Ramblings & Tidbits for the week of March 26th

By Joe Ragonese

The irony of America’s Civil War was that when it was over, politicians learned that there is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that prohibits a state from secession.  If there were, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and all the other leaders of the Confederacy would have been tried for their treason.  They were not because there was no law stopping secession from the union.  This is mentioned because Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Union, threatened President Trump, in a speech in Malta, implying aiding Austin, Texas and the State of California in carrying out their threats to secede, over his support for Brexit and France exits.

California may very well make a concerted effort to secede, and it may pass, but Austin cannot.  But, Juncker’s threats are meaningless having come from an organization that only exists because the U.S. supplies the Army to protect it.  Ray Starmann wrote an excellent article about this man and the EU titled Jean-Claude Juncker and EU Eurotrash.  That article explains everything you need to know about how meaningless the words from Juncker are.

More meaningless words were spoken by Defense Secretary, General James Mattis, who said North Korea’s reckless actions must be stopped.  It is a toothless remark, because we are not about to go to war with them.  Any action would have an immediate and devastating reaction.  Kim Jong-un, the 32-year-old undisputed “supreme leader” of North Korea, is an immature, spoiled brat who would nuke South Korea and Japan at the slightest provocation.

It isn’t as if we are helpless to do anything, but any combat action taken against the north will have severe consequences for the south, and the world.  As for our enlisting the aid of China, North Korea’s primary protector, they have nothing to gain by interceding on our behalf.  In fact, China could use any action taken against North Korea as an act of war and get into a fight with America that it is itching to have.

The tough talk is a welcome departure away from the lack of any talk about dealings with North Korea by Obama and his administration, but until a plan is enacted, don’t expect much more than talk.  The only time America could have stopped North Korea from obtaining a nuclear bomb was during the Clinton years.  But he was doing other things (chasing women) and paid a huge ransom to them on the promise that they would not develop a nuclear bomb.  As you can see, there is a pattern with Democrats aiding communist or anti-American governments and providing them the funds to usurp America.  The Iran deal with Obama instantly comes to mind.

The North Korean / China problem falls directly in Bill Clinton’s lap.  What most people forget is that under Clinton, the Chinese stole, aided by his administration, all the technological information they needed to develop the weapons that they now have to destroy America and our armed forces.  Their army, air force, navy and space forces were all updated with the necessary technology thanks to Clinton; who took millions of dollars in contributions from them through fictitious corporations.  Doesn’t that sound familiar, like Hillary’s State Department and pay-to-play?

Clinton’s dealings with the Chinese was a scandal that the media covered up.  Even the opposition political press, like Fox News, only barely touched on the depths that the scandal reached.  Without the information gleaned during Clinton’s tenure as President, the Chinese armed forces would still be a backward second class military power and not the threat they pose today.  When we finally do fight the war with them, that is all but inevitable; win or lose, it will all be because Clinton aided with its conception.

The media is really good at covering up for Democrats.  During the Clinton Presidency there was very little opposition press, Fox News Channel was new, only going on the air near the end of the first Clinton term, in 1996, and it did not have the reach that it does now.  The only talk radio guy at the time was Rush Limbaugh, and his voice, while reaching millions, had yet to peak.  Limbaugh first went on the air in 1988 and quickly built an audience, but it wasn’t until Clinton became President that his audience grew by leaps and bounds, which then sparked competition.  During all this Clinton corruption, Limbaugh’s voice was the only one telling the American people about it.

In those times there was no internet, so there were no bloggers like Matt Drudge or US Defense Watch to inform us about what was really happeningThe majority of information was controlled, almost exclusively, by the leftist media.  The only saving grace of the time was that in the 1990’s, there were 50 large media corporations and the information emanated by them was varied, each trying to attract more of an audience.  Some of those corporations did allow a bit of the truth to be heard.

Since that time, all information sources have been eaten up by six mega multi-media corporations.  They control all information sources, from the internet to movies, books, radio, television, advertising and entertainment.  It is why the only thing one hears is far left dribble.  President Trump should look into the monopoly laws and start breaking up these behemoths.

