Can North Korean missile carry SEVERAL nukes? Analysts spot ominous cone-like tip on new long-range missile that could avoid US interceptor and launch multiple warheads

Daily Mail

  • North Korean long-range ICBM may be capable of carrying multiple warheads
  • Hwasong-14 ballistic missile was seen with a cone-like ‘shroud’ on its tip
  • The shroud allows the missile to potentially carry miniaturized warheads
  • It also allows missile to conceal numerous balloons that act as decoy
  • On Saturday, two US B-1B bombers conducted live-fire drills in South Korea
  • Bombers were joined Saturday by US and South Korean fighter jets 
  • Drills meant as a show of force after North Korea’s successful ICBM test-launch 

North Korea may not only be developing missiles that can reach the American mainland, but they also could have the capacity to deliver multiple nuclear bombs while avoiding US defenses, it was reported on Saturday.

Images of the North’s intercontinental Hwasong-14 ballistic missile shows a hollow cone-like ‘shroud’ at the tip, according to Business Insider.

An expert on nuclear-tipped missiles told Business Insider that that the ‘shroud’ seen on the missile is usually indicative of ‘multiple reentry vehicles or added countermeasures.’

That means the missile has multiple, independent nukes for a payload, according to David Schmerler, a research associate at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies.

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4 comments on “Can North Korean missile carry SEVERAL nukes? Analysts spot ominous cone-like tip on new long-range missile that could avoid US interceptor and launch multiple warheads
  1. Bogwash. If they could MIRV a missile there would be data to confirm this. It took the PRC decades and the help of the Clintons to MIRV their ICBMs and we’re to believe the Norks have done it?

    If they have this techonology it came from the same place as their mobile missile launchers.

    Time to wise up and recognize the puppet masters here. I’m sure the PRC would exercise more restraint if Taiwan, SK, and Japan were to acquire nuclear weapons. Just saying.

  2. While this an interesting theory they have not yet miniaturized their nukes for carrying ONE conventional nuke on a missile. ICBM bombs are scary because they have HYDROGEN BOMBS , like our W88 warhead on them.
    They at best have conventional warheads of the Hiroshima size, which DO NOT fit on ICBM’s.
    Say they do make a bomb of small enough size to fit on a missile it will still only be enough to destroy at most a small city. The US response will probably be an ICBM with W88 salvo with between 3 to 12 (The Internet quass. Actual capacity unknown. say 5 one each?) warhead on or two ICBMs would incinerate or hit with a blast wave EVERY SINGLE inch of North Korea.
    I think North Korea is rightly more cared of China (I would be!) than the USA or South Korea and by constantly threatening the USA it is indirectly scaring the China government more than us.
    Those smaller bombs dropped ( By missile most likely, China’s Air Force would overwhelm North Korea in a day or less) on massed Chinese forces in their border area is a credible reason to NEVER invade Korea, period.
    Whatever they extort out of the West is just a bonus added to their trade with China and I’m sure Russia in minerals and rare earths.

  3. The Russian radar installation in Irkutsk that tracked the launch gave the altitude as 535km and range as 510km. In other words a MRBM. They’ve provided that radar data to UNSC.

    US response? Ignore the facts (as usual) and scream ICBM (echoing DPRK propaganda), and rattle the saber, and provoke further (of course, the US Way of War is ceaseless provocation and then indignation and war when the provocations become intolerable to the provoked).

    The US should pack up its clown show in Korea and go home. End “crisis.”


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