The World at War

By Joe Ragonese

What do Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Egypt, Syria, France, Bahrain, Indonesia, California, Philippines, Sweden, Colorado, Belgium, China, India, Algeria, England, Kenya, Somalia, Australia, Ukraine, Nigeria, Mali, Thailand, Norway, and Italy all have in common?   In 2017 each was indiscriminately attacked in the name of Allah.  Nations on five different continents have been attacked by the same driving force, the institution of Islam.   If this doesn’t constitute a world war, what does?

While these incidents, individually, do not rise to the level of massed armies invading adjoining nations to advance their cause, collectively they are the same.  The United Kingdom stated, after the Manchester attack on little girls and women, several days prior to the London Bridge and pub attacks, that they had 3,000 suspected Islamic radical terrorist under surveillance, while another 20,000 known sympathizers were not being closely monitored because they do not have the manpower to do so.

If there are 23,000 known terrorists in England, how many more are unknown; 40,000, 60,000, 100,000?  If that doesn’t sound like an invading army, it is very close.  Germany, so far this year is not a victim of Islamic attacks, yet every day ten or more women are raped by Muslim men, and nothing is done.  It isn’t even reported, because Angela Merkel doesn’t want those facts known.  Of the million Muslim immigrants (or more, they really don’t know) that Germany has allowed into their land, if only 10% are radicals, that is 100,000.  Just like the United Kingdom, it is an invading army.

Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, every country that went along with Merkel’s open borders concept in the European Union, is under daily attack in one form or another.  It could be overt terrorism or covert usurpation of the local economy.  Hospitals are overburdened, immigrants demand (yes demand, not ask) free food, medical care, housing and every other amenity, without contributing even a day’s work in return.  In each of these countries there are just as many radicals as in England and Germany.  They constitute an invading horde.

Last year in Germany, in an effort to stem the severity and numbers of rapes on non-Muslim women, by Muslim men, its propaganda ministry (their MSM) aired a video, produced by the government, on television that showed a blonde woman wearing a hijab, stressing how cool that was.  Merkel has completely capitulated to the demands of the Islamists, and wants everyone in Germany to do the same.  Every woman who wears a hijab has given away her freedom, she is now the property of Muslim men.

Europe will not last more than ten years in the same form that existed a decade ago.  It is on the verge of collapse and surrender.  In ten years, we will see a Muslim Europe, highlighted by Sharia law, ritual beheadings of non-believers and it will be on the move to conquer the rest of the world, especially America.

That move to conquer the world has already begun. Looking at the list above, it shows that Muslim hordes are already in Africa, America, Australia, Asia, the South Pacific, the sub-continent of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, Southeast Asia and East Asia, as well as the Middle East.

Boko Haram, Al-Shaba, Abu Sayyaf, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, the Nation of Islam; call it whatever you like, as each regional division of Islam’s warriors, is on the attack, some making more headway than others.  But the coming together is what they see as inevitable.

Some; however, do not see the inevitability of Islam’s conquest of the world.  You and I, who think right, do not believe that a world of Sharia law and the cruelty of Mohammad, are the way we wish to live.  As Europe submits to Islam, half of us in America are fighting the good fight.

Armed with American freedom as our guiding light, as well as our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, the Islamic hordes have yet to have much of an impact on our lifestyle.  Those on the left; however, wish us to capitulate to Islam’s desire, just as Europe has.

That difference is at the heart of the two Americas that confront us today.  Those reading this understand that we are engaged in a world war for the supremacy of Islam over democracy and freedom, while those on the left do not see the threat.

Just think back six months ago, when President Obama stated that the biggest threat facing America was man-made global warming.  Not Islam’s assault on the world, not China’s rapidly building war machine and open land grab of the entire South China Sea region, not Russia’s incursion into Ukraine, with designs on the Baltic states and destruction of NATO, but global warming.

President Trump debunked that theory with his rejection of the Paris Climate Accords; however, howls of protest from the left continue because of his courageous stance.  The left does not see Islam as a threat because they are in agreement with Muslims that a return to 7th Century living conditions (for you and me, not them) would be a good thing.

The world is at war, and half of America does not understand the threat that we face.  We are in a very dangerous time that can only be resolved by standing firm against Islamic aggression while understanding the other threats facing us.

While our MSM and the left attack every move to protect our great country, President Trump and his outstanding cabinet work tirelessly to save us both militarily and economically.  The world war can only be won if the threat is understood, and a concentrated effort is made to combat it.   So far, that is not happening due to the obstructionism from the left.

What happens next is up to all of us.  We need to support this President fully, and let the left know that all the Russia did it rhetoric is a waste of their time.  Even though Comey said that there is no evidence that Russia had any connection to the President, the left will not stop.

This must stop, or we are doomed; and the left would be happy, because it is exactly what they want to happen.  The left wants America to fail, and that is what they are working toward.


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