Dark Days in May – The Deep State Coup to Overthrow Trump

By Ray Starmann

The Deep State, the mysterious cabal consisting of intelligence personnel, sundry government officials, high-ranking military officers and politicians is not something out of a Robert Ludlum novel; but most distressingly, a living, breathing, monstrously evil entity out for blood.

The Deep State, a body of traitors, to America, to the American people, to American history is determined to assassinate Donald Trump, as they did to a young President in 1963. But, this time the murder of the President won’t be done by triangulated 7.62mm fire. This time the Deep State weapons of war are not rifles and bullets, but a constant stream of disinformation and lies spread by the liberal mainstream media, Democratic politicians and worthless GOP establishment hacks.

A coup d’etat is underway and the evil machinations seemed to accelerate to light speed in the last week and a half. Every move the President makes and every word he says is twisted with a sickening Machiavellian cunning.

The following events were completely distorted by the Deep State minions who call themselves the mainstream media.

Tuesday, May 9: President Trump fires FBI Director Comey. Immediately the Deep State propaganda forces in the alt left media claim that the President is trying to stop the FBI from uncovering POTUS’ ties to Russia.

Wednesday, May 10: Trump holds a closed-door meeting with the Russian foreign minister and Moscow’s ambassador to the U.S. at the White House. The liberal mainstream media is irate that they are not invited to the meeting and claim a Kremlin-friendly news agency from Russia is present.

Monday, May 15: The Washington Post erroneously reports that Trump revealed highly classified information to the Russians in the closed-door meeting. The fake news outlet, the NY Times, ‘confirms’ the report. The White House says the Washington Post report is totally false, National Security Adviser HR McMaster holds an impromptu press conference and states, “I was there. He didn’t do it.”

Tuesday, May 16: President Trump states that he did give the Russians unclassified information concerning ISIS’ ability to manufacture laptop bombs. He also states quite correctly, that he is the highest declassification authority in the country and can declassify anything he desires, regardless of what Kate Bolduan thinks.

Meanwhile, lying mainstream media lackeys such as Joe Scarborough and his globalist co-host Mika Brzezinski claim the President put American lives at risk.

Thursday, May 18: The alternate media world led by Alex Jones publishes James Comey’s testimony from May 3rd where he clearly states that there was no attempt to obstruct justice by President Trump or any member of his administration. This contradicts Comey’s claims that he has a ‘memo’ (which no one has seen) detailing President Trump’s apparent attempts to obstruct justice concerning the General Flynn investigation.

Friday, May 19: It is announced that Vice President Mike Pence is establishing a super PAC. This lends credence to the impeachment talk on Capitol Hill. This afternoon the dishonest rag sheet, the NY Times claimed that President Trump told the Russians he fired ‘nut job’ Comey to clear the way on the Russian investigation.

This, like everything else coming out of the anus of the liberal media is a lie. The Russian investigation is continuing with or without James Comey’s corrupt keyster parked in an FBI office.

And, it goes on and on and on: the constant attacks, the leaks, the talks of impeachment, the idiotic Watergate parallels, lies about his staff, fabrications that he is insane and of course the Russia collusion fairy tale, the greatest bit of maskirovka every created, a gargantuan fairy tale concocted to soothe incompetent liberal egos and to destroy a sitting President. It’s an endless liberal filibuster to overthrow a President.

Tonight, the President is on the way to the Middle East and Europe on a nine day foreign jaunt. Just as they did, 900 years ago, when Richard the Lion Hearted was off to the fight the Crusades, traitors at home are plotting the king’s demise.

What do these Deep State people want?

They want nothing more than to control the narrative and the narrative is globalism: open borders, unvetted Islamic immigration, train wreck free trade deals that crucify the American worker and endless, unwinnable wars. They want the United States of America to become the EU and the EU is a lifeless, soulless, tyrannical super state with no regard for the rights and values of its citizens. They want nothing more than to make trillions while the rest of us are reduced to modern day serfs under the guise of Marxist ideologies like diversity and political correctness.

