The Seth Rich Murder: Death By DNC

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It has been nearly a year since the murder of Seth Rich, former DNC staffer. Despite it being national news, there has been very little headway in the “official” investigation. However, that does not mean that the case is cold. Thousands of individuals have worked tirelessly to find the truth despite the efforts of the DNC and the “bought and paid for” media. It’s time for the truth to come out. Seth deserves justice.


Seth Rich was a DNC staffer working in Washington, D.C. He worked as the Voter Expansion Director and was responsible for a computer application which aided voters in finding their polling stations. Rich was an avid supporter of Bernie Sanders and was very active in the campaign to elect Sanders for President. It was widely known his disdain for Hillary Clinton and he was reported to be associated with the “Never Hillary” movement.


Per the “official” report, Seth Rich was murdered at 4:18 a.m. in the upscale neighborhood of Bloomingdale where he lived. Earlier that evening, Rich had been seen at Lou’s City Bar. He is reported to have left there around 1:15 a.m. The details surrounding the missing three hours leading up to his murder are a bit blurry. All that we know is that Seth called several people on his walk home. He was on the phone with his girlfriend, Kelsey Mulka, moments before he was attacked near his D.C. home.

The official report states that this was a failed robbery attempt despite the lack of missing items from Rich’s body. Seth was shot twice in the back but was found conscious and responsive. Six officers are reported to have arrived on scene in under ten minutes. He passed away at the hospital only a few blocks away almost two hours later.



There are several glaring issues with the official story of Seth Rich’s murder. For starters, why was this murder labeled a “robbery gone wrong”? A robbery requires stolen items, yet there were no items missing from the body of Rich. The description of the scene and the deceased point, rather, to a calculated hit. Rich’s face and hands both had signs of bruising suggesting, at the very least, a struggle.

Additionally, why was Seth shot in the back? If a scrum ensued and then Rich was shot in the back, that would suggest that the assailants gained control of the situation and chose to shoot Rich anyway. Why not take the over $2000 worth of personal items on Rich at the time? It makes no sense that two thieves would fight Rich, gain control of the situation, and shoot the victim without stealing anything from the body. What would be the point of a robbery in that case?
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Little context given, but this is the corner where was shot. He was awake when found.

Is this the last photo of Seth Rich alive?


As described in the official report, Rich sustained two gunshot wounds to the back. However, officers reached him in under ten minutes with some reports saying as few as three minutes. Rich was reported to have been conscious when the six officers, including Officer Robert Wingate Robinson (we’ll come back to him later), reached him. Seth Rich’s brother Aaron is quoted as saying, “They were very surprised he didn’t make it. He was very aware, very talkative. Yep, that was 100 per cent my brother.” Rich’s wounds were not out of the normal scope and many in the medical unit that day describe it as a routine procedure for gunshot wounds. So why did Seth die from these wounds? What haven’t we been told?



Let’s start with the unreleased body camera footage from the officers. Multiple officers that arrived on the crime scene had body cameras, yet no footage has ever been referenced or released. If reports of Seth Rich being conscious and talkative are true, what did he talk about? Was Rich able to identify his murderers? The releasing of this footage could easily help corroborate the official story, but the investigating team has yet to release it. What are they hiding?


One of the least known, yet most unsettling revelations that have come from this story is Heather Podesta. She is the ex-wife of John Podesta’s brother, which is odd enough, but she is also a ‘super lobbyist’ for Hillary Clinton. Podesta serves on the Washington D.C. Police Foundation Board. This puts her in close to proximity to the Seth Rich case simply by default. While it’s not common for someone on a charity board to have pull within a police department, her role as a promoter and fundraiser is not clear. Any ties to Clinton Campaign Chairman, John Podesta, is enough to make us wonder. Coincidences do happen, but multiple of them in one case becomes a pattern. Did she put pressure on the police department to drop the case or present incorrect information? Was she working on behalf of Clinton or John Podesta?

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Heather Podesta, ex-wife of John Podesta’s brother & HRC Super Lobbyist, is on DC Police Foundation Board.
Close to investigation.


Now let’s look at one of the officers that reached Seth Rich first. As mentioned above, one of the officers to arrive on scene first was Officer Robert Wingate Robinson. Officer Robinson is also surrounded by several ‘coincidences’ in regards to connections as well. He was a student at Georgetown University at the same time as John Podesta taught there (obviously not necessarily a key to this case, but worth noting). Officer Robinson’s sister, Nandi Robinson, worked for Hillary Clinton. Are you still wondering why we haven’t seen body cam footage?

