BREAKING: Wikileaks Emails Ties The Podesta Brothers To The Doctor Who Oversaw Seth Rich Before He Died

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Seth Rich died after he was shot multiple times on the 2100 block of Flagler Place NW which is three blocks east of Howard University Hospital and six minutes away from MedStar Washington Hospital Center. The Washington D.C. police report says Seth Rich survived the initial shootings and died later at the hospital.

There have been no reports on which hospital he was taken to, but common sense indicates it would have had to been Medstar Washington Hospital Center.

Howard University Hospital is closer and has an emergency room, but not for trauma surgery so Seth Rich had to have been taken to MedStar Washington Hospital Center.

The lead director of the Gold Surgery team at MedStar Washington Hospital Center is Jack Sava, MD.

Jack Sava is in a relationship with Lisa Kountoupes. Multiple Wikileaks emails show Kountoupes and Sava connections with the Podesta brothers.

How or why exactly did Rich pass away at the hospital?

Kountoupes and Sava are on the guest list in this Podesta email Check out the Excel spreadsheet (download).

More connections from i-love_america:

The attachment of this email shows Lisa Koutoupes co-hosting at the fundraiser with the Podesta bros.

Lisa Kountoupes happens to be “Named to the Hill’s Top Lobbyists 2016: Hired Guns Source on Koutoupes named top lobbyist—

Guess what?? She also lobbied for the Clintons!!!

More info on Kountoupes work in DC. SHE WORKED FOR DEPT OF ENERGY

She has URANIUM ONE CONNECTIONS!!!! Here is their Uranium One L2-Disclosure form

Here is lobbying record

“Kountoupes Consulting has been hired by Uranium One Inc. to lobby on “issues related to uranium mining and the uranium market.”

ALSO SHE IS A CLINTON ADMIN VET!!!!! Source here!!!!!!


Lisa Kountoupes visited Obama White House 29 times. last visit is May 31st, for appointment with Jaime Kreager made on May 26th at 6:53PM

John Podesta was there the 26th

*Last leaked email was May 25th**

Is it just a coincidence that Seth Rich survived the shooting, but mysteriously died at the hospital where a Podesta/DNC ally is in charge of the trauma surgery unit?

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  1. We have a huge pedophile ring going on in this country and they need to be uncovered and brought to justice. They are dirty as all get out. A number of people have been brought to light who are—-obama, hillary, pedesta brothers, comey. these people are sick. And being hi up in gov. they don’t want this coming to light and ruin their profession.— for me screw them –WE NEED JUSTICE FOR THE KIDS THAT THEY HAVE RUINED. And these people better know that anything happen to the staff or the DOCTOR THAT WORKED ON SETH .

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