By Ronnie Herne

The internationalists never stop, they never give up, they dirty everything.

    This particular Rotary gun assault first came to my attention a few days back (? 4-12-17) on The Lars Larson Show (radio) when a caller brought it to Lars’ attention.  Another caller confirmed it and a third caller said he’d been trying to convince someone to join Rotary when that bombshell hit the radio waves.  Maybe the best call of all came from an active Rotarian who cited the “Four Way Test” familiar to all of  Rotary:

Four Way Test (by Herbert J Taylor):

  1. Is it the truth?
  2. Is it fair to all concerned?
  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

The caller’s conclusion was that Rotary International’s new anti-gun policy – enacted in January 2017, to take effect July 1, 2017 – violated all four tenets!  (Those are really harsh words from an active dedicated  Rotary member.)

So what exactly did these International champions of “Service Above Self” — a Rotary motto – do that apparently did NOT include the Four Ways of truth; fairness to all; goodwill and friendship; and benefits to all?

Here’s an explanatory – and complicit – excerpt from the Tucson Presidio Rotary Club:

“Dear Governors:

On Monday morning’s webinar, when I reviewed the January 2017 board meeting and decision, I spoke to the changes in Rotary code as they relate to the use of guns, weapons and other armaments…

At the January 2017 [International] board meeting the board adopted the attached revisions to the Code of Policies.  The notable changes included:

  • Prohibiting Rotary clubs, districts and other Rotary Entities from transferring ownership of weapons.
  • Prohibiting clubs, districts and Rotary Entities from conducting or sponsoring gun shows.
  • Prohibiting clubs, districts and Rotary Entities from accepting sponsorships from gun/weapon companies or stores, and preventing use of Rotary’s logo with the name or logo of a gun/weapon company or store.
  • Prohibiting clubs, districts and Rotary Entities from using any visual that includes weapons.
  • Prohibiting licensing by RI of guns or weapons.” End of excerpt.

This policy will be found at Chapter II, Article 2, Section 2.100. of their Code of Policies.

Here’s another top-down Rotary directive to chew on:

From Rotary Club 7680 [West-Central North Carolina]:

Community Service – Fundraiser
“An email was sent out in January from Rotary International. It came from Americas Club & District Support Supervisor Greg Franks and included a letter from Chief Programs & Member Services Officer Jim Barnes stating:
‘Rotary International has learned that a few Rotary clubs are sponsoring or hosting gun and knife shows, shooting tournaments, and hunts and are using Rotary’s trademarks on materials for these events. As you may (or may not) know, the RI Board has set forth guidelines for use of the Rotary Marks by Rotary clubs for sponsorship and cooperative relationship purposes, and this policy prohibits clubs from accepting relationships that support the use of harmful products, including weapons and other armaments;’”  End of excerpt. 

[Are bows and arrows armaments?  Sling shots?  Hammers?  How about the arrows in the eagle’s talon on our legal tender?]

Why would Rotary International, the umbrella organization for 35,000+  Rotary clubs globally, with 1,200,000+  members, enact such a policy?  Here’s why.   Rotary was formed by businessmen back in 1905.  By 1945 when the United Nations was being birthed, Rotary was right there lending a helping hand.  In fact, in1942 Rotary had already called a conference to discuss the formation of the United Nations, and to establish what would become known as UNESCO: the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Rotary International was recognized as an original UN consultant and a contributing member NGO (Non-Governmental Organization).  At the very first U.N. meeting in London in 1946 a Rotary International president spoke of  “…the ideal of service to mankind in international affairs.”  (By the way, they finally allowed women to join starting in 1987.  WOW…….!)

So, unbeknownst to most local Rotary Innocents, Rotary International is a transnational One World NGO firmly grounded in the United Nations.  And you know what the U.N. thinks of guns.

This doesn’t just apply to Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Glock…  No.  This apparently applies to all stores that sell guns and related equipment.  Let’s think Walmart for a second.  Walmart is HUGE.  And Walmart does fund raising in all of their communities.  Now, are these Walmarts no longer allowed to support, fund or sponsor local Rotary activities…?

These internationalists need to be brought to their knees.  This is America, the United States of AmericaWE  have a Constitution and our Constitution has a Second Amendment that reaffirms our God-given right to keep arms to protect ourselves.

   Rotary International has supplied means of communications.  Let them know you are out there.

Write Letters to the Editors; send Rotary copies.  Ask your local Rotary friends just what the heck is going on?  Maybe carry a pro-America sign outside of their weekly meetings.  Call your talk shows.  Make sure your lists get this article.  Pass it out where you shop or hang out.  Let your veteran friends know about it.  Encourage that newly kindled spark of  America First.

Do your part.  They are trashing America.

And remember: Rotary International has shown itself for the globalist venom-laden snake it really is.  Now that you know what it is, is it wise to keep hugging it?  Friends don’t let friends hug snakes…..

Rotary International at 866-976-8279 or 847-866-3000 or email  rotarysupportcenter@rotary.org

Snail mail: One Rotary Center,  1560 Sherman Avenue,  Evanston, Illinois  60201  USA

[A delicious if tiny piece of irony….  These anti-gunners are located on a street called Sherman Avenue…  Anyone remember the total devastation by armaments and cavalry in “Sherman’s March to the Sea”?  Or the Sherman tanks of WWII?  What?  Does Rotary think “Sherman” is a cigarette…?]


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