Fulfilling the Dream

By Joe Ragonese

What, exactly, did the left think was going to happen?

First Democrat Vice-Presidential running mate, Tim Kaine, calls for “Fighting in the streets,” on MSNBC in January, followed by ex-Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, in a video calling for Democrats to, “March, bleed, and die in the streets,” to resist President Trump.  All the while, Saturday Night Live spews vitriolic hatred for President Trump, as supposed comedian, Kathy Griffin, and a New York play all depict the death of President Trump; this connection with every MSM outlet spewing hatred for Republicans, and those who support President Trump, while cheering on masked leftist bandits beating conservatives on campus; these acts of violence were bound to erupt into murder.

Democrats are not very smart.  They are followers, who can be lead like lemmings to the edge of a cliff.  There is no such thing as an intelligent liberal (social liberals are not political liberals); an intelligent person would see that failed policies cannot work; yet they believe in the dream.  Their dream, in today’s political view, is that of murder.

This group of sheep is being told, overtly, by the likes of Kaine and Lynch, or covertly, as the MSM hides and conceals all the crimes of the left, to resist President Trump and his policies at every level and until death.  They have been set up to commit violence against conservatives at every level, by Soros paid demonstrators destroying property, to college students beating conservative speakers on campus.  The ultra-left wants blood.

Today one of their believers, a Bernie Sanders volunteer and Ultra-Democrat went on a murder spree in Washington D.C, fulfilling the dream of today’s progressives.  He is not a deranged, mindless killer, rather a cold and calculating progressive living out the dreams of every ultra-left Democrat today.

The man, and I will not do him the honor of printing his name, is from Illinois and came all the way to Washington D.C., armed with a rifle and pistol, to kill Republicans.  He came upon a group of legislators practicing for a baseball game, asked if they were Democrat or Republican, and after finding out they were Republicans went to his car, calmly and coolly pulled out two guns, and began shooting.

Unlucky for him, in gun-free Washington D.C., U.S. Capitol Police were there guarding Majority Whip, Steve Scalise, who became one of the gunman’s first victims.  Heroically, two Capitol Police Officers drew their weapons and, as reported by those watching, charged the assailant, shooting and killing him.  Both officers were wounded in the exchange of gunfire.

When the House of Representatives opened today for its normal day’s work, Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, made an inspiring speech, to both sides of the aisle, where he said, “An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us,” while calling for unity of purpose to deter further acts of violence against each other.

He was followed by Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, who talked in circles, refusing to identify the level of vitriol between Democrats and Republicans and what was important in her speech was not what she said; rather what she didn’t, which was anything denouncing violence in opposition to political views or to lower the rhetoric.

What Nancy Pelosi did not say speaks volumes as to what the ultra-left believes needs done to take America from those of us who elected President Trump.  They feel that every means possible is acceptable to take America from we the people.  If they did not, calls to lower the level of hatred between them and the rest of America would already be heard.  Their silence is overwhelming.

Today we learned that the left is ready and willing to do whatever is necessary to defeat America.  At least one progressive has fulfilled the dreams of them all, and this writer fears that it is only the beginning.


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