Adam Schiff in Wonderland

By Ray Starmann

Congressman Adam Schiff (D., CA) is travelling down a rabbit hole, descending rapidly like a broken elevator in a Chilean mine.

The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, from California’s 28th District, represents a motley assortment of snowflakes, gluten free weenies, Hollywood Hills imbeciles and social justice whiners.

Schiff is the self-proclaimed foil to Republican Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, representing California’s 22nd District.

Since March 21rd, when Congressman Nunes stated that President Trump and his advisers had been caught in an incidental surveillance dragnet, Schiff has been on a one man delusional crusade to connect dots that don’t exist and paint a picture with a magical brush.

Schiff has been in front of the cameras on Maddow’sSnowflakeNBC and the Clinton News Network declaring with the religious fervor of a TV evangelist on an all-night cash for Christ binge, that Trump and his cabinet are in cahoots with the Rodina.

On March 22nd, Schiff went on the offensive:

Referring to President Trump’s imaginary collusion with Russia, in an interview on MSNBC on Wednesday, Rep. Adam Schiff, the California Democrat who is ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, said of the investigation: “There is more than circumstantial evidence now.”

Schiff declined to go into specifics when pressed by host Chuck Todd.

For the main reason there are no specifics. He continued to ramble on.

“But I will say there is evidence that is not circumstantial,” Schiff said, “and it is very much worthy of investigation.”

Schiff’s ludicrous comments echoed an even loonier CNN report published on March 22nd that cited unnamed US officials who told the network the FBI had information indicating people associated with Trump may have coordinated with suspected Russian operatives on the release of information damaging to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

With Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, Don Lemon and Van Jones on a story, how could any facts ever be distorted?

Last week, when it looked like Nunes was closing in on the truth, Schiff and the Democrats shifted fire and stated that Nunes needed to recuse himself from any investigations involving Russia.

“Speaker Ryan must insist that Chairman Nunes at least recuse himself from the Trump-Russia investigation immediately,” Pelosi (D-Calif.) said in a statement. “That leadership is long overdue.”

After much consideration, and in light of the chairman’s admission that he met with his source of information at the White House, I believe that the chairman should recuse himself from any further involvement in the Russia investigation, as well as any involvement in oversight of matters pertaining to any incidental collection of the Trump transition, as he was also a key member of the transition team,” Schiff said in a statement. “This is not a recommendation I make lightly, as the chairman and I have worked together well for several years.”

Nunes responded, “I’m sure that the Democrats do want me to quit because they know that I am quite effective at getting to the bottom of things.”

Schiff adjusted fire this week, withdrawing from a failed attack on Nunes and moving back to assaulting the President.

“I think his tweets tell the story,” Schiff said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “And the story is look over there – at leaks, and look over there – at anything the Obama administration we can claim did wrong on incidental collection or anything else.”

“But whatever you do, under no circumstances look here, at me or at Russia,” he said.

Schiff added on CNN: “The White House seems to be doing everything it can to point in other directions and say, ‘Do not look here. There is nothing to see here.’”

In actuality, the Obama administration, assisted by high ranking members of the intelligence community, conducted a surveillance operation on candidate Trump and his staff and then on President Trump and his advisers.

In a nutshell, wiretap Trump and his campaign staff and future cabinet. On January 7th, sign an executive order to easily disseminate NSA signals intelligence to the 16 other intelligence agencies. Filter the information through FBI Director Comey’s central clearing house of crime.  Use the information to destroy Trump. Meanwhile, conduct a simultaneous maskirovka campaign that consists of claiming Trump and his cabinet are in cahoots with the Russians, while also blaming Russia for the Democrats’ loss in the election.

While the maskirovka continues, Schiff and other Democrats are the inflatable tank, false radio traffic battlefield deception, bodyguard of lies boys and girls. They are nothing more than useful dupes to spread disinformation to a gullible and leftist press and to Americans who don’t have the time or the intelligence background to navigate the wilderness of mirrors.

But, the truth has a funny way of seeping out. Today, it was revealed that former National Security adviser, Susan Rice, allegedly unmasked classified signals intelligence of Trump and his campaign staff and cabinet members all the way back to July of 2016.

Susan Rice has been implicated in another dastardly deed. She was the original purveyor of the Benghazi video fiction story that was a feeble attempt to cover up her glaring incompetence and the complete buffoonery of Madame Secretary Clinton.

As Schiff beats the Russia drum from ten miles down in the rabbit hole, to this day there is no evidence of any collusion between Trump, his advisers or his cabinet with Russia. Furthermore, there is no evidence whatsoever that the Russians had any impact on the election results.

Yet, Schiff continues to bellow the party line. When asked when the so-called evidence will be presented on a silver platter to a bewildered world, we hear the same mantra repeated over and over again.

The evidence is coming out…

The evidence is highly classified…

The evidence is overwhelming…

Trump is guilty…

Jeff Sessions is a Russian agent…

And, on and on and on it goes…

Where it stops, Schiff doesn’t even know…

While the real culprits in Obamagate are remaining quiet, Schiff is there to sound off for the millions of Democrats who can’t face the simple reality that Americans aren’t buying their Eurocrap socialist snake oil.

What will Schiff find at the bottom of the rabbit hole: Al Capone’s empty vault? Charles Nelson Reilly’s glasses? The lost episodes of Rocky and Bullwinkle?

God only knows, because Schiff sure as heck doesn’t have a clue.

What is happening is a slow leak of the truth and a revelation of the real villains. It is a scandal that may very well be bigger than Watergate and one that is about to blow sky high.

The Deep State and the Democrats are about to be booby trapped by their own booby traps.

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  1. I was quite pleased when HilLIARy and her band of thieves and miscreants lost their shot at a looting party of the national treasury; I won’t be truly happy, however, until I witness first hand the perp walk, with the treasonous influence peddler, her money laundering husband, and her band of crooked comrades, in leg irons, manacles, and orange jump suits. Deport them to the prison in which they belong – lock ’em up!

  2. Very well written and funny commentary! Yes, this ‘Gate’ could prove to be the biggest in US history, not just because of the current issues, but primarily for what appears to be the resurrection of the Rule of Law in America! – hopefully God’s answer to the prayers of many faithful citizens laid before Him over the many years of corruption in high places. There may be many years, if not decades, of prosecutions ahead of us. I believe this truly has the making for one of the biggest historical events in US history. Thanks be to God, Trump and family and team, Gowdy, Nunes, and other leaders, and to all Americans who seek righteousness, truth, and justice!

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