By Ronnie Herne

Did we not hear those words at the rallies?  Many times?  Did we not cheer the idea of keeping our domestic noses out of their domestic disputes?

Is killing citizens with nerve gas an horrific thing?  Yes, it is.

But do we know for sure who did it?  No, we do not.

That is the crux of the problem.  And even if it was al Assad attacking his own Syrian people in a Syrian civil war, would that be any reason to pit our United States Navy missiles against Assad’s country?  Well?

And as someone so chillingly observed, wasn’t it simply amazing how quickly these sad, touching photos of dead babies and children made it from a remote village in Syria to the president’s desk?  And wasn’t this all just too darn neat…?

Neat, indeed – wrapped up like a False Flag Christmas present in blood red ribbons followed tersely by manly-but-emotional silver sparkler missile trails lighting up the fiery festive skies.

When McCain and Graham cheer like six year olds at the light show, you know we’ve entered treacherous grounds and the only way out may not be up.

Is this what happens when you surround yourself with CFR, Goldman Sachs, and spiraling-out-of-control, agenda-driven “Intelligence”?  When you’ve been “Mercerized” by the Heritage Foundation?  When you’re being liberalized by your closest kin?

Did not our president tweet (in 2013 ?) something about Obama maybe thinking about talking to Congress before launching military attacks?  Yes?  Hello?  Is anybody home?

Oh sure, I get the alpha male posturing bluster in front of Russia, China, North Korea…….  Bullying the bullies……  King of the Royal Mountain…..  But when the little boys have big boy toys, well, it’s a vastly different thing.  And preemptively bombing the hell out of an airstrip that has not threatened the U.S. in any meaningful fashion goes way beyond red lines, I don’t care who drew them.

Obama left us teetering on the brink of WWIII.  Trump has just taken us one big step forward toward that most hideous of scenarios.  Have we turned one corner too many?  Russia has responded negatively.  So has North Korea.  Ron Paul, Nigel Farage, Paul Joseph Watson, Rand Paul, and many others do not support the strike or the reasoning behind the strike.

Can/Will Trump come to realize – in time – that he has surrounded himself with CFR, Goldman Sachs, Neo-Cons, Democrats, Family – all war mongering globalists?  That he is breaking his word to his base?  That he cannot Make America Great Again by launching preemptive wars in foreign countries?  Is there anyone left who can reach him, who can help him see what is really happening in the world?  He seems so lost at the moment, and they are celebrating……….

Melania?  Can you hear me?  Can you hear America……..?  Melania, he needs you.  Now.


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