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USS Mobile Bay (CG 53)

By Joe Ragonese

Saturday, April 29, will mark President Trump’s first 100 days in office.  The MSM keeps trying to tell us that he has not accomplished much; more fake news.  There is no need to delineate what he has done, because it has been awesome.  The MSM continues lying to us, saying that the President has just gone through his honeymoon period.  With any other President that was true.  Even Ronald Reagan, as much as the MSM hated him, they did cut him some slack during his transition period.  President Trump has not been given any breathing room.  He has been under siege by Democrats and the MSM ever since taking office.

What those first 100 days signify is a transition into office.  No man, or woman, no matter how experienced or politically astute they may have been prior to accepting office, is not really ready for the responsibility.  President Trump is no different.  He has learned exactly what it means to actually be the most important man in the world.  It may have modified some of the beliefs of candidate Trump, but not many and not any of the promises he made while running.  He has carried through with almost every campaign promise, or is in the process of carrying them out.  That alone sets him apart from every Democrat who has been elected President.

His first 100 days is marked by the fact that he has kept his word, something refreshing in Washington D.C.  If only everyone else elected to office would do what they were elected to do, life would be good.  Republicans, not all, but the same ones who have been elected to office over and over again to carry out the wishes of those who put them into office, are again reneging on their campaign promises.  We’ve elected them to office consistently since 2010 to repeal O-care, and with control of all three branches, they still haven’t done so.

What is even more frustrating is that Democrats are acting as if they won the election in overwhelming numbers, not Republicans.  They use the threat of shutting down the government over the heads of Republicans as if it were an axe about to decapitate them.  It is time that our Republican congressmen grow some spine and accept the Democrats’ challenge.  Let them shut down the government.  The MSM will keep telling everyone that it is the Republicans’ fault for not compromising with Democrats, but if Republicans show some intestinal fortitude, by holding out until the Demos cave, the lesson will be learned that Democrats can be held accountable for their bad behavior.

Until that happens, President Trump will have a difficult time governing.  Now is the best time to shut down the government, and keep it closed until Democrats understand that they are the minority party.  It is the Democrats last hoorah; their only path to providing Obama with some type of a legacy rather than a completely failed Presidency.  It’s all about Obamacare, and Democrats are willing to shut down government to keep at least some shred of it alive.  It’s time for Republicans to finally stand up to the congressional bullies and take them down.

If Republicans were to act like leaders, Democrats would not be completely obstructive throughout the remainder of President Trump’s eight years in office.  If Republicans cave this time, the next eight years will be a nightmare.  President Trump, on the other hand, has gotten off to a strong start, showing the press and Democrats that he will not be bullied.  He stands up for his principals, even though it drives the radical left insane.  So far he is in the process of keeping all of his promises; but some remain unfulfilled.  The most important promise yet to be kept is rebuilding the military.  It takes time to rebuild; however, there are important steps that should be implemented immediately.

Our armed forces are in distress.  They may, or may not, be able to win wars.  Winning wars is their only purpose.  Due to eight years of social engineering, the armed forces, all branches, are dysfunctional.  It is no accident that they are in such a state, Obama and his radical leftist base did this purposefully.  The left does not believe that America should be the world’s leader, and it should certainly not be able to demand lesser countries behave in a civilized manner.  It is why Obama did away with Don’t ask, Don’t tell, showed favoritism for homosexuals, transgender rights and female empowerment.   Lowering standards to allow females into combat positions was again done to obstruct our war-fighting abilities.  The radical left does not want us to be the most powerful nation on earth.  Knowing that makes it understandable why those actions were taken.

President Trump said that he would rebuild our military and make it the strongest in the world.  He hired General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, to do just that.  Mattis was appointed Secretary of Defense on January 20, and today, over two months later, has yet to even make a statement of intent on his goals; let alone women in combat.  The orders of his predecessor, Ash Carter, have to be repealed, just as O-care needs to be in the trash can of failed Democratic policies, to make our military strong again.

It is understandable, to a point, that he did not make it his first project, yet with world events unfolding at lightning speed, Mattis has to do as much as he can, as fast as he can, to bring our forces up to combat standards as soon as possible.  That would include removing women from the combat arms.  It was, after all, the Marine Corps, General Mattis’ branch, that spent 36 million to verify what every high school freshman knows, that women are not men, and women on the battlefield make our men in combat less effective.

