Ramblings & Tidbits…5/1

By Joe Ragonese

Monday was May Day.  It has been a communist workers holiday since the inception of the Soviet Union in the early 1920s.  Most Americans do not know that it is a celebration of communism, nor do they have any idea of the horrors that communism has caused.  Americans are unaware because this history has been omitted from schools ever since Jimmy Carter started the Department of Education, which was quickly taken over by communist loving 60s radicals.

To all the Millennials reading this, communism has killed more people in the 20th century than any other governmental form or combination of governments combined.  While every high school student knows the horrors of Adolph Hitler and his Nazi party, which is called a right wing party, they have no idea about communism.  This was a purposeful omission in their education so that American communists can proclaim superiority to capitalism.  Adolph Hitler and his Nazis have been credited with killing over six million Jews and others during their ethnic cleansing campaign.

Josef Stalin, head of the Russian Communist Party, killed more than 20 million people before World War II began.  He starved 11 million Ukrainian citizens to death so that Russians could take over their properties, in the 1920 and 30s, and killed ten million more Russians he accused of being proletariat (middle class) as he centralized his control of the government.  Just before Germany invaded Russia, in July, 1941, Stalin killed most of his senior officers because he didn’t trust them.  Murder was his main political tool to obtain and maintain control of his people.  His prolific use of this tool makes Hitler look like an amateur despot in comparison.

After World War II, Stalin eliminated another estimated 10 million of his citizens, who might have gotten ideas about becoming free after fighting the war.  While Stalin was cleaning house to control his own people, Mao Zedong, after taking control of China, was killing an estimated 20 million of his own people to make sure that they fell into line.

The same happened in every country that became communist; from Vietnam, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Cuba, and all the South African countries that turned to communism.  It happened in the Russian satellite states, like Yugoslavia , East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Romania, and all the others.  The only differences were in the numbers killed to take total control of the population.  That, by the way, isn’t in any history book in American schools today.

Even smaller countries, like Cuba, killed more people than Hitler.  His major crime was that he was called a conservative.  That, of course, is nonsense.  The Nazi party in German words stands for the National Socialist German Worker’s Party.  When Hitler courted Stalin, to have Russia aid in his conquest of Poland, he said, in no uncertain terms, that the only difference between communism and Nazis, is that we are in Germany.  That isn’t exactly true, but the two are both Marxist in origin, wanting the central government to be the center of their citizen’s lives.

American communists, who are coming out of the woodwork lately, are trying to shut down any ideology other than their own.  There is a Berkeley Communist Party that has been allowed, by the university, to provide lessons in how to stop fascist speech.  To them, any speech that doesn’t fall in line with their communist ideology, is fascist and must be stopped.

They are trying to paint conservatives as being just like the Nazi party.  Liberals are not too bright, and are trying to bind the evil sounding word fascist, with the Nazis.  Fascism was the Italian Party under Benito Mussolini, and he controlled his population by giving them what they wanted, except when he dragged them into war, not by fear, murder or intimidation.  While not a nice guy, Mussolini was not an evil man like Josef Stalin.  There is no comparison of fascism’s wrongs to communism’s evils.

The American left likes to call all conservatives, fascist, (really meaning Nazi) and compare them to Adolph Hitler, whom they consider a conservative, but Hitler was just like them, ruling through intimidation, fear and murder.  Speaking of communists coming out of the woodwork, the New York Times ran an article on May Day where it gushed about ‘those thrilling days of yesteryear, when communism inspired Americans.”  Really.

Our complete lack of knowledge about the heinous crimes committed in the name of communism must be brought to the forefront of political dialogue, or else we are going to keep fighting these endless battles, fueled by ignorance.

Ignorance at its finest is the Berkeley communists, who are saying exactly what the main stream media is saying about why they can be un-truthful when covering President Trump; both think that it is ok to silence conservatives ‘fascist ideas’ because they are intolerable.  That is exactly what the Nazis did when they burned the books, to stop those intolerable Jewish ideas.  It seems that the American left and Nazis are exactly alike, except they are not in Germany.

Speaking of leftists in America, today Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic Senator from Massachusetts, in a statement made at a fundraising gala for Emily’s List, a group of extreme leftist Democrat women, said, “The way things are going, if the next three years and 261 days are like Donald’s first 100 days; I wonder if America will ever be ready for a male president, again.”

