The Truth About the London Bridge Attack

Paul Joseph Watson

We cannot go on like this.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said terrorism is just “part and parcel of living in a major city.”

Except if you live in Tokyo, Budapest, Prague, Warsaw.

Or any other big city without a huge Muslim population.

Higher Muslim population, higher terror problem. Fact.

We cannot go on like this.

2 comments on “The Truth About the London Bridge Attack
  1. We have to ask ourselves how does someone like Mayor Khan get elected and go on to normalize terror and the savage killing of children and adults like it’s a variety of smog we “just have to” breathe in because “it’s part of living in a big city”! This is unacceptable! Take the bull by the horns and call it out for what this is! We cannot accept terrorism as any form of normal. Cut out the politically correct crap and fight back and proactively stomp out terrorism!

  2. I would predict raging mobs looking for the judges holding up trumps travel ban, but I’m afraid the public here in America is too locked in to free stuff to be concerned about the realities of muslim migration. too bad. it will be an expensive lesson.

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