Our degraded forces are facing the challenges of combat at an expedited pace.  More are moving into harm’s way in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and elsewhere in order to combat ISIS, on a daily basis.  The ground commander in charge of those forces is constantly requesting more personnel, which Obama would not provide, and Trump is.  On top of that, our Navy is facing direct challenges from Iran on almost a daily basis, as they challenge our ships in the Gulf of Hormuz.  Soon, very soon, one of their revolutionary guards attack boats is going to close too much and be blown out of the water.  From there, who knows what happens next.

Aboard those war ships are female sailors; officer and enlisted, who may or may not be able to perform up to the standards of past U.S. Navy personnel at war.  We really don’t know because of the P.C. culture that has infested our forces for the past eight years or more.  In the air, we have women flying combat aircraft, in both the Navy and Air Force; we know from historical events that they do not perform to the standards of their male counterparts; although most of that information has been hidden; again due to political correctness.

This brings us to our most immediate concern, war in North Korea.  A recent poll, released by Fox News, says that 54% of Americans believe that military action is called for against North Korea.  Of course less than one percent of those in that survey have ever worn the uniform and are only gallantly calling for those who do wear it, to face chemical, biological and nuclear warfare, because they will not be at risk.  Bullets seem tame in the face of a CBR battlefield.  Never the less, we may be coming to a head in North Korea.  China may intercede on our behalf, and stop the carnage that would follow if we were tasked with taking out Kim’s nuclear capability.

China is not our friend, if they did intercede, they would extract a hefty price from President Trump in the way of concessions.  What that might look like is anyone’s guess, but it would not be something that would benefit America.  China is preparing for war with America, and if they keep North Korea from dragging them into a premature one with America now, it would be the only reason they would help us.  China just launched their first home built aircraft carrier.  It is not up to the standards of our carriers; none the less, it is capable of projecting aggressive military power in the South China Sea, which China claims as their own.  While the U.S. Navy won’t be intimidated, those countries surrounding the area will be.

This is China’s second aircraft carrier and is expected to be fully combat operational by 2020.  They have plans of building at least two more aircraft carriers.  They are also building many more war ships, preparing for a fight with a peer navy; the U. S., many of those proposed ships will be able to take out our aircraft carriers in or near their waters, using anti-ship missiles, which they already possess.  Those missiles can be launched from ships, aircraft and from land.  Those islands, which China built on top of coral reefs, have the capability to house anti-ship missiles that can defeat America’s top of the line aircraft carriers.  In conjunction with their improved air force fighters and anti-missile/anti-satellite missiles, there is no doubt that they are building a fighting force to take on the world’s best armed forces; that would be America.

While Russia is no slouch in the combat arms department, they have no naval ambitions.  That separates them from China as far as an international threat.  It doesn’t make them any less dangerous.  They have ambitions in the Baltic states, the Ukraine, Georgia and the Middle East.  Without a large imposing navy, they can accomplish all of those goals.  And, last, but not least, there is Iran.  They have been at war with us since 1979, killing as many Americans as they could.  They like to humiliate us.

Under this President, Iran will not get away with that.  They may not fully understand that yet.  They are used to humiliating Obama and laughing all the way to the bank with our money.  It will be a wake-up call for them the first time they attempt humiliating President Trump.  A military confrontation lurks around every corner in the world.  This all leads right back to General Mattis’ lack of resolve in stopping the social engineering that is destroying our military.  Of all the shortcomings of President Trump’s first 100 days, that tops this writer’s list.

One last thought; a group claiming to be an anti-fascist student organization has shut down the 67th Rose Parade in downtown Portland, Oregon, with a simple threat sent via email.  The email threatened to disrupt the parade because there was a group of Republicans marching in it.  They said keep the Republicans out or else.  The organizing committee caved into the threat and shut the whole parade down.  This Nazi organization, claiming to be anti-fascist, is the tip of the spear in today’s culture war.

It is a direct assault on our constitution and the freedom of speech, and our right to assemble peacefully.  Combine this with the hatred causing Ann Coulter to cancel her speech at Berkeley, California, and we have a real problem that needs to be addressed here at home.

Political hatred is killing America.  It needs to be faced down and those who attack the constitution need to be stopped by all means necessary.  A federal prosecutor needs to act decisively to stop this hate against America, now, or like a cancer it will spread.  History teaches us that this is exactly how Nazi Germany became the scourge of the world, by stopping any opposition thought or speech, through intimidation, threats and when that didn’t work, through violence.  Let us not repeat the failures of the past by thinking that it cannot happen here.  I am sure many Germans thought that exact same thing in 1933.

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  1. You’ve covered a lot of ground here and I agree with
    it all. We may be going into war or wars “with the
    army we’ve got” shortly, and I hope and pray we won’t
    be found wanting. A little more sense of urgency from
    the leadership on making the corrections needed would be appreciated.

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