Ramblings and Tidbits…5-14 to 5-21

By Joe Ragonese

Outer space is our next battlefield; the U.S. Air Force recently testified before a subcommittee on Strategic Forces, before the Senate Armed Services Committee, that “Maintaining space superiority is one of its core missions.”  Lt. General Samuel Greaves, Commander of U.S.A.F. Space and Missile Center, testified further, stating that “Space is now a warfighting domain.”

He further noted, “Our potential adversaries understand the advantage we derive from space and view our reliance on space as a vulnerability that they can exploit.  Near-peer competitors will offset any U.S. military advantage derived from our space systems and continue to pursue capabilities to degrade or destroy them.”  Look no further than China’s space program and tests of land based satellite interceptor missiles to understand what he is talking about.  Our next world war will actually go beyond the limits of this world.

This writer was happy to see that the A.F. Space Command is taking the threat seriously, because of the degradation of our armed services, I wasn’t sure.  Our armed forces are in a terrible state of readiness.  A peer nation, like Russia or China, would only have to fight us for a few weeks, and our total technical advantage will have been used.  And then, it is anyone’s guess what might happen.

If our outer space capabilities, like GPS and command and control communications satellites, are degraded by an enemy, our technical advantages disappear altogether.  We could be back to fighting with gravity bombs and line of sight communications.  All the drones and Tomahawk missiles we have in stock, become useless.  Those expensive command and control airplanes, and all that expensive battlefield, real time technology, is worthless.

We would have to fight like we did in Gulf War I; only without the GPS.  Smart bombs would guided by wire or cameras onboard aircraft that need to loiter to deliver them on target.  More airmen die, as do men on the ground and at sea.  Our armed forces are not trained or equipped for a battlefield of that type, and the advantage goes to our enemy.  Space, is the battlefield that is most vulnerable, and more important than most of us realize.

If Russia or China were prepared for war, this is their once in a lifetime opportunity to take advantage of our weakness.  The good news is that neither is ready for war; even though both are in a much better position now than we are.  The state of our military is so poor, due to both Obama’s refusal to fund it reasonably and his interference with the order and discipline through social engineering has left us in a frightful position.

President Trump has not seemed to make a priority out of repairing the state of our military.  That may prove to be a very bad mistake.  Because the non-stop attacks against him in the MSM, have hurt him badly this week, our world standing has been diminished, and we look weak and impotent.  The threat of attack against us rises with each new allegation falsely made against him.

Although most are lies, those people who follow only the MSM think that he is down for the count.  In an op-ed by Newt Gingrich, he said that he has been overseas for the past several days, and they, seeing only the MSM, believe all the things said about him and see America in trouble.

That may not prove a problem if Newt was visiting Italy or Spain, but world leaders in Russia and China also read the New York Times, and believe it.  That can cause us grave problems in the coming months.  It could also lead to war with either, or in North Korea or Iran.   The recklessness of the MSM borders on treason, and they may be responsible for the deaths of millions of us.

President Trump must counter this attack against America, swiftly and decisively.  What he does in response may very well define his presidency.  I called it an attack against America, because it is not merely an attack on him, but it is an attack on each and every one of us who voted for him and believe in America first.  The MSM and left do not believe in America first; which is why they are ruthlessly trying to destroy the country and remake it in their own image.

Those false reports are an assault on the principals of freedom and democracy, the very foundations of America.  Some may mock this, but it is true.  Democrats do not want democracy, they want control.  The radicals who support Democrats do not want freedom, they want tyranny.

Democrats want us to fall into line with every harebrained plan of theirs, like Obamacare, open borders, central planning and central government and all of those silly communist ideas that have been proven failures.  It is what the Democratic Party stands for today.

The wacked out radicals who support them, want total compliance to their will.  Just look at our campuses today.  Those Nazi tactics to deny freedom of speech and freedom of ideas, is what the left wants for America.  They do not want anyone disagreeing with them on any issue, no matter how far-fetched it may be.  Take trans-genders as an example.  They want us to believe that because Bruce Jenner takes pills that makes his body curvy, and he wears make-up, that he is now a girl.  Biology 101, he was born male and will die male, even if he snips off his male body parts.  His condition is a mental illness, not a fluke of nature.

