The Comey Memo

By Joe Ragonese

The New York Times reported that former FBI Director, James Comey leaked a memo that he made at a meeting with President Donald Trump, stating that the President asked him to ‘lay off the Flynn investigation.’

More fake news from the New York Times. First, let’s take into consideration the veracity of James Comey.   He said, on television, before Congress and the world, that there was no investigation of President Trump, while he was President-elect or as a candidate.  That has been proven false as the FBI was the agency that requested a FISA court warrant, twice.

He has also indicated that the investigation into Russia hacking of our November election to favor President Trump has been validated.  Again, new information indicates that the conclusion, drawn by Trump haters to vilify outgoing Obama, is a false narrative, and only three lackey agencies, the FBI being one, drew those conclusions based on their instincts; not the evidence. No proof, and another Comey lie.

The New York Times has been printing straight out lies about President Trump ever since his election, and was doing so when he was a candidate.  This is my basis for calling this dribble, fake news.

Those reading this probably all agree with this assessment; however, the damage done to President Trump is immeasurable.  This is exactly why it was done.  We will probably learn, in a few weeks, that the report was false, but the left wing press doesn’t care, they already did their damage.

This report follows on the heels of another fake report about the President leaking classified information to the Russians.  This, combined with the furor over the Comey firing, has hurt President Trump badly this week.  It is what the left has promised, that they would make it impossible for this President to govern.  So far, they are succeeding.

The only course left for President Trump is to attack, something he does very well.  He needs to include the Clinton Foundation into the new special investigation the Justice Department ordered yesterday.  He also needs to include the Obama administration’s illegal investigation into candidate, and later, President-elect, Trump, and the FBI’s handling of the Clinton emails.

The Justice Department must make the information available to the public, through sources besides the MSM, because they will not report it, that the special investigation has been widened.   One of the main reasons that the attack is so desperate now, is because the DNC, the Obama administration and the Clintons, are so heavily involved in illegal activities, that the left knows that if they do not stop this President soon, all the dirt will come out.

The swamp must be drained, and soon, because world events may catch us in a really bad place.  These malicious false reports border on treason, and must be stopped now, or God help us all.