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Officer Robinson responded to shooting.
Robinson went to Georgetown U when Podesta taught there.
Robinson’s sister worked for HRC.


Joe Capone is the owner of Lou’s City Bar. It is reported that Joe is one of the last people to speak to Seth before he left the bar that evening. Four days prior to Seth Rich’s murder, on July 6, 2016, Capone was summoned to the White House, but details as to why remain a mystery. Why would a D.C. bar owner be summoned to the White House for a private meeting? And just days before his bar was a piece in a murder investigation? Is it just coincidence that this man also had ties to Rich?

Joe Capone, owner of bar left just before his murder was at the Obama White House 4 days prior to Rich’s murder. WHY?

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died after leaving Joe Capone’s bar in an unusual state.
Days before Seth’s death Capone was in a private room at the White House.


Per a report from World Net Daily, investigators never reached out to Lou City Bar for video footage or interviews. The bar has a surveillance system within the building, but per a Lou’s City Bar manager, they were never asked to turn it over to police. To make matters worse, the system runs on a 30 day loop, so in less than a month after the murder, the tapes that would have shown Rich in his last moments were copied over, the proof gone forever.

Do you find it odd that the investigators looking into a murder case wouldn’t review tapes or question employees from the last place the deceased was seen? That goes against every metric of police investigation and following out leads. It would make more sense if they had caught Seth Rich’s killers that same day, but they have no leads or suspects in this case even almost a year later. Any and all information related to that night would have been crucial to aid their investigation, if it was happening.


It is not clearly known who has Seth Rich’s laptop, but what we do know is that it was confiscated from his D.C. home the same day as his murder. Additionally, no details from the laptop have ever been disseminated in reports from investigators. It is odd that if this was truly a botched robbery that the investigators saw fit to take the laptop. What would they be hoping to find on it? It is not common practice to keep the laptop of every murdered individual, especially one not connected to the laptop in any way. Did the investigators know a facet of this case that the general public does not? Were they trying to protect evidence in some way? That only strengthens the premise that this was not a robbery gone wrong, this was an assassination and the contents of that laptop give insight as to why.


The most damning evidence against the official story of Seth Rich’s murder is his claimed ties to Wikileaks. Per multiple reports, Rich sent as many as 44,053 emails and 17,761 attachments (anyone else notice the 1776?) from the DNC to Wikileaks. The DNC leaks archive was released starting on July 22, 2016, only twelve days after Rich’s death. Even before any of this was confirmed in the recent days, Julian Assange, the Wikileaks head, all but confirmed that Seth Rich was killed for leaking to the international leaking site back on August 9, 2016, just days after Rich’s murder.


One may ask, why would Rich take the risk to leak all these thousands of emails to Wikileaks? He was a very active member of the DNC and many question why he would look to sabotage all the work he had done for the party. The answer is simple. Seth Rich would have had a very intimate view into the voting process of the Democratic Primaries. If there were any dark or questionable actions within the primary process, Rich would have been one of the first to know.

WikiLeaks Offers $20K Reward for Information in Murder of DNC Staffer Seth Rich 

Photo published for WikiLeaks Offers Reward in Murder of DNC Staffer

WikiLeaks Offers Reward in Murder of DNC Staffer

‘At this time, we don’t have any information to suggest that the case is in any way connected with his work at the DNC,’ D.C.’s assistant police chief said.

As Rich realized that the Clinton campaign was officially stealing the nomination from Sanders, he knew what he had to do. He had a moral obligation as an American to try and bring the Clinton crime syndicate down. He even voiced his distrust for Clinton from his “Pandas For Bernie” twitter account, though the tweet was deleted by an unknown source some time after Rich’s death.

⚠️One tweet that may be read in a courtroom at some point. “I don’t trust Hillary Clinton one bit”

The emails that Seth Rich leaked to Wikileaks proved to be a linchpin in the 2016 election. The work of Rich may have solidified Hillary’s defeat, but it cost him his life in the process. This is not the first time that the Clinton’s have looked to snuff out those that “knew too much.” When you have time, take a few moments to stroll down memory lane and read more about the “Clinton Body Count” and Vince Foster. The Clinton’s play rough with those that have dirt on them and are willing to use it.


