There’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Wyatt Trump

By Ray Starmann

In the early hours of Friday morning, the US Navy fired 60 Tomahawk missiles at various targets at Shayrat Air Base in Syria. The operation, ordered by President Trump, was in retaliation for the Syrian Air Force’s Sarin nerve gas attack on the town of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib province on Tuesday. The Sarin attack, which was undoubtedly ordered by President Bashar al-Assad, killed 100 people, injured 400 and the figures are still rising. Most distressing were the pictures flashed across the world of babies and children dying from the lethal nerve gas.

Whether you support the President’s actions, whether you think it was a false flag attack meant to lure the US into a quagmire, whether you believe the lunatic left that it was a scheme cooked up by Putin and Trump; whether you are a globalist or a staunch libertarian non-interventionist, the facts remain the same; there’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Wyatt Trump.

Mr. Trump acknowledged that his actions were largely motivated by the horrific TV images of little children gasping for air, while others lay dead and wounded around them.

But, the populist wing of the GOP is not happy. Many feel the Sarin attack may be a false flag attack cooked up by Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham and neocons. Others are irate Steve Bannon has been largely sidelined and replaced by Mr. Trump’s son in law, Jared Kushner.

The left was initially supportive of the President’s actions, but now the Russian fable is rearing its ugly head again, with a new virus strain; Putin and Trump planned the gas attack and the response together. According to the left, Putin supplied the Sarin and Trump provided the missiles. If Mr. Trump thought he could please the Democrats by attacking an ally of Russia, he was wrong. There is no peace with the left.

More important than the reaction of libertarians, country club Republicans and delusional liberals is the message that the cruise missile attack sent to the world.

For starters, President Xi of China, had just arrived at Mar-a-Lago and like Frankie Five Angels in the Godfather, was kept waiting in the lobby for over an hour, while the President dealt with the operation and then briefed the nation.

When asked about his thoughts concerning the attack, Xi was hardly condemning of the President. He said he understood why Mr. Trump had taken the action he had.  Xi’s meeting with the President was largely positive. No doubt the missile attack sent a clear message to China; ‘get Kim Jong-Un under control or we will.’

The attack was also a shot across the bow to the nation’s other adversaries: North Korea, Iran, Russia and ISIS.

The attack was a signal to Europe and particularly to the EU: the USA is no longer afraid to take military action. American leadership is back.

Gone are the days of Obama’s disappearing line in the sand.

Gone are the days of Obama doing nothing as Assad murders 1500 Syrians with gas.

Gone are the days of Obama’s laughable ‘2 bombs a day, keeps ISIS away’ air campaign.

Gone are the days of the US Navy taunted by Iranian gunboats in the Persian Gulf.

Gone are the days of US Navy sailors on their knees, surrendering to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, while John Kerry apologizes to the maniacal mullahs in Teheran.

Gone are the days of John Kerry traveling to France with James Taylor and a box of Pier One candles.

Gone are the days of Jobs for Jihadis and other inane excuses for Obama’s gutless foreign policy.

President Trump’s actions on Thursday night were largely Reaganesque. The operation was swift and deadly. There was no endless, Clinton waddling as National Security Council meetings became Oxford bull sessions. The decision was made and the attack was launched.

Besides the fact that the world now knows the President of the United States isn’t a total candyass like his predecessor, an even more important message was delivered; Mr. Trump is unpredictable and that might be his greatest political strength.

During the Reagan Presidency, his advisers deliberately presented the image of the President as an unpredictable cowboy who may very well blow your country off the face of the earth if you pushed him too far. It worked. America’s enemies were terrified of Reagan and he was able to use this fear as leverage to end the Cold War. The respect for America lost under Carter was regained under Reagan, just as the respect lost under Obama will be regained under Trump.

What happens next in Syria is the most important question. Will Assad get the message sent to him by 59,000 pounds of TNT or will he continue to use chemical weapons on his own people? Undoubtedly, Putin now knows President Trump is serious about Syria, unlike Obama. The Russians understand only one thing, force, something Obama was terrified to use. Now, that Mr. Trump has projected power, will the US and Russia work together to rid Syria of ISIS? Will the Russians ever allow a Syria to exist that is not run by Bashar al-Assad?

Time will tell…

Hopefully, Assad and our other enemies understood the most important message that the Tomahawks delivered; if you pick a fight with the United States under President Trump, you’ll be eating lead with a side order of TNT.


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