Thank God for the internet, as it is changing the way information is disseminated.  In the near future there will be streaming broadcast stations that provide information that isn’t filtered through the liberal left.  Smart TV’s, computers and tablets already have the technology in place to receive them.  Maybe then we can watch a program that doesn’t make homosexuality seem to be not only normal, but as big a part of this nation as heterosexuality; or a show called Homeland, that doesn’t have its star defending Muslims from Americans.  The promise of streaming stations is that people like David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt can distribute their damning information to a vast audience.

David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt are investigative journalists who have been charged by the State of California with 15 felonies because they had the audacity to film high level people at Planned Parenthood brag about selling baby body parts for profit and laughing about killing children born after partial birth abortions who were still alive, and covering it up to employees who might object.  These tapes, by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), show the Machiavellian behavior by Planned Parenthood, its directors and those in charge, at locations across the country.

If an investigative journalist had obtained undercover video of the Trump Campaign selling secrets to the Russians, no matter how they were obtained, they would be applauded and treated as heroes.  Because Daleiden and Merritt exposed Planned Parenthood, an important part of the radical left’s agenda, they are persecuted.  The two have already been charged in Texas and found innocent of any wrongdoing in that state, but because they were not convicted, California took up the challenge of silencing any opposition to radical leftist thought.

The laws in California make it a felony to record anyone without their consent; however, that standard does not apply to journalists who are protected by the First Amendment.  Those exposed at Planned Parenthood were able to be filmed because they fall in the celebrity class.  That is why paparazzi can harass movie stars and politicians all they want.  Anyone who sets themselves in the public limelight, willingly, is a member of the celebrity class.  The leaders of Planned Parenthood have set themselves in that category by accepting federal funds for their business.  In the end, when their convictions make their way to the Supreme Court, they will be overturned.  In the meantime, this is one more malicious prosecution by the left to silence America.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions should be looking into the outrageous attempts to silence conservative thought in this country.  Daleiden and Merritt are only the latest, and more will follow if the left isn’t made to live up to the standards that conservatives are held.  There is a problem with that, the DOJ is completely corrupted by far left radicals, as is the FBI.  Who can be trusted to investigate these criminals, fairly?

We saw exactly what the FBI and DOJ did to Democrats, like Hillary, the people at the IRS who targeted the Tea Party, and so many more; they will do nothing but cover-up.  Look at the cover-up of Hillary, providing unlimited immunity to co-conspirators like John Podesta, Cheryl Mills, and Huma Abedin.  They not only got immunity, they also turned over damning evidence against themselves and Clinton that the FBI then destroyed.  You cannot trust the FBI.

So where do you go when there are so many rotten apples in the barrel of corrupted governmental agencies?  You go to a new barrel. A new investigative agency needs to be established that isn’t infected with the Obama sickness. Have no doubts that these agencies were corrupted by Obama.  He generously rewarded those who did his bidding, those who did it the best floated to the top of the barrel; and most are still in place to hurt President Trump.  Maybe we will call this new agency the Independent Investigative Agency (IIA) and insure that it remain independent, away from political considerations.  This agency can then investigate all the leftist corruption trying to silence conservatives across this nation, while at the same time draining the swamp.

That swamp got a little deeper recently.  One Obama appointee, Evelyn Farkas, admitted on MSNBC that there was a massive effort to spy on then President-elect Trump and all of his staff, and illegally spread that classified information around, so, as she said, “They couldn’t find out how we got this information and once they were in place, bury it.”  Not the brightest star in the sky, Farkas openly admitted to Obama spying on Trump, as the President had tweeted, and to breaking the secrecy acts of America.  Those are felonies.

The new IIA should make Farkas their test case, sweep her up and let her rot in jail for many years.  The White House leaks will dry up rather quickly after that.  That would be the best news that any of us have had in a long time.  Something along those lines needs to happen and soon.  We can’t simply sit around and wait for it to happen, we have to make it happen.  Democrats use our own moral code against us, we must now hold them to the same standards.

And one last thing, our debt is out of control, thanks to Obama.  Everyone, even Democrats, will agree to that.  A really good way to start bringing it under control is to withhold funds from sanctuary cities.  The top two alone, New York City and Chicago, account for 13 billion a year, add the next ten, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle, Providence, Denver, Austin, Newark, Portland and Minneapolis, and you add almost two billion more.  We can save almost 15 billion dollars a year, while ridding ourselves of a huge number of criminals at the same time.

That is a win-win.  Let’s hope it happens soon.


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