Seth Rich was no Hillary Clinton fan. He opposed her adamantly throughout the campaign. Per statements from Rich’s father, despite the tough relationship between Rich and the Clinton campaign, they offered Seth a job at their New York office. Why would Hillary Clinton look to hire such an adamant opponent to a position in a very important Democrat state? Was Podesta and the campaign looking to create plausible deniability in the case? If so, that shows that they were intimately aware of the travesty that was about to take place in the coming days.

After Rich’s death, things moved quickly. Bernie Sanders conceded to Clinton just two days later. At a speaking engagement on July 12, 2016, Clinton (with Bernie in tow) even used the murder as an emotional plea for gun control. Hillary Clinton was once again feigning care for Rich in order to give her an ‘out’ if the investigation ever turned awry. Did Bernie get the ‘message’ that he shouldn’t pursue an investigation into the primaries?

During the 2016 Election, Hillary Clinton tried to use the death of to push for gun control.

This is who we’re up against.



On May 15, 2017, news broke in the form of a story from Fox 5 D.C. which reported on the Rich family’s new private investigator they hired to tackle Seth’s case. Rod Wheeler, a former homicide detective for the D.C. police, spoke to reporters about the case. When asked about whether his sources have given ties to Rich and Wikileaks he said, “Absolutely. Yeah. That’s confirmed.”

Family’s private investigator: There is evidence Seth Rich contacted @wikileaks prior to his death 

Photo published for Family's private investigator: There is evidence Seth Rich had contact with WikiLeaks prior to death

Family’s private investigator: There is evidence Seth Rich had contact with WikiLeaks prior to death

It has been almost a year since Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was murdered in the nation’s capital. There have been no solid answers about why he was killed until now.

Wheeler also told Fox 5 D.C. reporters, “I have a source inside the police department that has looked at me straight in the eye and said, ‘Rod, we were told to stand down on this case and I can’t share any information with you.’ Now, that is highly unusual for a murder investigation, especially from a police department. Again, I don’t think it comes from the chief’s office, but I do believe there is a correlation between the mayor’s office and the DNC and that is the information that will come out [Tuesday].”

Within two days of this report coming out, Wheeler seemed to do an about face, completely backtracking from his statements. He now says the whole thing was a ‘miscommunication.’ Someone got to Wheeler, but who? Why is he now recanting his entire statement?


The media has also reported that the Rich family no longer wants Seth’s murder covered in the media so they can have peace and privacy. In response to that report by the media, the Rich family put out a video to rebut. The media, once again, is working hand-in-hand with the power brokers within the DNC. They don’t want the truth to come out and are willing to do whatever necessary to keep it quiet.

Media is lying about parents asking to not cover his murder. Here’s a video of them thanking everyone for helping to find killer!


The newest revelations are that of well known hacker, Kim Dotcom, who says he has direct evidence that Seth Rich was the source of the DNC leaks to Wikileaks. He promises to release a statement on Tuesday, May 23, 2017, after consulting with his lawyers. Despite the media’s attempts to sully the testimony of Kim Dotcom, there are rumblings from sources in the DNC saying that the ‘higher-ups’ within the party are officially in freak out mode.

If Congress includes case into their Russia probe I’ll give written testimony with evidence that Seth Rich was @Wikileaks source.

I’m meeting my legal team on Monday. I will issue a statement about on Tuesday. Please be patient. This needs to be done properly.

Stay tuned. Public invitation Kim Dotcom to be a guest on radio and TV. Buckle up destroy Trump media. Sheep that u all are!!! 

Congress, investigate Seth Rich Murder! @JulianAssange made comments u need to listen to! If Seth was wiki source, no Trump/Russia collusion 

The Seth Rich case is about to explode. Hang on, folks, this is going to get ugly.



Seth Rich was murdered, but not in some robbery mix-up. He was the targeted for his discovery of vote corruption within the Clinton campaign and for leaking those details to Wikileaks. There are too many ‘coincidences’ surrounding this case, too many areas that overlap with Hillary, Podesta, and the entire Democratic crime syndicate. Coincidences aren’t coincidences when the Clinton’s are involved, coincidences are coordinated. Seth Rich may be gone, but his acts of patriotism aren’t forgotten. Justice will prevail. ‘We the People’ won’t stop until the truth is uncovered. Rest easy, brother, we’ll finish this fight.

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