There it was; the truth about what the radical left wants.  Democrats want to change American civilization in all of its basic forms.  They want women in charge; they do not want men, especially white men, involved in any part of their life.  This would mark Warren’s entry into the 2020 Presidential race, running on the same agenda that Clinton ran on; her sexual organs.  Like Clinton, Warren has absolutely no record of accomplishment, is a proven liar, and a wacked out leftist.  When she runs against President Trump, she will lose just like Hillary.

Hillary has hit the TV circuit lately.  She is telling anyone who will listen that she lost the election because the FBI made a statement that she was under investigation.  She has given up on it was the Russians’ fault, unlike the MSM, who won’t let that dead horse lie, she has moved on to the fact that she committed crimes and was being investigated.  It’s not her fault that the FBI was investigating her; after all, she is a Clinton, above the law.  So it must be the FBI’s fault that she lost the election.  Hillary is starting a political PAC to raise funds to oppose President Trump.  Just what the world needs, another reason to donate money to Clinton.

The FBI, meanwhile, at least James Comey, the head of that agency, went before Congress again this week to explain why he broke the law during the Presidential campaign.  First, at a press conference, he said that Clinton should not be prosecuted for her crimes, and then immediately admitted that she had in fact committed numerous crimes.  And then later in the campaign he broke the law again by telling Congress that he was investigating her once again, in light of the Weiner revelations of over 650,000 emails involving Clinton being on a shared computer with his wife, and Clinton aid, Huma Abedin.  Both actions are in violation of existing laws.

Comey has lied to Congress a number of times and broken several laws.  Remember, the last time he was before Congress he said that there was no investigation into candidate Trump, and that has been proven false.  So, it might be time that law and order are upheld, for both him and Clinton; lock them both up.

Speaking of law and order, Denis Prager, in an article found on U.S. Defense Watch, titled “Will the Second Civil War Turn Violent?”  Said that ‘left-wing thugs engage in violence and threats of violence with utter impunity.’   He goes on to explain how police have their hands tied by college presidents and city mayors who allow this to happen as the police stand-by as helpless observers.

He is exactly right.  President Trump, when he was still a candidate, said that he would be the law and order President; ok, you now have your chosen Attorney General in place, it is time that law and order happens.  If local police are not allowed to protect American’s civil rights, like Ann Coulter who wasn’t allowed to speak at University of California at Berkeley, then it is time that federal marshals be brought in to enforce their civil rights.

It is no different than in 1962, when President Kennedy sent the U.S. Army to the University of Mississippi to ensure the rights of blacks to attend college there.  Civil rights are everyone’s rights, black, white, brown, tan, olive and yellow.  While the left only wants their chosen people protected by those rights, civil rights is a double edged dagger, cutting both ways.  It is time to start cutting back.

Let us make America great again, the good old fashioned American way, through equal enforcement of the law.

And one more thing, May 4-8 marks the 75th anniversary of the World War II Battle of the
Coral Sea.  This battle stopped the Japanese Imperial Navy in their tracks, and marked the first battle where warships never came in contact with each other.  The battle was completely fought by carrier-based airplanes.  The majority of naval aviators had fewer than 30 hours flying time in their airplanes, and almost none had any combat experience.

The Japanese, on the other hand, were all combat veterans with several hundred combat hours flying time.  The Japanese Imperial Navy had not suffered a defeat in this war, and had every expectation of destroying those undisciplined Americans.  This fleet was going to launch an invasion of Port Mosby in New Guinea.  From there they planned on the invasion of Australia.

Our undisciplined sailors, in the air and on the sea, beat back a superior force and made them withdraw and cancel their planned invasion.  It was a first for Japan, and they were shocked.  Those American boys had the right stuff.  Both sides lost an aircraft carrier, the U.S. the U.S.S Lexington, and the other American carrier there, the U.S.S. Yorktown, was badly damaged.  The Yorktown would go to Pearl Harbor and be repaired in two days, and sail out again to do battle in the Battle of Midway, where it would be sunk.

The majority of those sailors, officer and enlisted alike, were new to the service and were mostly in their early twenties.  Contrast that with the snowflakes who can’t stop crying because Hillary lost the election, and ask yourself if we have what it takes to win another war for our very survival.

This writer believes that we can do it all over again; because those snowflakes are a small minority in this country, they even existed during WWII.  The majority of America’s youth are cut from the same cloth as the Greatest Generation.  Don’t ever believe different, America always has the right stuff.  Having a President Trump should be proof of that.


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