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By Joe Ragonese

“From now on, America will be empowered by our aspirations, not burdened by failures of the past, and guided by a vision, not blinded by our doubts,” the President said during the inspiring speech before congress on Tuesday.  It was meant to bring America together and heal the divisions that are tearing us apart.  “I am asking all Americans to embrace this renewal of the American spirit.”

It was a home run that filled Republicans, Trump supporters and for a microsecond, even the radical left with euphoria.  Of course, that didn’t last.  Right afterwards former Governor of Kentucky, Steven Beshear, a man who doesn’t know if he is a Democrat or a Republican, and is a one time governor, ended his rebuttal speech accusing President Trump of waging war on refugees and endangering U.S. security by reaching out to the Russians.

There it was, the radical left’s only rebuttal to one of the premier Presidential speeches in over ten years.  Nothing Obama ever said and very little of what Bush said during his presidency, was uplifting and positive.  In fact, it hasn’t been since President Reagan spoke to the American people that we have heard truly heartfelt words trying to heal this country’s self-inflicted wounds, while expressing a positive attitude about the future.

About that Russian issue, we have learned that a concentrated effort at the end of the Obama administration was underway, with the direct input of Obama himself, to undermine and interfere with President Trump’s term in office.  The New York Times reported that President Obama, in the last 12 days in office, changed long standing policy on the dissemination of classified information from the NSA to the other 16 intelligence agencies.

This change, in conjunction with lowering the classification of NSA data, gave access to thousands of people, information they had no business getting, like the classified telephone calls between President Trump and the President of Australia.  It also gave thousands of people access to information on the purported Russian hacking into our election.

The Times further reported that low level Obama appointees gathered this information for further use in investigations that they were preparing against President Trump, before he was sworn into office.  These low level operatives didn’t want the information to be buried by the Trump administration after he took office.

They did this because these very same people who buried all of the incriminating information against Obama, going all the way back to Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and the myriad of other illegal activities undertaken by him.  Obama’s people know how to cover up damning information and how to work with their media partners.  This is why Obama signed that policy change 12 days before leaving office, to hurt his successor.

The radical left’s media partners, who are in fact members of the radical left, have concocted the false narrative that Hillary lost the election due to Russian interference.  They use the generic term, hacking; which can mean different things to anyone reading it.  It is exactly what they want, confusion as to what hacking consists of and what effects that purported hacking had.

Hacking, in today’s terms, means someone gained access to your account, whether it is an email account, website, FTP or cloud, to steal your information.  In other words, there are many different meanings to the word hacking.  So when the MSM bandies the word hacking, most of us, and most writing it, have no idea what it means.

That ambivalence is exactly what the radical left is trying for.  They want it to sound insidious, yet mean absolutely nothing.   That way the radical leftist reporters and their media outlets can say it means whatever they want it to mean, while implying it means something else.  It is fake news, and fake news is a lie; as with all good lies, they are based on some tiny bit of truth that the liar can lean on when caught.  The one thing that the radical left is really good at is lying.

Speaking of lying, after President Trump’s speech to Congress, where he said that there were over 4000 shootings in Chicago last year, Bobby Rush, you know the Chicago Congressman who started his career as a leader of the Black Panthers, called the President a liar, saying that there were not 4000 shootings in Chicago.  Technically he was right; the year’s total was 4379 with 800 deaths.  Rush hates law and order, and the police.  President Trump supports the police, stating in his speech, “Police and sheriffs are members of our community.  They are our friends and neighbors, and they leave behind loved ones every day who worry about whether or not they’ll come home safe and sound.”

Now, back to the nuts and bolts of the Russian scandal, the MSM (radical left’s partners and propagandists) are trying to imply that the Russians were able to affect the outcome of the election.  This is a false narrative.  Obama spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars trying to affect the outcome of the Israeli election because he hated Benjamin Netanyahu.  His efforts, supported by George Soros, failed.  In all likelihood the Obama NSA and CIA did everything they could to hack into Netanyahu’s email and all of his associates, to find dirt on them.  Nothing worked and Netanyahu was reelected.

What occurred in Israel is this same type of interference that Obama’s minions are accusing Russia of.  I am sure that Russia did do this.  Just as America tries its level best to affect the outcome of elections in countries around the world to better support our interest, Russia does the same.  Think Venezuela, how nice it would be to change that communist nation.  Short of supplying a military coup, it usually does not work, as it did not in our 2016 election.

If, in the case of this election, the results were what the Russians had hoped for, it was the DNC, Hillary and her campaign manager, John Podesta’s fault because they did not secure their internet connection.  The DNC had little to no security on their internet, Hillary had a home brewed server in someone’s bathroom, and Podesta fell for a phishing scam, the same that is tried on millions of people around the world.  Most are smart enough to not fall for it.  The Russians also tried to hack into the RNC, but were unable to because they had a secured server.

This Russian thing will not fade away.  It was planned and plotted by Obama to interfere with the Trump Presidency in the hope of salvaging his disastrous presidential legacy.  It will not change that legacy; but may ruin President Trump’s.

Attorney General Sessions was brought into the Russian controversy.  It was learned that he had contact, in the course of his daily activities as a U.S. Senator, with the Russian Ambassador.  He denied having done or said anything improper.  In an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, Sessions said that his contact with the Russian Ambassador has been hyped beyond reason and the criticism is unfair.  What more can be said about it?  After Sessions, the left will focus on another target in the administration.  Sessions was attacked because General Flynn was sacrificed to the heathens on the radical left. Bending to the will of the left is only asking for more attacks as they are emboldened by success.  Giving in, like in the Flynn case, is only providing ammunition to their attack machine.

Speaking of ammunition, in a little known last minute executive order signed by Obama, in his last day in office, he banned lead ammunition and fishing tackle (think sinkers) on national wildlife refuges.  To his credit, Trump appointee, Ryan Zinke, Interior Secretary, on his first day in office, rescinded that order.  That first day in office, where he rode a horse to work, Zinke also directed all agencies under his department to identify areas where recreation and fishing can be expanded.  Zinke, obviously not an elitist, wants all Americans to enjoy the national parks, not just a few elites.

One last thing, President Trump went to Newport News, Virginia to meet with the officers and crew of the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78) and restated his intention to rebuild our military from its present dilapidated condition.  While proudly wearing an olive green Navy flight jacket and blue ship’s cap given to him by the officers aboard the aircraft carrier, he talked about our Navy being smaller than at any time since before World War I, almost one hundred years ago.  He said that he was going to build the best Navy in the world, along with the Army, Marines and Air Force.

During those inspirational words to the military men, he talked about the awesome power of the ship they were aboard, and its mighty destructive capabilities.  A capability he intended to provide to all of our military.  He then said, “Hopefully it’s a power we don’t have to use, but if we do, they’re in big, big trouble.”  In spite of the war that the President is fighting with the left, he is going to make this country great again.  I know that his Presidency is going to be the best thing that happened to this nation since President Ronald Reagan.

And, for anyone who is down in the dumps over all this news about radical leftists trying to undermine the revitalization of America, just think, somewhere out there is a Mr. Pelosi. Now that has to be depressing!

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  1. The true Democratic colors are showing…

    Wire Tapping the Candidate…..Wire Tapping the Candidates surrogates (Jeff Sessions. How many others are there that we don’t know about yet.

    The Obama administration was one of the most deceitful, dishonest and unethical in the history of our Government……This is how his legacy will read. r

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