Tell that to a leftist, and they will think that you just committed a hanging offense.  They do not care about science or reality, only what they say.  It is the same with the man-made global warming crisis; even though a preponderance of scientist do not agree with there being a man-made cause of global warming, the left believes it as much as a Christian believes in the resurrection of Christ.  Global warming is their god.

This week’s fake news in the New York Times and Washington Post are an attack on America.  They have been deliberately perpetuated because the left sees blood in the water, caused by them in their attacks on President Trump, and they are going in for the kill.

Every time I see a false report attacking the President, I take it as an attack on me; which it is.  The left wants to override the results of last November’s election, and are doing so with an elan that conservatives are not demonstrating.  Am I the only one whose blood boils seeing this constant effort to offend every one of us who believe in America first, and put this President in office to carry out our wishes?

This may very well be President Trump’s moment of truth.  What he does next will have repercussions on all of us, and the world.  My suggestion is to do what he does best, attack.  This President is not a meek and mild, turn the other cheek type of guy. It will be interesting to see where he goes with his counter-offensive.

If it were my counter-attack, I would announce the appointment of a special White House investigative office, whose job is to locate and prosecute those responsible for leaking classified information to the press, wherever they are within executive branch.  That office would also look into Obama’s illegal use of the executive branch to investigate President-elect and candidate Trump.  That would be followed with a full- fledged investigation into any political involvement in the cover up of the death of DNC worker Seth Rich.  It has been said that high government officials told the Washington D.C. Police Department and the FBI to stand down on that investigation.

And, after the left has conniption fits over that, have them look into the FBI’s mishandling of the Clinton Foundation and email investigations.  Keep the left responding to us, instead of us always responding to them and their false claims.  Who knows, by the time this is all over, we may very well have indictments on every Obama scandal from Benghazi, to Fast and Furious, and even the Pigford affair.

This is not some way out fantasy, it is something that should be done, and should now become an important part of President Trump’s ‘Drain the Swam’ agenda.  A major part of draining the swamp is to find and punish those within government who have been corrupted by the Obama administration.  He has woven such a tight group of criminals into government, that existing governmental investigative agencies can no longer be trusted.  When that happens, start a new agency that has not been infected.

Speaking of corrupted government, Alan Dershowitz, well known Harvard Law School emeritus professor, liberal Democrat, and noted defense lawyer, has written an op-ed for the Hill, where he opines that there is no need for the special prosecutor appointed by the Department of Justice in the Russian hacking investigation, because there have been no laws broken; even if Trump colluded with them.  He stated that the only reason to appoint a special prosecutor would be to investigate those who leaked information to the press.  That is a crime that can be prosecuted.  Dershowitz agrees that the swamp must be drained.

About draining the swamp… President Trump told reporters that ex-Democrat Senator, Joe Lieberman, is high on the list to replace James Comey as head of the FBI.  While reading that my head was about to explode.  Lieberman is exactly the wrong man to head the FBI.  He is a Democrat and deeply embedded in the anti-Trump movement.  He is a part of the swamp that needs draining.  Say it isn’t so!  This President cannot have caved into the MSM and radical left.  He has to appoint a solid policeman with conservative leanings to this important position.  Or else, you have another Comey in office and a compromised FBI.

And one last thing; immigration arrests have jumped nearly 40% under Trump.  The left is going crazy because this President has written findings to do away with Obama era executive orders to ignore all kinds of laws, including the immigration laws.  The MSM has made report after report about those changes, trying to lead us to believe that he is implementing a radical right wing agenda.

The truth is that he is simply telling federal law enforcement agencies to enforce existing laws.  To the left, that is radical.  And, that tells us all we need to know about those who have attacked this President so vehemently this past week.  The Democrats has moved so radically far to the left that there is no middle ground with them.  It is all or nothing.

This week has been a wake-up call for all of us who believe in America first.  This is a civil war and one side will come out victorious, and the other side a loser.  It is time to choose sides, and fight with everything we have, because that is what our opponents are doing.

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