Globalism is death, to US national sovereignty, to the US economy, to every American and to the very future of this land.

The Deep State is death and the American people better wake up and realize that their government has been hijacked by Quisling scum.

Be in no doubt, the Deep State and their willing liberal media executioners are the enemies of every American who believes in national sovereignty, capitalism and American values. There is no going back with these people. They wish to destroy the President and our way of life to implement policies which are destructive to the nation.

This weekend the President is out of the country and the Preakness is running. It’s all starting to look like a real world version of the film, Seven Days in May.

6 comments on “Dark Days in May – The Deep State Coup to Overthrow Trump
  1. True enough! Now, how do we stop this overthrow of our country? What is going on with the media and the establishment in Washington is obviously well funded and organized. There is big money behind this as well as ruthless individuals who are stopping at nothing to bring down our constitutionally elected president. Will this lead to a violent revolution? We need to come together fast and demand enforcement of Federal and State laws to arrest violent protesters and prosecute individuals who have committed illegal activities in the Department of Justice and our intelligence agencies. What gives with Soros and Obama? Interesting articles on their connection! What about the murder of Seth Rich? This was no robbery!!! Whoever is behind all if this madness is very deliberate, well funded, vicious, and lethal to the life of our country!

  2. The Liberals FEARED from the onset THE NEW WORLD ORDER (NWO) starting in America. Where else would they have thought it may begin. Certainly not Europe? And, if one did, one would have to be ignorant of political affairs in present day Europe! The USA, (has) will always be the greatest power. The Liberals have lost their COMFORT ZONE and desperately want it back by defeating Donald Trump. They know time is NOT on their side. There is a strong core of support for the President. He is well respected abroad. AND RUSSIA, YOU SAY. The President is very close to “bedding” V. Putin and company. He is playing a sophisticated card game at a level no Liberal could comprehend (with the exception of those who truly can read the President like a book)!. If anyone thinks Donald Trump is that naïve and stupid well “you ain’t seeing nothing yet!” Simply look at the man. The Liberals despise his confidence (some would say arrogance). He is a well versed negotiator and can smell a rat a mile away.

    I remember tweeting the President when he was running for office. I said to him,” remember your list, checking it twice, taking note who is and not nice…” He tweeted me back (the only one time) and said…” Re-tweeted yours to Mike Pence and Rudolph Giuliani.

    He will never forgo that list. The President will “have HIS day in court.” I pity the poor souls who are on his list!

  3. It’s past time to keep lists of names companies or government agencies, and addresses, that these triators work for, so they can be collected up when the war starts.. If they want to start a civil war then they should be the first combatants to die in the war before firing squads.
    They and government agencies have been keeping lists of Free Americans for years now, Hitlery cartoon and her ilk have lists . red blue and green, Our lists should only be red.

  4. The only traitors in America is its people. The masses who gave up keeping up with issues. To lazy to work for their country. To lazy to act on injustice. To lazy to even direct their own children.
    So no , politicians did not cause the downfall of America, it’s lazy people did.
    So I don’t blame them for taking their money and living above the law. Americans and all the false Christians who blindly follow the president who throws them a few cookies. Christians at most are false and don’t follow bible law. Trump is not a Christian, just a false one.
    But blindly foe wow him to the gutter

  5. It appears that we need to arrest everyone of these deep state criminals and through their ass in prison for a life time. Lets get to them first these slimeballs. Even if we have to use the military to arrest them first. lets move on them before they know what we are doing.!!!!!!!!

  6. Trump has let it be known he wants the death penalty for pedophiles and many of those are within The Deep or establishment. That includes senior ranking military officers. Don’t put it past a corrupt military to attempt to arrest President Trump because the senior officers have little to loose since they know Trump will attempt to have them executed. Over 3,000 pedophile arrest have happened since Trump was inaugurated but its being deliberately left out of the media. Logic says there will be blood because there are more in our military who support Trump than those who are against Trump.


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