Who’s Up for a Crusade?

By Joe Ragonese

Modern day jihadists, often referred to as Islamic terrorists, get their inspiration from the words of Mohammad, as found in the Qur’an.  In the early and mid- 7th Century, those words led to the conquest of large portions of the Middle East and the forced conversion of huge populations to Islam.  Those who were true believers, went on to conquer more territory, and converted even more people to Islam; or else they were killed in cruel and terrible ways, as had been done by their mentor, Mohammad.  These jihadists, or warriors for Allah, continued to cause mayhem throughout the Middle East, until Europeans could take no more.

The man who sparked this revolution, which continues to this day, was Mohammad.  Mohammad was supposed to have spoken to God.  What God told him is up to interpretation, but what came of that discussion was that Mohammad believed that he had an ordained right to conquer the world, rape, loot, kill, and pillage at will, all in the name of his god, Allah.  The only way to stop his hoards was to submit, completely, to his rule and to Allah.

Those who did not, were killed, either by crucifixion, burning alive or having their heads cut off.  Christians were his primary victims; however, Jews and pagans were also subjected to the same treatment, except crucifixion.  Women and children of those executed were sold into slavery.  Selling slaves was Mohammad’s primary source of income, followed by the sale of the loot stolen from the towns and villages that he raided.

To his way of thinking, robbery, murder, rape and anything else he did was acceptable, as long as he committed those acts in the name of Allah.  Late in his life, his burning desires was to sack the Christian stronghold of Constantinople, and create a caliphate in the Levant.  Mohammad died in 632, and as he lay dying, his final words to his followers were to conquer the world and turn it into an Islamic Caliphate.

Between 632 and 661, Muslims followed Mohammad’s final words, and conquered the Levant (an area of the Middle East that contains modern day Cyprus, Israel, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria) and turned it into a caliphate.  After that success, they continued to raid, loot, and torture every Christian and Jew they found and killed all non-believers.  They made constant attacks on Constantinople, Mohammad’s pet project, while expanding Islam everywhere they went.

For almost 500 years Muslim hoards raided and ran wild over the Middle East, Asia, and into Europe, shutting down trade routes and causing mayhem wherever they went.  For the entire 500 years they tried to conquer the Byzantine Empire, and sack Constantinople.  By 1095, the Byzantine Emperor, Alexis Komnenos, asked the Vatican for help repelling the invading Seljuk Turks, who were weakening his armies to the breaking point.

Pope Urban II decided that 500 years of abuse from followers of Mohammad was enough and asked the Christian Kings of Europe to come to the aid of the Eastern Christian Byzantine Kingdom.  In response, kings from England, France, Genoa, Italy, The Holy Roman Empire, and Sicily, sent armies to the Byzantine kingdom and relieved the siege.

Afterward, the combined armies marched on, and conquered Anatolia, where the Seljuk Turks came from, and then went on to free the Levant; finally liberating Jerusalem in 1099.  Despite the revisionist history told in today’s classrooms, throughout the MSM, and by Barack Obama, it took 500 years of Muslim atrocities to stir the Christian world into action.

Unlike what many have been led to believe, the first Crusade was not a bunch of Christian zealots who invaded peaceable Muslims, living pristine lives in their homes, and wanting only peace and harmony; it was an army defending fellow Christians throughout the world from fanatical Muslims.  Today, those we call Islamic terrorists, are doing the very same things that those fanatic Muslims did from 632 to 1095.  They are causing mayhem around the world, in the name of Allah, and abiding by the words of Mohammad.

Islam is not a religion of peace as the MSM would have us believe, it is a religion based on hatred and fanaticism.  To obey the words of Mohammad, Muslims must attack non-believers wherever they find them and convert them, by the sword (exact words out of the Qur’an.)  Most Islamists are not fanatics, but when 25% of them believe that terrorism is justified in fulfilling the words of Mohammad, Islam cannot be called a religion of peace.  That 25% was determined by a poll taken a few years ago.  There is no indication that the number has lowered since then.

Converting the world to Islam is the basic principal of the Qur’an.  Within its pages violence and cruelty are acceptable behavior in order to fulfill that belief.  That is exactly what Salman Abedi, the Manchester, England, bomber, who targeted women and little girls, did.  He obeyed the words of Mohammad.

It is not Islamophobia to state the above, it is history.  Only, the left does not want us to know the truth, least we develop a hatred of those who follow Mohammad.  There is nothing kind and gentle in the Qur’an, although Saudi Arabian King Salman believes that modern day jihadists, “Consider themselves as Muslims and that they draw their inspiration from periods of Islamic history outside the bright eras… of mercy, tolerance and coexistence.”  Not being an expert in the Qur’an, this writer has never found those eras of mercy, tolerance and coexistence in it.

What I have read in the Qur’an is full of vitriolic hatred for those who are not Islamic.  Not all Islamists are terrorists; however, all jihadists are Muslim.  They kill in the name of Allah, use terror as their chosen weapon, and justify their barbaric behavior by repeating the words of the warlord, Mohammad.

Each and every day, somewhere in the world, an Islamic terrorist kills one or more non-believers.  Homeland Security Secretary, John Kelly, warned the nation, on Friday, in an appearance on “Fox & Friends”, that, “You’d never leave the house if you knew what I know about terrorism.”  That statement followed a week in which people were massacred, in the name of Allah, around the world.  Little girls in England, Coptic Christian children in Egypt, beheading of a police chief in Iliana City, Philippines, police officers and civilians killed in twin suicide bombings in Indonesia, and more deaths at the hands of Muslim terrorist elsewhere.

Terrorism in the name of Mohammad is so prevalent that most attacks are not reported; because they occur every day.  Only the most sensational, with the highest body count, are reported.  The number of rapes committed everyday by Muslim men on non-Muslim women is unreported because it is so common that it is not newsworthy any longer.  The Islamic hoards are spread throughout Europe, Asia, and America and are committing atrocities every day in the name of Allah.

The world has only two choices; cave in and accept Islam and Sharia law, or stand and fight.  It took almost 500 years before European men stood up to Muslim extremism, and battled against it in the First Crusade, how many years will it be this time?

This writer has lived a long and fruitful life, full of happiness and love, due, in part, to my Christian values and lifestyle.  I will not submit to Islamic hatred, and will not allow my grandchildren to be subjected to those barbaric standards.  This writer knows what needs to be done, as I am sure most reading this do.  The tyranny from Islamic terrorism has to be stopped, not only here, but everywhere in the world.

While European girly men tell their audience through the mass media that terrorism is the modern norm, Americans know different.  We are freedom loving, NRA card carrying, armed citizens, who know what needs to be done.  Our government, under President Trump, will take all appropriate measures to deal with the problem, unlike our European friends, as was demonstrated when he challenged Islamic nations to confront the problem.

Jihad in America will never be allowed, because you and I will not allow it.

My question is… ‘Who’s up for a Crusade?

Europe is not.  In the biggest irony imaginable, only America (the right half of us), China and Russia are up for that crusade.  That says a lot about the state of the world today.

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