President Trump Must ‘Go to the Mattresses’

By Ray Starmann

Not since the War of 1812, has the White House been in danger of being sacked; this time not by marauding British troops, but by domestic enemies.

President Trump is under siege: by traitors in his inner circle, by the liberal media, by Deep State Quislings and by the Democrats who smell blood in the water.

The President’s agenda, ‘To Make America Great Again’, is being torpedoed and in danger of being sunk, by constant leaks from the White House; by concocted fabrications from the bottom feeders in the corporate, mainstream media; by establishment hacks in the Beltway and by the Democrats, who know they are all one step away from being indicted on charges ranging from violations of the Espionage Act to the murder of Seth Rich.

Whether it is a press conference going south, the Russian collusion snowball, or ‘All the Lies Fit to Print’ from the NY Times, the President is on the ropes. His daily schedule has become nothing more than a series of withdrawals under fire.

He must establish a hasty defense and then counter-attack, hitting hard in all directions.

Like the fictional mafia family, the Corleones in the Oscar-winning film, The Godfather, the President must ‘Go to the Mattresses.’ He must cry havoc and unleash the dogs of war.

Tom Hagen: What about Bruno Tattaglia?

Sonny: That’s part of the deal. Bruno cancels out what they did to my father.

Tom Hagen: Sonny, we ought to hear what they have to say.

Sonny: No, no, no! No more! Not this time, Consigliere! No more meetin’s! No more discussions! No more Sollozzo tricks! You give ’em one message – I want Solozzo. If not, it’s all-out war, we go to the mattresses.

Tom Hagen: Some of the other families won’t sit still for all-out war!

President Trump must do the following:

1 – He must stop using Twitter as a platform to bicker and battle. The only Tweets coming from him should be official policy announcements. The use of Twitter as a vehicle to argue with the public does not befit the office of President of the United States.

2 – He must sack Sean Spicer and hire a press secretary who is not only an excellent speaker and smart, but also ruthless. He must rebuild his White House communications department. He is in an information war. He must have a press secretary and a communications staff who are not afraid to take the fight to the press.

3 – He must locate the leakers in the White House and destroy them, destroy defined as telling them they have ten minutes to leave the premises and that they are forever banished from 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue. Any White House staff member who has been caught revealing classified information to the press, must be prosecuted.

4 – He must permanently ban the NY Times and the Washington Post from all press briefings, forever. He has the other, more extreme option of terminating all press briefings. The liberal, mainstream media has declared war on President Trump and the millions of Americans who voted for him.

5 – He must begin to clean out the Deep State devotees from the intelligence community, the Department of Defense and the State Department. These people are nothing more than Obama administration acolytes who are doing everything they can to undermine this President.

6 – Finally, and perhaps most importantly, President Trump and his cabinet must strike back at the Democrats by reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s multiple violations of the Espionage Act. The DOJ must also go after the Clinton Foundation, which is nothing more than a fraudulent pay for play scheme. Furthermore, the DOJ should begin to investigate the murder of DNC operative Seth Rich, while also investigating John Podesta’s ties with Russia.

The Democrats are out for blood and for one simple reason; they know the depth of their crimes and are more than aware that the longer Donald Trump sits in the White House and Jeff Sessions serves as Attorney General, the odds grow that the wheels of justice will crush them to death.

The President has one only one option, he must attack ferociously and destroy his enemies before they destroy him.

14 comments on “President Trump Must ‘Go to the Mattresses’
  1. Totally agree. I would add, all CFR/Trilateral members should be purged from his circle.

  2. “The Democrats are out for blood and for one simple reason…” – there is another compelling reason, other than the one proposed in the article: Soros! Soros owns the Democrats, many Republican senators, most of the press, the snowflakes, and many subversive orgs. Soros is at war with Trump. Close down Soros’ subversive activities and influence in these groups, and Trump will be able to go about being the President he desires to be.

  3. Absolutely Ray No more Mr. nice guy and time to take out the trash and we the people need to replace the traitors in congress trying to do Trump in like McCain, Graham, Ryan, etc.

  4. Looking from the outside in, is like using a stethescope on the box of a computer in an effort to understand what is going on. Trump may not know the game yet, but he is not dumb and he has played many a game.
    Your suggestions are valid options, but still he needs friends, people that will support him thru and thru and assist in finding the leakers. more than 1/2 of the US population will help Trump, So, Mr President, people that support you are all over, You can find them if you look.

  5. I agree 100 %, and he needs to do it now. Spicer and his chief of staff must go, along with Bannon….Theyu have done nothing for him…… He also needs to stop the nepotism….

  6. It could not have been said in a better way. You have covered the essentials. There is not one minute to waste. It’s sheer insanity out there! They are like wild dogs continually nipping at the President until he falls. Once down, it’s over…forever!

  7. Trump installed CHABAD- neocons on steroids, more Goldman mafia than Hill & Obama combined and his crowning touch was nepotistism enthronement of his totally incompetent UNQUALIFIED son and daughter in law to positions of top power.
    TRUMP made these decisions- not the RINOs or Dems or media. HE did.
    He is a blowhard and has no idea of what he’s doing. In the end? Only ISRAEL and the zionist cartel will win this term- as always.

  8. THE US MILITARY swore an OATH TO GOD,to go after TRAITORS, foreign and domestic,THEY HAVE YET to protect america like they swore to do,ITS TIME FOR TRUMP TO “ORDER THE ARMY RANGERS” to start picking up traitors and take them to GETMO,for a serious talk about their plans,WE know they’ll wanta talk after arriving at getmo…….

  9. THIS IS A WARNING,start getting all your supplies and ammo ready,THE UNITED NATIONS a large building in new york city,FILLED with terrorists..,they are planning to take president trump out of power,AND THEY WILL,america will be attacked…you better be ready,THIS WILL HAPPEN ANY DAY NOW,and your time to be ready will have ended..WAR IN THE STREETS OF AMERICA…

  10. Watch for Dr. Jerome Corsi’s expose of what is at play here >

    no amount of truth to counter this Soviet style “dis-informational” meme will be effective in this “Russian Collusion” meme that has festered. There are counter techniques that will address this internal coup.. they must be placed in service immediately. Only then can the purge of the DC pedo’s/globalists/satanists be intensified , and IT GOES ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP (right slick willy?).. patience though persistence.

  11. To begin with, WE did no vote for ivanka and kushner to be ANYTHING connected to the presidency.
    what is this ? a rerun of madame co-president ?
    and then we have kushner and HIS friends as in GORELICK,etc-
    they have to go.

  12. You have done a great job of identifying the negative influences that our president needs to attack with both speed and ruthlessness, if he is going to have any real chance of making America great again. I would only suggest that the president’s first priority should be to uncover and then “crush” the leakers, and replace them with people who’s loyalty can be counted on.

  13. It was the “Deep State” who turned the reputation of Quisling upside down and made his name a pejorative. He was actually a truly patriotic Norwegian who wanted the best for his people. Anything else you read is fake history.

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