared war on liberals.

Dan White, a San Francisco Democrat politician who killed Harvey Milk and George Mascone, because they disagreed with him on some political point, or in 1986, a disgruntled Democrat, Patrick Sherrill, who killed 15 people in an Oklahoma post office, he is who we speak of when we talk about ‘going postal’.

More recently there was Jared Lee Loughner, who killed six and wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the MSM tried, in vein, to pass him off as a conservative riled up by talk radio.  That was proven false as his own Facebook page proved that he was an avid leftist and Democratic supporter of Giffords, who was filled with hate over some slight.

Adam Lanza, a troubled young man, was a liberal Democrat, who killed his mother and 26 teachers and children in a Connecticut school because of some slight to his ego, and, of course, James Hopkinson, a violent Bernie Sanders socialist, who recently targeted Republicans in Alexandria, Virginia, because they didn’t think just like him.

This is a short list, because there are too many more examples of Democrats/liberals who use violence to spew their hatred, to place in this essay.  This is not about leftist assassins, or violent thugs; rather about the out of control murder rate in Chicago.  Those doing the shooting in Chicago, voted Democrat.  In fact, many intimidated others to vote for Obama when he ran for office, their hatred of those who might disagree with them resolved by the gun.  That is how progressives resolve issues, with violence, intimidation and punishment.

These shooters are the heart and soul of the Cook County Democratic Party.  It is those very gang bangers who kill indiscriminately that Chicago’s mayor caters to.  If he did not, he could not count on their votes for him, and they are the exact people who fully support his alt-left agenda.

He may pretend that he is appalled at the killings, but his policies only embolden those murderers to continue their reign of terror in Chicago’s gang ridden neighborhoods.  Criminals are the beneficiaries of Democrat policies, because the left hates the police and the rule of law.  God, family, honor and kindness, are anathema to Democrats.

To progressives, you obey them or suffer.  They really don’t mind seeing others suffer, in fact, they encourage suffering to enhance their agenda.  Rahm Emanuel was the man who said, to Obama, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”  He knew that others’ suffering was a good thing to Democrats, so he abets suffering for others.

Because of Rahm’s policies, Chicago’s outrageous murder spree continues at levels that rival war torn Syrian cities.  Rahm Emanuel, unlike any of his predecessors, actively undermined the Chicago Police Department, because of his Stalinist beliefs.  The only police that he wants are a private political police (like the Gestapo or KGB), and that group must be entirely loyal to him to be of any value.  That total lack of respect for law and order has led Chicago to become the murder capital of the world.

The Chicago Police Department is, instead of being the Gestapo, an honorable, dedicated group of men and women in blue who have the best interests of the city in mind, not Rahm’s best interest.  That is why Rahm ignores the needs of the Department and undercuts it all of the time.

And that is why crime continues to be out of control in Chicago.  Not the police, they are doing their best.  Not President Trump, he just sent in 20 additional ATF agents to help stem the violence in the city, and not the people of Illinois, outside the city limits.

The chaos in Chicago eventually rests squarely on the shoulders of the citizens of Chicago.  They vote Democrat, all the time.  That vote brings them exactly what they have today, mass murder in the streets, corruption at unprecedented levels, a dying city, and the highest taxes in the United States.  One would think that they would see that their problems are because of whom they vote into office, yet they do not.

Soon, Chicago will go the way of Detroit.  It will be bankrupt and look much like a war zone, with dilapidated buildings and city blocks in decay.  Detroit today, in spite of the promise of redemption, is a city where gangsters control each and every block.  It is a city that is not safe to travel across after dark, or even in the daylight.  Detroit is a failed city because it succumbed to the promise of Democrat/communist politicians.

In ten years, Detroit may have been reborn, thanks to Republican politicians in Lansing, but Chicago, and the state of Illinois with it, will be a failed experiment in Democrat policies, and the people have no one to blame but themselves.

The chaos in Chicago, after all, is a self-inflicted wound.  Its only cure is amputation from those who brought it to this point, the Democrat Party.  The murder rate in Chicago is only the symptom of failed politics.  The chaos will not improve until the citizens of Chicago change their ways and vote for Republicans.

Real change means freedom from crime, freedom from unconscionable taxation, freedom from over regulation, freedom from corruption; and freedom of independent thought.  After all, that’s what this nation was founded on, freedom.  The citizens of Chicago have the freedom to vote for anyone they wish, even if it means their own demise, or they can grow up and vote for freedom.

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  1. I came back from the Detroit area in March.It was sad to see that once booming city and state in the mess it is in now.The streets of the Detroit area were in bad need of repair and the car manufacturers industrial district are old and starting to really need repair. Detroit’s ad campaign is not working either.Theleftist tac and spend mentality is still present in both the local and state governments with no real incentives or tax breaks being offered to bring business to that state.The left wingers just don’t get it. Their policies have failed. Show me one country that did not receive money from the United States that is Socialist that has been a success. Even those countries that did receive our tax dollars through the IMF are having trouble. Sweden was touted as a successful Socialist country But they were only paying about 14% of there GDP for there military we footed the rest. Look at the financial problems they have now with the influx of illegal immigrants from the Mideast.

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