WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Wikileaks “Vault 7” drop of CIA cyber-warfare documents contains the startling revelation that the CIA, under a project identified as “Umbrage,” maintained a substantial library of Russian cyber-attack techniques “stolen” from malware produced in other states including the Russian Federation.

This revelation yields a “through the looking glass” possibility that the Obama administration obtained FISA permission to conduct electronic surveillance on Russians believed to be coordinating with the Trump campaign based on intelligence the CIA planted to deceive the NSA into thinking there was actual contact between Russian agents and the Trump campaign.

Possibly, what the CIA was monitoring was not actual contacts between Russian agents and the Trump campaign, but CIA-created counter-espionage designed to implicate Trump and provide the legal context for the DOJ to have enough “evidence” to obtain a FISA green-light.

The Wikileaks “Vault 7” drop is also startling in the realization that the Obama administration CIA went rogue,  in that the CIA “had created, in effect, its ‘own NSA’ with even less accountability and without publicly answering the question as to whether such a massive budgetary spend on duplicating the capabilities of a rival agency could be justified.”

Just as the Wikileaks daily “drip-drip” release of the Podesta emails wreaked havoc with Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, the Wikileaks promised “drip-drip” release of the “Vault 7” document treasure trove promises to wreak havoc for President Obama.

Supporters of Obama tried over the weekend to invoke the “Nixon Watergate Defense” for Obama, suggesting President Obama was prohibited by law from ordering the electronic surveillance on the Russians that evidently snared conversations by presidential candidate Donald Trump and his close professional, personal and campaign associates.

In Watergate, Nixon’s denial of responsibility ultimately turned into Sen. Howard Baker’s famous question: “What did the president know, and when did he know it?”

In the final analysis, President Obama as chief executive of the United States bore full legal responsibility for the actions of all executive branch subordinates, including the CIA.

It is inconceivable that Attorney General Loretta Lynch pursued FISA permission to conduct NSA-level electronic surveillance on the Russians without first obtaining the permission of her immediate superior, namely President Obama.

With the Wikileaks “Vault 7” dump just in its first hours, the extent of CIA rogue hacking is astounding.

“By the end of 2016, the CIA’s hacking division, which formally falls under the agency’s Center for Cyber Intelligence (CCI), had over 5,000 registered users and had produced more than a thousand hacking systems, Trojans, viruses, and other ‘weaponized’ malware,” Wikileaks disclosed just before 9:00 am this morning.

That an secret CIA cyber-warfare operation of this magnitude had remained hidden from Congressional committees assigned CIA oversight reveals how politically inept Congress has become under the leadership of an elite GOP Washington-based leadership that has become all too cozy with a Democratic-controlled White House during the eight years of the Obama administration.

Wikileaks, once again, has managed to change the dialogue, simply by revealing to the American public the details of a secret CIA cyber-warfare division that operated clearly outside the Constitutional requirement to be funded by Congress, with implications that at its highest-level CIA officials almost certainly committed criminal violations of U.S. law.

Podesta and Clinton could not spin fast enough to hide the Wikileaks revelation that Putin had been paying Hillary Clinton through the Clinton Foundation and Podesta through a grant of Joule stock, in a Russian-operated money laundering scheme, as reported previously by and by

So too, after the Wikileaks “Vault 7” drop today, President Obama is unlikely to be able to spin fast enough as President Trump’s accusations that Obama was “wiretapping” the Trump campaign is now magnified to several orders of magnitude more serious by the disclosure the CIA created a secret electronic surveillance cyber-attack division that rivaled the NSA in size, funding and capabilities.

  1. IT’S A DISGRACE….Thank god for Wikileaks, other wise we would know nothing..

    You are right about our elite, smug Senators like McCain and Graham…..They are supposed to looking out for the public’s interest, but it’s all about them grandstanding… It would not surprise me to find out that they were a part of the corrupt process.

    They should be pushing for an explanation, and should be calling for hearings, and special prosecutors.

    How bad does it have to get before we do something..Whatever legacy Obama thought he had is disappearing with each and every day….

    Trump need to focus on draining the swamp, multiple levels down, even before his teams are completely in place……He needs his DNI, and Justice nominations.

  2. Why,why,why are people not going to jail right now. Are Trump executives not going to put people in jail. Somebody’s got to be made an example of and NOW!!!!

  3. Oh these dirty Dogs, They can stage a fake false Russian hacking—for what reason, beside making Trump look crooked, WAS IT ALSO TO HELP START A DAMN WAR YOU IDIOTS. God help you all in the CIA. Clean up your act and get honest.!! Talk about being pissed as hell to find this out. Helping McCain and Graham to start a war and the damn papers he produced. Tell me would you stoop this low to help a Pres. such as obama. Don’t you have ethics and laws to go by.!!! I read that Hillary had enough evidence to bring down the whole Gov. Tell me -what did she mean by that.???? We the public want answers to that.!!!!!!!!!!!

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