Elite US Navy Seal squad that killed Osama bin Laden ‘is training up in South Korea to take out Kim Jong-un’

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THE crack US Navy Seal team that killed Osama bin Laden is reportedly training to take out North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un.

Seal Team Six is taking part in secretive drills alongside other elite US forces in South Korea amid rising tensions with Pyongyang, news.com.au reports.

US military officials confirmed “ground, air, naval and special operations” are taking part in “several joint and combined field training operations” which involve up to 17,000 troops.

And South Korean newspaper JoongAng Daily has claimed the teams would take part in a drill to simulate the removal of Kim Jong-un.

But US officials denied the elite troopers are preparing a raid to take out Kim.

Asked about drills, Former US Navy Commander Gary Ross said: “There are variety of Special Operations Forces (SOF) participating in Foal Eagle, as they do in most regional exercises.”

“Foal Eagle is a regularly-scheduled, annual exercise that is the culmination of many months of planning and it is not being conducted in response to the current situation on peninsula.”

The special operations teams are thought to also include the Army Rangers, Delta Force and Green Berets.

The training started one day after US deployed its state-of-the-art THAAD missile defence system to the region.

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  1. As psychotic/and unstable as Kim Jung Un appears to the public eye, continually publishing articles about how the US is planning and preparing to take him out might cause him to set off an early nuclear attack against the US. Having worked in the government IC for 30 years, caution should be taken–not thrown to the winds. Trump has the right idea–don’t tell your plans so as to allow the enemy to counter or plan to counter.

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