Savage: ‘We are at a boiling point – going to be civil war’


Less than 24 hours before a supporter of former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders fired at Republican members of Congress at a baseball practice, seriously injuring House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and four others before U.S. Capitol Police took down the assailant, talk-radio host and author Michael Savage warned of violence by “marginal” people who are set to explode and “kill somebody.”

Savage, the host of the nationally syndicated “The Savage Nation,” was commenting on recent developments that have escalated the anti-Trump “resistance,” such as comedian Kathy Griffin’s ISIS-style photo shoot of the decapitated likeness of Trump and the “Julius Caesar” play in Central Park featuring the assassination of a Trump-like figure.

“I don’t know how much more of this the country can take,” Savage said.

“We are at a boiling point. There’s going to be a civil war,” he told his listeners Tuesday.

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  1. I watched a video of Pelosi telling congress how much she prays that all will come together as a result of the shooting.

    The old hag can pray all she wants, but that won’t change the fact that she and her colleagues are the self-proclaimed enemies of The Donald and the 61 million people who voted to elect him as President. And, it so happens that the 61 million people are becoming bored with the interference and obstruction coming from the “establishment”, the media, the Soros crowd, and from most of congress and the federal judiciary system. Once the 61 mm people pass through their “boredom”, their next step will be less than peaceful. And, the 61 mm people won’t lose. The old hag needs to pray we don’t reach that point.

  2. Savage is right….The country needs to push back hard.
    We need to hold the “Elite Democrats” who feel they are above the law, accountable.

    They Stir the pot, then feign innocence.

    They have not done anything constructive in the last few years, and they almost destroyed the country during that time…..Thank God for Trump. He has done more for the US in his short tenure, than Obama did in his 8 Years…….Obama is becoming “The President Who Never Was”.

    Our feckless House and Senate needs to be tossed out….The’re no help anyway.

    The Freedom Caucus appears to be the only group paying attention to the voters.

    McCain, Graham, and the Wisconsin clique of Ryan and Pribus should go…..

    Need to keep draining the swamp.

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